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Our Customer's Comments

 Sept 25, 2009

Hi Liz!
Hope all is well.
Just wanted to tell you that Maximus is doing wonderful!!  He is my little love bug!  If his personality and temperament carry over to the saddle I am going to have the best horse ever!!!! I just can't say enough about my boy. Here are a couple of pics...will send better body shots soon. Isn't he beautiful?!!


I have been to your website to see Flo's filly several times; she is gorgeous! And what a spitfire for sure!  Raising Max has been such a wonderful experience---will definitely be seeing you again in the future when he's grown, and it's time for another =)  He has definitely taken on his mom's personality. There is absolutely nothing I can't do to this boy. I can touch him anywhere, he is perfect on the lead line, stands still for the farrier, and loves our walks through the neighborhood! Just love him!!!!

July 13, 2009

Hi Liz,

I wanted to THANK YOU again for Johann (and Zeus)!  I went to the barn the
day I got back from CA after my father past, and just laid my head against
Johann's side and sobbed.  He stood still for at least 15 minutes,
occasionally reaching back to touch his nose to my face.  He is SUCH a gift
to me!!! 

I had braided his mane and forelock recently, due to the heat, and he was
NOT happy with me.  I have attached photos to show you how unhappy he was.
:P  But he is STUNNING!  He just turned 3 and stands a smidge over 16hh and
is still butt high.  Long gone are the days of people saying he looks like a
donkey.  He has absolutely outgrown his uglies.  What I hear now is, "THAT
is a BEAUTIFUL horse!"  :D

And Zeus has come into his own! He is THE most calm and steadfast horse I
have ever known. Jeff ADORES him!  A little girl was walking through the
barn with her daddy the other day when we were grooming the boys and she
stopped in front of Zeus, looked up at her daddy and said, "It's ZORRO'S
horse!"  Jeff was thrilled!  :)

I just wanted you to know how much we LOVE these boys!  Thank you for these
amazing brothers!

Take care!
Raine (and Jeff) Hickman

June 16, 2009



May 22, 2009

A purchase of one of our foals is a great way to end up with a very nice horse for a small initial investment. We love to receive updates like these that show how beautiful, tall and athletic our colts turn out to be..and how pleased their owner are with them.


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!  I'm attaching the only photo I have of him on my work computer - he's getting groomed and handsome for his registration photo shoot this weekend - I'll send you some of those pictures when I take them, and get you some of him going under saddle.  I am hoping to go to the 8/15 inspection at Willow Hill, but would love to find one sooner that is close.  I think having an inspection at your farm is a wonderful idea. 

If Precious's offspring all move like Shiloh, you should definitely keep her as a broodmare!  His trot is flawless and his canter is to die for.  His temperament can't be beat either.  His 3rd time under saddle, two chickens got into a fight right under him (we were on the trail) and he didn't flinch.  He's the first to the gate when he's called, he walks right up to you in the field - he's just a wonderful horse - patient and kind and very eager to please.



Shilo - Then  (2006)                                       Shilo - Now

Shilo as a weanling with dam, Precious  Shilo as a 3 yr old...

October 2008

 Prior to coming to VHS, Rhonda had a very bad experience with a problem horse... At the start of our sales appointment, Rhonda told me "if I don't find a horse today, then I am resigned to just giving up horses for the rest of my life"... being a part of finding the right horse for someone in a situation like this is what makes me keep going... also worth mentioning is that Justin is one of the few horses that I do "rehome" when customer's have a perfect horse that fits our program... if you have a horse that you are thinking of trading in for one of ours...know that we do apply all of our experience and resources to place them into the best home...



October 2008


NO Inquiry just want to talk to you about Justin.. aka foxy. can't imagine why you sold me this horse! How you could let him go!! He is just super, His new name "I love this Horse" ha ha. we have been to hunter paces and i have been to several fox hunts. He has taken care of me.. He knows the precious cargo rule!! I am thrilled with him . At the hunts everyone tells me what a good horse i have and how handsome he is... I would love to come to your hunter pace, but i will be in Penna that weekend.. Please know that justin has a good home for life.. I will take the best care of my partner that I can! Thanks

Thank you

 October 2008

Hi Liz!

I haven’t been in touch for a while so I thought I’d write with an update.  Johann is STILL growing but he and Zeus are BOTH currently standing 15.3.  Johann is going to hit 16.1 easy, I’d say.  We’ve stopped working him until the Spring because he’s growing so much.  Zeus contracted Lymes Disease and had to be put on a one month course of strong antibiotics but is doing well now and back to training. 
My cousin who took such great photos of Johann is going to be spending Christmas with us this year so I’m hoping to get some good shots of both the boys to share with you.  They are AWESOME!  BOTH of them!  Everyone comments on how “beautiful” they both are and I get asked all the time how I keep them both so “shiny”.  I tell them, “I pet them and love them all the time.”  It’s true.  Our boys just seem to GLEAM.  And, when I walk into the barn and say, “Where are my boys?”, they both meet me at their stall doors which are right next to each other.  
J  We just love them to death.  I can’t WAIT to get to come ride with you sometime!  Maybe this next spring or summer.  You won’t believe Johann!  WHAT a GORGEOUS boy he is!  I’ll send photos this winter.  

I hope YOU are doing well!!  Let me know what’s been going on in your world!


