VSH Fonda

VSH Fonda


Breed: Clydesdale/TB
Gender: Mare
Color: Bay
Current Height: 17.
Age: 2002
Primary Discipline: Field Hunter
Secondary Discipline: Trail Riding
Training Level: 90 Days Training Under Saddle

Reg and Approved AWR

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This is a beauty, in and out. A docile and sweet mare with a large kind eye. Always the first in the field to saunter up for affection...and thats what it is..we dont give treats. She has had beautiful big babies, see Booker 2010, Siri 2011, and Patron 2014,  who share her stellar temperament. She is broke to ride, and we pulled her from the pasture on August 24, 2014 after years since she was ridden and she rode out from the farm on a long trail ride, bushwhacking through the woods, across muddy creeks, cornfields and about 2 miles of riding on the hardsurface and gravel roads. She was quiet and sound.

1/13/17: Confirmed in foal. Foal is a repeat breeding of Siri, Patron and VSH Heartbreaker. Foal is available for sale in-utero priced at $2,500. This breeding produces a tall, athletic foal with a good mind. Siri was by age 4, standing 17H and champion in Western Dressage as well as Champion in the Hunters. Partron as a rising 3 year old is well into the 16's. This price includes AWR Registration as well as Lifetime USEF Registration and the opportunity to bring the foal forward at our private inspection in the fall of 2017 to be graded and branded. A nominal fee ($25 appr) will apply.

Reference pics of Siri at left

12/16/16: Tentatively confirmed in foal to Charlie Chimes - due for recheck in January

2/15/14 update: As spring and foaling time draws near - (Fonda is due appr. May 18, 2015) we received this timely and beautiful update from the new owner of Siri (now Holly), Fonda's 2012 filly. Here is what owner Beth had to say: 

Liz- I promised when I bought Siri (Holly) that I would always let you know how she was doing, and I want to be true to my word. She held a special place in your heart and there was a tear in your eye when she got in the trailer- I haven’t forgotten that and want to make sure you know how she has been coming along.

In a nutshell, she’s incredible. She was lightly started last year by Joyce Lewis in GA, and we now work with Richard Schouten of Remount Horsemanship in Pittsboro, NC. He is tremendously patient, kind and consistent, and youngsters truly respond wonderfully to him. The pictures are of Richard riding her last November. Since then, I’ve been the one in the irons for our weekly sessions. It’s an incredible experience to be in the driver’s seat bringing a baby along, and the fact that I am able to do this with her is a testament to the success of your breeding program.

She is light, responsive and incredibly intelligent. She brings her “A” game to every session, which forces me to hone mine, as well. She absolutely floats, and we plan to do some light Western Dressage work while she is still so young and not ready for any fence work. She’s a thinker and has a somewhat “self-possessed” quality that I confess I found a bit of a challenge for awhile, and now completely respect her for it. She expects me to be worth her time and to not bring human garbage to her table. She gives her job 110%, but it wasn’t until I started doing the same that she deemed me a worthy partner. I remember you saying that her mother was nicknamed “La Madrina” and was the undisputed boss mare. Holly inherited that commanding presence and pasture rank. It gives her a little extra “something” that a more passive mare might not have- she thinks she is something special and, quite frankly, she is.

To give you an idea of her size, Richard is 6’4”. She won’t be 3 until the first week of March. The pictures show her working in the arena, as well as Richard cracking a bull whip off of her back- she couldn’t have cared less. All these things come in handy around here- who knows when a gun might fire when we are out on trail, etc. We are trying to expose her to a wide variety of things- next month, we will be moving cattle. I think it would be great for other clients to see that these horses are not just for fox-hunting or the hunter ring- their sound minds give them limitless potential, and they are well-suited to just about any direction their owners would like to go.

12/12/14 update: Fonda foaled an incredible colt, Patron (sold) on 5/31/14 and was covered by our Irish Sport Horse, VSH Diamond Knight. PRICE TO increase as foaling draws near.

4/17/14 update: Fonda is a lovely lovely mare, she is always a favorite of visitors to the farm. She was preg checked not in foal for 2014 but we think that is WRONG....priced to sell with return of 2014 foal. She is pastured with Charlie Chimes so if she is NOT in foal for 14 she will be for 15.

