Midsummer's Serenade

Midsummer's Serenade


Breed: Signature Cross
Gender: Mare
Color: Bay Overo
Current Height: 14.3
Age: 2010
Primary Discipline: Eventing
Secondary Discipline: Dressage
3rd Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
4th Discipline: Jumper
5th Discipline: Fox Hunting
Training Level: Started Training Under Saddle

Reg and Approved AWR

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This is Crickets filly. She is very sweet, friendly and very feminine. She has nice floaty movement. Like Cricket and her brother, Regal Demeanor, this filly has natural jumping ability and shows it in the pasture.

12/29/16 update: Confirmed in foal for 2017 to Charlie Chimes. She has had 2 fillies by Chimes and they each are HUGE, friendly and athletic. VERY PLEASED with what this cross produces!  Estimated at 4 1/2 months - pastured with Chimes from 5/12/16 - August.

9/14/15 update: Confirmed in foal for 2015

3/6/15 update: Heavy in foal to Charlie Chimes for April 2015

12/2/14 update: preg checked in foal for 2015

8/27/14 Update: Serenade was pulled in from the field by one of my riders. She rode walk/trot/canter quietly in the ring and on a short trail ride. She has nice, minimal motion gaits.

4/17/14 update: Serenade has been running wild on pasture for a year at least. She was pastured with Charlie Chimes on 4/6/14 for a 2015 foal. Sells as a broomare or professional restart project.

12/19/12 update: Serenada had her first ride yesterday. It was a non-event. The trainer was riding her within 5 minutes, trotting around on a loose rein within a half an hour. He said that she was "just incredibly relaxed"...wouldn't have expected anything different!!

12/03/12 update: Serenade is just the darling of the frequent visitors to the farm. There was a discussion last night on facebook remarking about how its unbelievable that someone hasnt snapped her up.

10/17/12 update: Serenda was held back from training due to her size relative to our trainer's (he is 6'3" 240lbs). She is such a sweet filly it wont hurt to wait and she will probably get started here on the farm, she is so easy.

8/5/12 update: Our trainer arrives tomorrow to start Serenade, Booker, Max and a 2010 3/4 TB gelding who is not yet on the site. This filly has been listed on the site for a low price for a long time....was hoping that someone would take advantage of that an buy her before I had to invest in training...oh well... She will be easy to start and a nice friendly, athletic, nimble filly..

6/19/12 update: This one's name should be "Miss Congeniality",  just a bright and sunny filly. She moves beautifully and has shown natural jumping ability all along.

November 18, 2011: Having just returned from a visit to the SC farm where Serenade is being raised, she is really growing and maturing. She is becoming a very flirtatious and friendly filly who is interested in people and I beleive has a desire to learn and work. She is eager and accepting like her dam Cricket, sire Shaman  and her 1/2 brother Regal Demeanor. All three of these relatives were trained in record time....here on the farm...they essentially just went to work... I imagine that she will be no different. She, like these relatives is smaller than the vast majority of our horses and so will be perfect for someone who desires an American Warmblood type horse that will be easygoing, uncomplicated, unflappable, have jumping talent and movement suitable to B show hunters or lower level dressage, an excellent prospect for fox hunting or combined training AND be easy to get on and off in the field. If you have heard of or ever been impressed by the temperament and trainability of our signature crosses....this filly will exceed your expectations.

ALSO...she is beautiful and uniquely colored...she has a LOVELY WHITE mane and tail....very very pretty filly.

October 5th, 2010: This filly was born on June 23. 2010 so close to the Summer Solstice and since her dam's name is Cricket and if you have ever been to this part of Virginia that time of the year, between the Crickets and the tree frogs, the "Serenade" is deafening and beautiful. Thats what this filly is...deafeningly beautiful.  I can say that she floats on air and is the best mover in her foal crop, but you would have to be here and see her to appreciate her. She is sweet and friendly just like her mother. She has great conformation and is a good compact  size. I'm guessing 15.1 at maturity.

10/15/10 update: This filly is getting a lot of attention as she accompanies her dam every 3 times per week to the training area and trots behind in the arena. We had to bar her from the gymnastic grids as she would jump even if Cricket did not and too much jumping is not good for a baby. She is so full of personality...just a pistol. I thought that this picture may not be the best, but the look on her face captures her nature.