Take care!

June 2008

Jackson "Worth the Wait" update. (3yr old thats butt high ...again...)

As promised…under saddle update pics! (6-16)

We had just come back from walking his pasture outside perimeter and back to the barn…he was not really in a “posing mood” ! Still, Im proud of him being only 3. Mainly just walking / steering but he’s getting braver out!

The butt is looking higher again…guess what that might mean! :o)



May 2008

...yep - 4' and at the end of the line. It was a cross rail, a vertical -bounce-vertical, then one stride to this rail. His cadence was perfect - never changed through the line. He really uses himself beautifully over jumps.



May 2008


I just wanted to let you know that the Fed Ex with Alejandro’s registration paperwork arrived yesterday afternoon. Thanks again for sending it out.

I have attached a few recent photos of them. The spring grass down here is putting some weight on them and really shining up their coats. Alejandro is becoming a real “ladies man.” He has a soft spot for Megan’s daughter and last week walked down the entire fence line with her while she was going to the bus stop. He also let her come in the stall and pet him while he was lying down. (Too sweet!) I have finally discovered Maddox’s favorite place to be scratched and he turns his whole head sideways when you do it just right. They do well when separated but they definitely prefer to stick together in the field. (Yesterday I rode Maddox in an open field and all the other horses were inside. He did fantastic but Alejandro sure was happy to see him when we went back to the barn.) They recognize my truck now too, which is pretty cool. It’s nice when your horse is glad to see you!

Well, enjoy the photos and I will send others as time goes by. Thanks so much - they have definitely found their way into my heart!




Prior to coming to VHS, Rhonda had a very bad experience with a problem horse... At the start of our sales appointment, Rhonda told me "if I don't find a horse today, then I am resigned to just giving up horses for the rest of my life"... being a part of finding the right horse for someone in a situation like this is what makes me keep going...

May 2008

Hello Hello,, Just a quick note to tell you that fire fox, renamed Justin, is doing great! He is helping me gain my confidence back. Ha Ha.. A joy to ride out on the trail and very patient with me working on my equitation. My instructor calls him a Treasure! He just does everything.

He is doing well and i am very happy with him!

Thank you

May 2008


Just had to drop you a line. Whiz is truly one of the best horses I have ever owned or worked with, our trainer and friend from England loves him. He is willing and smart, although can be a little "cheeky", he makes training fun. His gaits are pure and comfortable and he is maturing into a handsome gelding. I will send photos soon.

Happy Trails,


May 2008

Hi Liz!

Zeus [aka, Ace] made it safe and sound and is working on settling in. Here are some photos of his first 'turn out' this evening. When we put him in the paddock, Johann came running up to say, "hi". Notice Johann on the other side of the fence, trying to figure out why Jeff and I are in with Zeus rather than being in with him. :P

Jeff is THRILLED! We are both SO happy to have these boys! And I really think they realize that they're brothers. Kind of a, "hey, you smell and look like me!" thing. :)

Thank you again!


April 2008

Hi Liz,

I am Melody Jowell, in Washington State. I emailed you...oh probably a couple of years ago now, to tell you how pleased we were with our VSH Clyde/TB gelding that arrived out here via you! You may (or may not) recall...I think you knew him as "Dancer." Well he's 6 years old now and really coming into his own. He continues to be an absolute love...and very clever (maybe too clever sometimes!). I'm enclosing some pictures I thought you might enjoy. The first one is of Webster (show name "Bud Light") smelling some flowers! He was actually smelling them...not eating them. He really is a "stop and smell the flowers" sort of guy! Next, is my daughter (his person), expressing how she feels about him! The last two were taken in just in March, at the last of a series of winter Jumper shows. Webster really "stepped up" this year...he and Kate earned a series championship! I've also included a YouTube link to a brief video of the two of them in that show. The video is of the "Choose your own line" specialty class. I honestly think Webster had as much fun in that class as Kate. It seems like the more challenging the course the better he does!

Kate and her trainer continue to be thrilled with "Webbie." Webster is showing 3' - 3'6" and has school 3'9" quite easily. We think there is at least 4' or more in his future. Additionally, I think he could be successful in Dressage, and with his bold way of going he'd be a great Eventer! Next month we plan to take him cow penning...he loves cows! :-) I think I can best describe him by saying "he's a hoot!"

I'm pleased to see that you are continuing to offer these nice horses.

Melody Jowell



March 2008

Two years ago we purchased the Paint/Percheron cross...from you. He is now named Vegas and his show name is "High Roller". Vegas is doing extremely well and is placing consistently at recognized hunter shows. He has qualified two times to participate at the PA State Horse Show in Harrisburg and placed 11th in the state for working hunters.

Vegas is so agile for being such a big horse and he always gives the light Thoroughbreds and refined Warmbloods a run for their money. I have attached a couple pictures of him taken in the summer....

Enjoy the pictures, Ty



March 2008

Hi Ladies,

Finally, got around to taking some photos of Sasha - who is doing just wonderfully by the way. This morning Joe and I went riding just around the back pasture. I put him on my old and very well broke TB and I rode Sasha. Well as ironic as it may sound, my TB started acting up, dancing around and acting like a complete well... TB!!! Despite all the commotion he was creating Sasha was just perfect and didn't take one misstep or act silly. She is just wonderful!!!

