Breed: Thoroughbred
Secondary Breed: Percheron/Thoroughbred
Gender: Mare
Color: Grey
Current Height: 15
Age: 2003
Primary Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
Secondary Discipline: Eventing
3rd Discipline: Fox Hunting
4th Discipline: Trail Riding
5th Discipline: Dressage
Training Level: Over 90 days - Well Trained

Pictured at the bottom are Precious offspring

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Precious is a sweet mare and just a good one!! I first saw her as a yearling filly in the barn on a Saskatchewan ranch which at the time was known for breeding the best Police Mounts in North America. She was supposedly sold and so I could not buy her. I fell in love with her large soft eye, there was a kindness and gentleness there that told me that she could one day be Precious to someone, a best friend to a child, a great childrens hunter. I returned twice that winter, and finally the rancher agreed...if the buyer hadnt paid and pick her up by now he didnt deserve to have her.. I was thrilled to have her. I had owned trained and sold her brothers Stones Throw and (one other...have to think), both 1/2 siblings to Precious as well as Blue Moon, Champion of the 2003 North American Police Equine Competition. Precious also has 2 1/2 brothers who are virtually her twins, keeping law and order on the streets of Louisville and Lexington KY. We raised her here, she gave us several wonderful foals, and we trained her in between pregnancies. She is a great little mare, very athletic, very nice gaits, elegant and refined. This is a great horse for an incredible price.  She is now schooling cross country and doing courses in the arena, trail riding like a champ and beginning her education as a fox hunter. I speak with a lot of women my age (50+) and they are often looking for a mount who is easy to get on and off in the field, sound, SAFE, sensible, who they will be proud to be seen on riding with the more exclusive Virginia Hunts and who can jump, go all day and will take care of them..this is it..and a small price to pay.

12/28/16 update: confirmed in foal for 2017 to Charlie Chimes.

8/19/14 update: Preg checked open and just finished one week of refresher training. 

4/17/14 update: Pastured with Goliath, Hanoverianx stallion for March 2015 foal.

11/22/12 update: Precious is bred back to Charlie Chimes for an April - May foal. She has produced 3 stunning colts, all beautiful movers and athletic.

6/26/11 update: Precious is jumping courses and doing well. Will make a super hunter show horse, fox hunter or eventer.

Thought I'd include some pics that show how beautiful she is in addition to the others that show what she does...

4/20/10 update: Precious wound up the 2009-2010 Fox Hunting Season Whipping in for Lynnhaven Hounds Hunt. She was awesome and our rider Lauren couldn't say enough about how much fun she had with her. Precious is full on in season right now and this is the "Worst" season of the year for the mares....the one where they ALL really come in. You wouldn't even know if unless you paraded her by the stallion. For a mare that is 3/4TB, she is hardly mareish at all. When the farrier did her feet this time he pronounced her as having the "toughest hooves on the farm". Her hooves are so strong that if you take a hoof clipping, even a very strong man can not break it in two. She should never bruise or abcess and obviously does not need shoes. If you ask veterinarians who have done many prepurchases, they will tell you that they love to see horses coming in that are inshod...its a nutshell of information about the overall soundness of the horse. 

4/15/10 update: Precious has really come along in terms of her jumping ability. She is now jumping 3'3" coops and log piles quite handlily. She would make an excellent horse for an adult to Fox Hunt and do Hunter or Dressage. She would also work very well for a high school age rider who wants to do the interschool league.

3/7/10 update: Took Precious with a group of horses out to Captain Jacks Fox Pen in Dillwyn Va. We had a great, and long day with lots of saddle time and great training for a young horse. We used Precious as a lead horse to retreive hounds at the end of the day. She negotiated many trappy spots with downed trees, washouts, bank drops, and greasy slopes down to and out of the river. We have been told by many people who know, have tried or own our horses that we do a good job of bringing them along and Precious is no exception. While out on a hunt trail ride, Barbara Parks JT MFH of Lynnhaven Hounds remarked "There is just something about a Grey (White) horse with a scarlet coat...". Precious is going to make an elegant and eyecatching staff horse who can keep up with the thoroughbreds, take care of her rider and hold up for a good long time...

3/06/10 update: Precious went out with Lynnhaven Hounds today after like most of our horses being out to pasture for the winter. Here in Va we for the first time since 1894 had continious snow cover from 12/20/10 through February.. It is still a bit chilly, so the horses this time of year are especially fresh!!  Precious had a blast!! She led for a good part of the way, jumped everything with decent footing, led the way down to the river and back up a steep, muddy bank, and had fun preparing for her whip training by galloping off to leave the field. Tomorrow she goes to the "Fox Pen", a 485 acres Wildlife enclosed fixture populated with fox dens. This is an excellent opportunity for horse and rider to learn to whip. Precious is going to make a top notch staff horse!!!

9/12/09 update: Took Precious to Lake Anna State Park and had the most FUN with her!! My rider Lauren and I had 7 horses to ride and were there from 10:00 am until 6:00pm. Precious and Harley were last. We needed to do them quickly and the shortest circuit that we do is 1 we galloped almost the entire way. Precious is so GAME, and so agile and so fast, it was an absolute blast weaving in and out of trees. We took turns leading and neither cared when deer leapt right straight through our path. We were going at such a clip that Harley nearly took out 2 squirrels with her hooves, never flinching or missing a beat. Precious went over every wooden bridge and creek that we encountered and we cantered all of the way to the lake and just plunged in. GREAT little mare! Great ride! Lauren can not wait to take Precious foxhunting. She wants to whip off of her and she wont have any trouble keeping up with the TB staff horses!

 8/29/09 update: This lovely mare is just coming along beautifully. Her riders just love her, she is nice an forward like a TB, but unflappable and sensible like a draft cross. She is going on another Hunt Trail Ride this weekend and should be mastering the coops in time for hunt season.  

7/27/09 update: Precious schooled cross country today at the Kelly's Ford Equestrian Center course. She was unflappable and honest, mastering log jumps to 2'9", water, and bank jumps.

Precious...the name says it all... She is a coming 5 year old 3/4 TB 1/4 Percheron cross, sired by Stone Boy. Stone Boy was a proven producer of top quality police horses in the US and Canada. All of his foals have inherited his wonderful quiet disposition. This filly's half brother is the 2003 Police Equestrian Competition Champion, Blue Moon.

Note all of the commotion going on in the picture...and Precious is still hacking out alone, and quietly.. (two loose horses, one a stud, a pasture full of two year old colts, an automatic gate, a car, and a pasture full of mares and foals and Buzzy, the resident Toy Fox/Toy Rat Terrier...) She has been longed, ground driven, and ridden walk, trot, canter in the arena and hacked out alone and in company.

6/28/09 Update. Precious is back in the rotation. She went out today to the Lynnhaven Hounds Hunt Trail Ride. She is doing just great.   

In addition, Precious has produced 3 lovely colts, Liam, Shilo and Pleadise.