8/3/12 update: Foaled a lovely filly,Siri this spring, now weaned...just a joy like her momma! Fonda's 2010 colt, Booker is due to start training on Monday, he is a big docile, easygoing fella as well.

5/21/11 update: Fonda is bred for a 2012 foal to AWS/ASHA Reg Shire SportHorse stallion, Charlie Chimes. She sells as a broodmare. She is an excellent producer of BIG colts and fillies.

Fonda is a 2002 TB/Clydesdale cross mare, standing 16.2H+. Pick of her crop of siblings to Bold Traveler. Bold Traveler, aka "Tipperary" is owned by well known Maryland veterinarian and foxhunter, Dr. Elizabeth Reese. Dr. Reese and her husband, John Keane, pictured at 2006 Opening Hunt (Potomac Hunt Club) graced the cover and were featured in Covertside, the journal of the MFHA in October of 2006. The article, "Looking for Mr. Right", bemoaned the lack of suitable foxhunting prospects in the US and spoke to the suitability of sane and sensible draft crosses. The cover photo is also featured on the top right position in the banner of our website. Fonda is also a sibling to "Along came Spyder" aka Spyderman, owned and competitively evented by Maryland trainer, Louise Foster. Due to the merit of these two horses, VSH has sold a number of hunt and event horses in the Poolsville, Gaithersburg, Sykesville areas.  Fonda also has siblings hunting with Red Mountain Hounds in NC, Lynnhavan Hounds in VA,  as well as several hunts located in Colorade and Washington State. 

Fonda is a big, bold, friendly, unflappable mare. She was started slowly and carefully here at VSH, and then received an additional 45 days professional training in NC.  She was trail ridden here this summer and taken to various show venues and trail riding parks and recently (11/08) was introduced to cross country. Fonda is an extremely typey and gracefull hunt mare. She has more whoa then go, but will keep up with the best in agroup without having any desire to run away or overwhelming need to be in front. We have not yet hunted her, but I expect her to not give a rip about hounds, stand quietly at checks, trot or canter along nicely in a line and just be a well behaved horse that someone can be proud to hunt. She would make a great, safe,  1st, 2nd field or whip mount for someone who does not need to lead the pack or set land speed records..LOL. She will never need drugs and most likely will go just fine in a snaffle. She is great with water, ditches and trappy country. She does likes to know that her rider is in charge, so passive or timid riders should consider others such as Glyniss, orZoolander.

12/06/10 update: Ridden 3times this FRIGID week. Trailered to the cross country course and schooled in the arena over cross rails, trailered to the hunt, trail ridden off the farm with Zoolander.

12/03/10 update: Finally this beautiful mare has returned to work. The following should give some insight into her temperament and how sensible a mare she is... After at least one year and a half off....I walked out to the pasture, she came right up to me, I put a halter on her and brought her into the barn where she was trimmed, I proceeded to rip out her mane and clip her bridle path and head without sedation or complaint. Ithen loaded her onto a trailer with 5 others and transported her one and a half hours to Kellys Ford Equestrian Center. She stepped off the trailer, was tacked and ridden w,t,c by my rider and then having been deemed "ok for the old lady", I rode her. She was out of shape but great...exactly the same as the last time that I rode her. She is back on my docket and I plan to ride her later this morning and as long as we have enough riders to cover the horses that my out of town customer wants to see hunted, she will hilltop with me tomorrow. This is a GREAT mare for a mature rider who wants an elegant horse with classic lines and a smooth and safe ride!!

7/11/10 update: Fonda was hand bred to a 17H Reg. Imported and Approved RID (Irish Draught) stallion. Fonda herself could pass for an Irish Draught so a potential foal would be registerable as an Irish Sport Horse and also may be a good candidate for crossing with a TB to produce an Irish Sport Horse. Nice mare, nice breeding. Fonda produced our tallest Sport Horse colt this year. A beautifully built and colored chestnut, frame overo. He will mature to be a painted version of his dam... She foaled unassisted and is a wonderful dam with plenty of milk. We didnt have a lot of luck with the Irish draught stallion, and so Fonda is not looking bred... I think she would cross wonderfully on a RID and next time we breed her we will choose more wisely. 

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