We are so excited to get Brom here soon as well!! He is on our computer screensaver so we see and think about him everyday but are anxious to have him home soon!!

Liz I'll drop you a check for the second part of the board. I wanted to see if we could pick him up on 12 April as that is when I can borrow a trailer. Let me know if that will work for you and I'll cut you a board check covering to that weekend. I'm soo exited about bringing him home!!

Hope you are both well and staying warm in this crazy weather.



February 2008


I know you've been on the road and will probably have tons of emails waiting for you upon your return, but I had to drop you a quick line about Flint. He's awesome to say the least. From the second he stepped off the trailer at our farm, he has been nothing but a perfect gentleman, comes when called and is getting along great with all 20 of our other horses. There was NO transition period. It's like he's been here for years. I really don't think he realizes he's a horse, he acts more like a big puppy dog. I took him out on a trail ride yesterday and he did absolutely perfect. It was an extremely windy day, gusts up to 30 mph, but we went...He didn't even turn his head to look at the plastic bags, leaves or anything else blowing by him. Nothing phased him. After the trail ride we walked down to the lake and he walked right in, all the way up to his stomach. These horses aren't trained for this, they are born with it. You can't teach this type of disposition...they either have it or don't. Foxhunting season has just come to an end, so our family is gearing up for polo...But I can assure you, my husband is "sold" on VSH and once cubbing season starts back up, you'll be hearing from us...You have a "One Stop Shop"...with a great buying experience. Thanks! Oh, Flint and I are leaving on Monday for a two day ride...I'll be sure to send pictures. Thanks again Liz and I'll talk to you soon-


February 2008

Hi Liz,

Thought you'd like to see some new pictures of Bailey [Cameo]. I know I've told you this a dozen times before, but your ability to pick a horse and match it to a rider never ceases to amaze me! With just 30 days training and my six rides on her, this mare is moving off my leg and seat better than any horse I've ridden in the past 20 years! She's responsive, goes forward without effort and her trot is amazing, just fluid and easy to ride. I've wanted a Hackney Horse cross ever since I rode Bane....but I never thought a horse as young as she is would move so nicely or be so responsive. Of course, her appearance doesn't hurt a bit either. She certainly attracts attention everywhere I take her.

As always, thanks for your time and expertise!



February 2008

...wanted to let you know that Aislyn has been in traing since February 2nd and our trainer is in love with her! Today is her 2nd day under saddle. She walks, trots, canters, backs, comes to us, and leads with or with a rope very nicely. She picks up and holds all 4 feet and her hooves have been trimmed beautifullly.

Thanks for the best horse in the world!



February 2008

Okay, so I was so desparate to ride that I went on yet another geriatric trail ride around Waldon Pond stable today and was amazed yet again at how wonderful Blossom [Reika] is. She lead the pack part of the ride past a yard of barking and howling dogs (didn't bat an eyelash while the other horses were fidgety and nervous) and between two fields full of gelding and mares (who were running the fence) into the riding ring where I had her go over the cavaletti poles twice and then serpentine through 8 traffic cones. She tromped through puddles while the other riders looked on in awe as their horses absolutely wouldn't do it (remember they are OLD and should know about puddles by now..) and aside from wanting to snatch a snack when we paused for people to catch up she was a perfect angel. Now while I sound suprised, I really wasn't but everyone else couldn't get over how calm and responsive she was especially for one of such a young age. I love her and explained that you have a WHOLE FARM of these gems!! She is responding so well to everything I have been working on with her and she is consistent and picks up on new tasks super fast. Did I mention that I love her and she IS SO GREAT!!!! :) Thanks again, I thank you everyday!! ...


February 2007

Well she's here [Dierdre] and we love her! She's a very brave lady. It's very stormy here, driving wind and rain. Walked into our barn through the gauntlet of stalls with very little asking. She drank a lot of water and ate her mash right down. She is currently downing hay like there is no tomorrow.

We'll let her settle in and then this weekend I'd like to try and get some tack for her. I can't wait to start riding.



February 2008


I just wanted to say hello and let you know how Tyler and Sequoia are doing. It has been six months since you delivered these two to Stuart and I can say for myself and Darrell it has been even better than we ever imagined. You know that Sequoia came to Darrell because I felt he would do better with a younger smaller horse. Well, not only are they the best of buddies, he and Tyler have bonded and are just the best of friends. When they hear him at the barn they come running to see him. I have to call them!! The vet was so impressed with them when he came a few weeks ago. He said they were in great health and were at good weights and heights for their age. Sequoia is 14.4 and Tyler is at 15 now. Tyler is 1079 pounds and Sequoia is just shy of 800 pounds. They lead beautiful over obstacles without a hitch. As a matter of fact, Tyler lead over a stack of 4x4"s that were stacked 3 high the first time. I have put a pad on both of them and sat a saddle on them just to get them used to those things and they didn't seem to know it was there. You could not have picked better horses for us and we will always be grateful for that. You truly have the gift.

Thanks for everything,

January 2008


It was wonderful to meet you. Just an update on Gee Whiz.

When we got home he unloaded beautifully in the very windy and dark pasture. Next day a little reserved looked at me from way...up in the pasture. 3rd day met me half way through the pasture. 4th day met me at the run in shed. Didn't want to eat hay for 6 days grazed and ate his grain well. He is now eating well and loves to be groomed and is doing well in the ring. I forgot what it was like to have a big baby around. My old horses are keeping him very calm when the goat, chickens or calf run under his belly. At first he didn't know what to think and when none of the other horses moved neither did he.

