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Transportation Contract

NOTE:  This is a SAMPLE Transportation Contract.  Virginia Sporthorses LLC must receive a completed Contract, along with any fees, BEFORE any Contract is considered final.

Printable Contracts  are available in two formats:  PDF or Word. Click on either format for a printable Contract.  ALWAYS contact Liz Booth BEFORE completing a Contract and sending it to Virginia Sporthorses LLC.

Virginia Sport Horses

Transportation Agreement

It is hereby agreed, between the parties ( ___________________ (owner) and Virginia Sport Horses) that the following horse will be picked up at:

________________________________________________________________, CANADA

Horses Name: ___________________________________________________Age:__________

Said horse will be delivered to Virginia/California/Missouri/Florida/New England.

Said horse is assumed to be in good health at the time of departure. Any health concerns will be reported to the owner at the time of loading, and along the route. All Coggins, health papers and other necessary documentation will accompany horse for the duration of the haul.

Both parties agree upon the following: Buyer agrees that from the time of loading, all expenses incurred, including but not limited to; board (if applicable or necessary), feeding (except for allotted hay), veterinary care, farrier, etc. is due responsibility of the owner. Virginia Sport Horses is not responsible for any costs at exportation.

I anticipate and strive for safe horse transport, however, due to the nature of horses and the hazards of road travel, temperaments, stress, or air impurities, etc., Viginia Sport Horses LLC, and Liz Booth, will not be held responsible for accidents or health.

An individual insurance policy for each horse is highly recommended to cover liability, medical and mortality. Purchase of horse insurance is the sole responsibility of the owner.

Owner releases Liz Booth and Virginia Sport Horses LLC from any and all liabilities that involve said horse, or any other horse or incident.

Total shipping fee of $__________________must be paid in advance of departure date from Virginia.


Purchaser's signature:________________________________________________________________

Purchaser's name:___________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Email address: _____________________________________________________________________

Phone numbers (Please include an emergency contact number):_____________________________

Additional Notes:



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