I will trail ride him this weekend and let you know how he does.

His weight loss may have been herd related not wanting to compete with the other horses. His fecal exam and coggins were both negative. I have blood work pending. He hasn't gained alot of weight but the past few days he has really started to settle in. No respiratory problems. (OK thats the vet in me). I think he is going to be a fun project who ever started him did a nice job. He is very respectful and truly gives to pressure and is fun to work with.

Hope you find nice homes for Rascal and Argos they are going to be fun bold horses...wish I had more room.

Do you have his date of birth?

Happy trails and sales,

December 2007


my mom purchased sissy (#2135) over a year ago and I just wanted to give you an update!!

Her new name is Belle, and it took my friend and I an hour, thats right an hour to break her, she is so gentle!!!

she will start her first year of showing this season and we hope to do well. her show name is going to be: budwizerz fine Lady!!!

here is a few pics of her!!!



Sissy at Home

Sissy's Farm Picture

VSH still has Johann's 2005 sibling, Ace, and his dam, Glow, available for sale.

NOTE: Well VSH HAD Ace for sale! Raine and Jeff love Johann so much that they purchased Ace as a Christmas/Anniversary gift to Jeff! Congratulations guys!

December 2007

Dear Liz,

Your ears must be ringing. I have been with alot of horsey people lately from Virginia and bragging about my horse.

I changed his name to Charlemagne or Charlie and he is a dream. I have fox hunted him, trained him in medium level dressage and done tons of trail and beach riding. He can do it all. He is a leader or follower, he is so willing and eager to please, he never does anything stupid and I could go on and on.

I have referred dozens of people to your website and particularly to this breed. He happens to be a particularly beautiful example ( I think)....

In any case, many thanks for selling me my best horse ever. We shall be doing hunter paces and more hunting next fall and starting a little ring jumping.

Merry Christmas,
Dorothy Porter

VSH still has Johann's 2005 sibling, Ace, and his dam, Glow, available for sale.

NOTE: Well VSH HAD Ace for sale! Raine and Jeff love Johann so much that they purchased Ace as a Christmas/Anniversary gift to Jeff! Congratulations guys!


December 2007

Hi Liz!

Okay, as promised, here are the photos that my cousin took of Johann and I at Thanksgiving. I swear he's grown another 3 inches since these were taken. As you can see, he is BEAUTIFUL! Everyone at the barn comments about him saying things like, "That's the kind of horse you just want to stand and take pictures of." :) Not only that but he is maintaining his wonderful personality and he and I have a GREAT relationship. For being 17-months old, he really is well behaved. I just adore this boy.

Thank you again for him!
Talk with you soon!


December 2007

Hi Liz,

We are home safely as of late Friday; it was the most frightening road trip of my life. ..But, the best news is we made is safely and we're all settling in, happily in very snowy Colorado!

At any rate, I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to be home and I'm really looking forward to working with him. He's been a champ so far. He obviously hadn't been handled much (if at all). I know you'd mentioned that he was halter broke, but he hasn't wanted anyone near him and hasn't seemed to know anything about the halter or leading. I've been working with a little each day (in the snow!) and this morning was the first morning that he finally walked up to me and let me pet him instead of me having to go after him.

He has no idea what grain is... so, finally after 4 days of me putting Purina Strategy on top of his hay and him pushing it away each time, I made him a hot oatmeal mash last night which he stuck his nose in (didn't eat all of it - but I consider it progress!).

He seems to be pretty lonely in his "isolation pen". It is very apparent that he is used to being with other horses. So far no runny nose and his appetite for hay has been very good.

He also seems to be really willing to want to get to know me and I'm just so pleased. He is cute as a button - a very good size for me. I'm not sure he's 16H, but he's so close coupled and moves with such grace I simply cannot wait to get him under saddle. One of my best girlfriends out here hunts and events and is so tickled about him - has only had very nice things to say about him.

Thank you so very very much Liz - you have absolutely restored my faith in horse people!!!! He seems to have the type of mind that you described so far and he was such a champ during the LONG hauling experience - taking water when I offered it, not spooky with us at all (not like my TBs!!).

I will definitely keep you posted on our progress. My goal this week is to have him leading by Saturday evening. I'm setting little goals each week. He has the cutest face and I am so glad that you "sold" him to me. I am so hoping that his age won't prove to be an issue and so far, I don't think it will.

I also love just how much forward motion he has - NOT was I expecting at all. I thought because of the draft in him, he might not be so forward; but I think he's going to have the most phenominal work ethic.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!

October 2007

Hi Liz, .... I cant be happier with spider , his show name is along came a spyder and he's all of 5 yrs old now , receiving 70% or greater on his dressage and winning consistently at the novice eventing level , I have schooled him training and some prelim and its truly a walk in the park for him , cant wait for him to get a little more age on him so as I can move him up (although I have entered him in at training level at the end of the month) hopefully attached are finally a couple of pictures, they are not great as usually my husband is competing the same time as I , he made a good 17 hh and hasn't stopped yet ........! stay in touch many thanks



October 2007


In Feb 2006 I purchased two Clydesdales direct from the farm, from you, "Drew and Frankie" - who are now named "Bonnie and Clyde". I've enclosed a picture of both horses, now 2 year olds. They are both doing wonderful and are an important part of our family.

Thank You so much for these wonderful horses!

Angie Spradling


Jette is the latest VSH alumnae to be registered with the American Warmblood Society. VSH has sold many of his siblings in the past and currently has Sasha for sale with 90 days training under saddle.


VSH is also offering a group of colts and fillies for sale that can be purchased directly from the breeder in Canada. Liz has inspected them personally on the farm as coming yearlings and they will be 2 yrs old this spring.

October 2007


RR Black Tie Affair (Jette) is a registered Blue Preferred American Warmblood! To follow was his score sheet:

Desiralbe Movement Qualities - 50% of Score
Walk - Purity & Correctness: 9.25
Walk - Quality of Gait: 9.50
Trot - Purity & Correctness: 9.38
Trot - Quality of Gait: 9.38

Desirable Conformation Qualities - 40% of Score
Frame, Loin, Back 10%: 7.5
Head, Neck, Wither 10%: 7.4
Shoulder and forelegs 10%: 7.5
Hindquarters and Hindlegs 10%: 7.5

Sport Horse Potential - 10% of Score - 7.6

He was 1 of 5 Blue Preferred. The judge called him a powerhouse and really liked him and he stood like a gentleman for his branding - he qualified for the supreme brand too! Jette was on great behavior considering it was his first long weekend away from home. He only broke away from the handler 3 times! Ha! I was just elated that he had all the energy he had!

Take care! Will continue to keep you updated as we start competing.



October 2007


....soon I will be sending pix of Coal [aka Torin] to you and Liz. He is an incredibly AMAZING boy!

I can not even count how many OFFERS I have rec'd on him. All from various trainers who don't even know me but have stopped by the farm and seen him in training or in his field. I have had a dressage trainer who wanted to buy him on the spot. An accomplished hunter/jumper who said "....oh my god, he looks like an Oldenburg and his future is a great jumper..." , the saddle fitter/rep for County Saddles who said "I have never seen a well put together cross like him before, he is gorgeous" to another trainer who could not believe his temperment - "are you sure he is 3? - and wanted him for her student! Those were just some of the professionals. You should hear the offers from lay people.

He has gained quite a bit of weight and really starting to muscle up. He is in a field together with just one other guy - a Perch/TB cross. The only two on the entire farm. They are each others shadows. Really no pecking order between them. He is really happy.

Enormously kind. One of Shelly's favorite. Quick learner and does everything he can to please both Shelly, the trainer with high expectations to me, the one who doesn't quite know how to ask correctly.

I have to be honest and tell you that I kept my distance from him while he "camped" with Deb and for the first couple weeks at my farm. I was sure he wasn't going to work out. And after having my heart broke with my last horse who I raised from 8 mos old I didn't want to live it all over again. Shelly kept telling me he is the one. He is the horse who I will grow old with. Then one day I went on a trail ride with a friend and then worked a few minutes alone in the ring. A trooper on the trail. Listened to me in the ring, regardless of all the activities surrounding us. Honorable ground manners. After I dismounted I began to cry. I had finally realized he was it. He is the "love of my life" who I have waited for. I can now see us growing old together! I can't thank you enough for all of your help and encouragement!

Well, I am out of tissues and have to go. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Keep an eye out for pix of Coal Miner!


October 2007

Hi Liz,

I thought you would like to see some new pics of Farley [aka Baachus]. He is doing great with his obstacle training. He is becoming very brave and he is very smart.

take care,
Ellen Gramling
Frost Hil Farm



October 2007

Hi Liz,

I wanted to give you an update on Lakota and Soot that Ellen Davis and I bought from VSH two years ago. They are both absolutely wonderful horses. Soot (aka Izzy) has a wonderful owner who has worked diligently and patiently with her on a daily basis. They have been to several Parelli clinics and are planning to go to Florida for two weeks in November! Paula has done a beautiful job with her and they are a perfect match. Lakota is my horse and we have had him in training since May. I just cannot say enough about this big guy. We are also learning the Parelli program. We have a group that meets every Wednesday and we are learning so much. Lakota is so easy and he really wants to please. I will try to take some video this week and send it to you. I really want you to see what Paula and Izzy can do. I know that you like to keep up with your former babies and I just wanted to give you an update. I will also send pictures. You are so right about the temperament of these horses.

Lakota is truly a gentle giant. (He is right at 17h) Thank you again for offering these fabulous horses for sale and your honest and straightforward attitude. I have directed many people to your website. I love to get on periodically and just look. I will be in touch.

Phyllis Freese

October 2007


Thanks for the emails and the contact info for Quinn's owner! Hairt is doing so well and I couldn't be happier with him! We have already overcome several issues and I just can't believe how far he has come. He is very good about letting me pick up his hind feet. In fact, it was a good thing I worked with him on that because he was trimmed on Thursday with no issues. He did not get sore or ouchy like he did last time at Liz's, although he is still a little sensitive on rocky ground as I found out today when I took him for his first trail ride. He was like a seasoned trail horse! We went with Nadine on her paint draft cross that she got from Liz - I think his name on the website is Splash. Some other improvements is that now that he likes carrots, he comes right up to me in the field. At first, he did not want to be caught. But now he doesn't even have to wear his halter and he comes right up and stands still for me to put it on. He goes willingly into the wash stall and I can now ride him in the ring with the gate open. He sure has gotten a lot of attention, too. Everyone loves him between his personality and his color. I'm very careful when new people want to meet him because he is still so young and unpredictable, but overall, he has been very good.

Here are a few pictures from today. I can't believe how funny he looks in pictures! He sure has a lot of growing to do! We're just going to take it very slow and easy riding once or twice a week to let him grow up. I am really looking forward to seeing him in another year or so!

Tell Liz I said hello and that I am truly enjoying Hairt! I'm hoping to get another horse in a few years, and I will definitely be coming back to her! But in the meantime, I will always pass along her website to anyone I know of who is looking for a horse.

Take care!

August 2007

Five year old Christopher and two year old Blossom decided to get a "jump start" on their riding career!

My name is Alyson Stone and I came to Liz Booth in May 2007 with a very tall order. I am 33 and after 15 years of being out of the “horse world” I wanted back in. I started riding horses at age 8 and by age 10 it was a full-blown passion. My dad was in the Navy so I couldn’t have my own horse but I didn’t let that stop me. I took lessons everywhere we lived and, when I wasn’t learning or showing, I was working in barns and mucking out stalls just to be near these magnificent creatures. Then, after graduation from college, the real world hit like a ton of bricks and I had to put my dreams aside and work on growing up. A wonderful husband and two children later, I was ready to get back in the saddle but this time I wanted a horse of my own. I knew my days of showing and riding hot bloods had past and I wanted a horse with no baggage (school horses were out) and a gentle but willing spirit. I also wanted a horse that had good bone and was an easy keeper and that is when I found Virginia Sport horses. I had heard talk of draft crosses before and their ability to excel in many areas of riding but I had never met one in person. I called up Liz, told her my situation and she arranged for me to come out to the farm and meet several of her horses that she knew fit the bill for me.

I don’t know how she knew but she found the exact horse I was looking for. Reika (now called Blossom) is my equine soul mate. She is 2 years old and has done everything I have asked her to do without a hitch. She is unphased by anything we’ve encountered on our trail rides together and with only 30 days training under saddle she responds to my leg and voice commands like an old pro. I am really looking forward to the next 20 years as we grow together as horse and rider, which is something I have always wanted to do but never been given the chance.

I highly recommend Liz Booth and Virginia Sport horses to anyone looking for an uncomplicated, willing, gentle, well-built horse that can take you anywhere you want to go be it out on the trail or over fences on the hunt.

Thank you Liz for everything and for making my dreams of the perfect horse come true!

August 2007


I can not, in a million years, tell you how much I am loving [this] amazing young horse [Mojo].

He is so smart. You never have to teach him anything twice.

At first he didn't know who I was and he would turn away from me in the stall. Now after just 3 days of working together we have completely bonded.

I have to force myself to leave the barn because I just want to stay there with him.

He's going to turn out so perfect because he will have no traumatic experiences in his training. I'll know everything that's ever been done with him because I'll be the only one working with him. I plan to really take my time with him.

He was definitely the right choice. Buying him was the smartest thing I've ever done.

My mare from David Ordell comes off her lease at the end of this month when the little girl goes back to school and I am going to sell her because I absolutely must have another one of these horses before they become extinct.

Please help me to select another one based on quiet temperament and jumping ability.

My first pick is Spencer. How is his temperament compared to Mojo? You seem to know all these horses so well, I will trust your judgement.

I also like Griffin, Brogan, Brom and Margritte.

What do you suggest? Have I overlooked one that fits what I want?

Thank you so so much, Kathleen


August 2007

Hi Liz!

Here are some photos I took of Johann today. I had sponged him off because it's so hot and it makes his coat look odd but he is BEAUTIFUL! Yes, truly into his odd stage but still just THE most WONDERFUL horse ever! He is so laid back and truly sees me as his, according to Clarence. We were working with him last week and Clarence wanted me to get Jojo to walk over a sled that they use for training the driving horses. Jojo kept jumping over it rather than stepping on it so Clarence worked with him, sweating and cajoling and pressuring, for 10 minutes to get him to step on the sled. He finally did it a couple of times for Clarence but VERY begrudgingly.

Clarence handed me the lead rope and told me to try. I took the rope, walked up to the sled and Johann stepped right onto it without even a pause. It was GREAT! I walked him over it, stopped him on it will all 4 feet on it, backed him off of it, the whole nine yards without a hitch. Clarence just shook his head and said, "Well, he's your horse." I just laughed, hugged Jojo and said, "Yes, he is." :)

I love him more than I can tell you, Liz. Thank you again for him! He's amazing. SUCH a great personality, SO smart and so willing and trusting for me. He's a dream come true for me. Truly.


I don't know if you can tell from the photos or not but he's really starting to fill out nicely ... His neck muscles are developing well, his butt and withers keep switching off on which is taller by the day. LOL As I said, truly in his funky yearling phase. But really looking good. Jeff is now talking about maybe getting a yearling as well so that he can have the same connection that I have with Jojo. I don't know if he'll EVER have the time for that, though, but we will be coming back to you for a horse for him once he gets this game released and can breathe again.

Did you get his registration papers back yet? I still have to call the vet for another copy of his coggins (keep forgetting) but I'm excited to get his registration. Clarence is talking about having me show Johann. :) I think it would be great fun! Then you could come see us!

I hope you're able to view these photos! Let me know if you can't and I'll try sending them a different way. Let me know, also, about the reg. papers.

I hope you're having a GREAT summer!

Take care!


August 2007

Contessa (aka Delilah) had her foal on May 25th he is healthy and HUGE. 150lbs and nearly 11hh at one day old He should be over 18hh at maturity. He is just over 400lb now at 9wks and just the most social, outgoing guy! I am sending a link to his ever growing album. Delilah is a fabulous mom! Watchful but lets me do anything to Gunny without getting upset. Isn't even protective (after the first week or so) when other horses visit him.

Delilah is resuming her training after maternity leave much to her dismay....I don't think I can afford 3 so I will likely sell her in about a year with some training under her belt! With Gunny (Gunnison) I have the opportunity to train from day one,...! So I won't have the matched mares anymore (unless I figure out a way to afford 3 horses).

Anyway just wanted to drop you a line and send baby bragging pictures! He is going to be amazing judging by his conformation and movement! I just don't know where all the white came from! I was expecting black with some white like mom - go figure! I remember Windsor having less white than Delilah.


August 2007


I hope you’re having a great summer and enjoying all your incredible 4-legged friends!

I wanted to let you know that ‘Star Struck’ now Woodstock/Woody is doing VERY well! We love this horse!! He’s fit in perfectly with the other two and they are very happy to have him as a stable mate. We handle him constantly and he’s a perfect gentleman (and a character). His ‘formal training’ starts in September and I’m hoping to have him under saddle and doing some fun/light hilltopping late next Spring. I’ll send you pictures of his progress.

Do you still have GeeWhiz? That was such a hard decision but it was a win/win either way. Thanks so much in helping us find him!! When you get a minute, could you check on his breeding records? We still want to get him registered.

Thanks Liz. Enjoy your summer and we hope to see you soon!


August 2007

It seems that my young friend, Lauren, is smitten with one of your horses - Maddox. I hope this works out for her. Perri is across the barn aisle from her current horse, and he is such a good ambassador for your farm!

I started ground driving him, it took one 10 minute session, and then yesterday I had him weaving in and out of a jump course, even a few trot steps.

I have had him under saddle, a few minutes every other day or so, I have just started asking for steering, hence all the ground work. I had his knees ex-rayed- very open, so I am going verrrry slowly with him.

I was under the impression that the draft crosses were, like "dumb-bloods". Wow, was I wrong. He is super-smart, and the most courious horse, I swear, if he was a cat, it would kill him He gets into everything, and then laughs at me when I pick up after him. I walked into my stall, and he had gotten the door to my tack locker open, and had everything out, some things draped across his back and head. He just looked at me with a "What?" expression on his face.

I am not "Breaking" him -- I am introducing new concepts, and giving him the opportunity to perform them. With his intellegence, willingness, and sense of play, this is so easy, and uncomplicated. Just what I wanted, and I could not be happier!

Thanks again. Stay cool.........

I will send pix soon.


July 2007


Thought you might enjoy seeing how Kenzie and Ceci have progressed. She is spending a month in Florida—riding and deciding if we’re ready to bring her home. They’ve both grown!

Hope all is well with you,




July, 2007

(This is a comment from the Cravath's Trainer)

Hey Liz,

Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know Highlander is doing well. Loves his new friends. Going nicely for the Cravath's. Has had ten baths.

Say, how are those two mares doing? Good luck. I want to see pics of the babies! :)


Monica Breland
Turning Point Farm

Highlander and LuAnne, first day at home

July 2007


Just an update on Thunder (Sir Degore). He's bigger now......much bigger. Around 17 hands and the vet thinks he's got more to go. He is the class clown and escape artist. He jumped over a fence into the other pasture to be with the mares. 4' ish. They chased him right back.

We've had to relocate the barn refrigerator because he kept opening the freezer on hot days. I caught him once and he had that guilty look.....and a frozen turkey was in the aisle.

Riding has progressed. We've been through mud, deep water, woods, open fields and encountered everything on the roads. I don't think he likes kites but that is it. He met another Percheron (mare) on a ride and was smitten. Trailering had been a challenge, until one day, I opened the back and he unexpectedly walked on. No big deal. That is how he is.

Flat work has been great. He's a great learn (better than me) and really works hard. He has never quit.

The children love him. There are 14 grand children and barn kids and each one is his favorite. Only one is sure enough to get on him and he is a champ when ridden.

We may be in the market for another, less huge horse. It is for my daughter. Looking for a horse to jump (small) and event. Or just Love.

Warmest Regards,

Don Cornagie

July 2007

Hi Liz,

Just giving you an update on the boys. Here's a picture of them at play last fall. From left to right is Firecracker (now known as Little Feat) and Rainmaker (now known as Dreamcatcher).

Tom and I cannot thank you enough for the match made in heaven for us both. I know how hard it is to find a horse that is a perfect fit for someone. But you did it twice!! You truly have a gift.

Next is a picture of our trainer (Granddaughter), getting ready to help tack up the horses for a pony ride. Our Granddaughter Emily has been riding both horses for the past 7 months, tacked and bareback. Before that she's been getting pony rides since the ripe old age of 17 months.

Both horses turned 2 this past May and the training process has been with Tom and I riding them bareback.

The first time, they both turned their heads, just looked at us, and with a little leg moved forward. We couldn't be happier. A lot of hands on work was involved to get to that point but both horses were exceptional to begin with.

Emily [was] just 3 years old this June and is as horse crazy as Tom and I are so we started looking at your site again. We would like to get Emily a horse that she'll grow with and train for wherever life takes her, be it hunt, jumper, dressage....whatever.

And there's no other person or horses then you and yours.

Call you soon
Debora O'Brien


July 2007

On Saturday, June 30, VSH staff delivered Highlander to his new owners and stable in Maryland. Imagine our surprise when we were greated by Robin and a gorgeous 3 year old Gillis!

Gillis and Highlander will be residing at the same farm in Comus, Maryland.

July, 2007

LuAnne and Highlander on their first day at home.

May 20, 2007

Dear Liz,

As you can see from the photo, Tuxedo (formerly Cisco) and I are having a great time. While at 15.2h he is not quite as tall as many of the horses VSH sells, he is incredibly sound, wise, responsive and affectionate. My daughter at first complained that he is TOO QUIET...I, of course, said that to a middle-aged woman returning to riding after too many years, there is no such thing as TOO QUIET! We have discovered that he is also a willing jumper and he is so well-mannered...definitely knows how to take care of his rider. Again, thanks for locating precisely what I needed to build/restore my confidence.


April 23, 2007

Hello Liz!

Yesterday I took Quinn on his first public outing. We went to an obstacle clinic put on by our local adult riding club....He was a STAR!!! I had almost every person there come up to me and ask me all about him and where I found him, were there more like him etc. You may owe me a comission soon : ) Seriously though I did give out your website address to about 10 people who were very impressed with him. I told everyone to look at Hairt, cause they seem a lot alike. This one woman followed me around all day and I think she was trying to see how attatched I was to him, I could tell she wanted to make me an offer right then! He is definately not for sale!

We have bonded so much , he is absolutely perfect (even when he's not:) .).... Hope you are well...I keep looking at your new horses for sale and wishing I had money for more!

Thanks for this perfect boy!



April 14, 2007

Hi Liz,

Just thought I would send a few new pics of Eclipse, aka Blitz. She is doing wonderful and gets prettier everyday as she gets older. I have been showing her in some pleasure classes and she is wonderful. She is so quiet and rides no different than if we where at home, and is always in the ribbons. I cannot wait till she is a little older and I can show her over fences. I have cantered her over some crossrail lines and she stays so consitent and quiet. I have also free jumped her 3'6 and not only does she love it but clears it with ease. All you have to do is set up a jump and she will jump back and forth without you having to do anything but stand back and watch her have fun. She is better than any horse I could have asked for and I'm a trainer so I deal with a lot of different horses. She has been the easiest I have ever worked with. I can ride her once a week and she picks up right where we left of the last time. She never comes out hot, always willing to please. I would not trade her for the world.


April 12, 2007

Here are comments from Laurie, an experienced horsewoman who traveled to the farm in person from the West Coast to hand pick her young prospect, Perri, aka Chaucer. She looked at almost every horse here... he was her choice out of about 40 or so that met her age, sex, size range, budgetary criteria.

The horse is here, and when I left was chomping away, and drinking. At one point I thought he was going to fall asleep with me in the stall. He is even cuter than I remember --

The ladies at the barn here are oohing over Perry -- We have officially named his mane colour, "Tweed".



Hi, just in from an evening ride and Italian dinner. Love chianti. I will let you know all about him as we bond over the coming months!

I truly enjoyed meeting you, and wish you and your farm the best. This could have been a nightmare situation -- but you really came through. I so rarely find honest people in the horse world. I wish you were not a continent away!



Hi from California;

You were sure telling the truth about his willingness. I have fully groomed him, even to de-burring the tail and pulling his mane. He is almost all shed out, and is such a pretty red colour!

He is doing well. He looks to me when something is new, and leans on me until he feels comfie. What a dearling. I ponied him out off Desi -- down into the creek, and into the "wild". He just meandered along after Desi. Desi has the huge fast walk, so we kinda pulled "Perry" along -- but we can work on that.

One of our dressage trainers, a woman from Germany, asked if he was "Dutch".

I just laughed, and told her about his breeding. She was astonished. I suspect you will be hearing from people out here, Perry is such a good ambassador!

April 2007

Hi Liz,

Owen is settling in just fine. Everything looks great on the radiographs. Very clean! Thanks again for all your help and I'll keep you posted about Owen's progress. He is just the a sweetheart!

February 2007

The following note came from Viva Vegas' new owner.

Dear Liz:

Great to meet you today and I love how you care for/love/respect your wonderful horses. I'll never forget my husband surrounded by a garland of drafts, each nuzzling him and vying for his attention. Priceless!!! and a tribute to you and your care for them.



January 2007

Hey there Liz!

Wanted to give you some pics I took this morning of Quinn (Tacoma.) We are still not very clean, but it's a little cold for a proper bath right now! I could not be happier with him! He actually comes to me in the field now (no doubt to get first dibbs on the carrots in my pockets- but I will pretend he loves me:) ) and loves being brushed and played with. He usually actually falls asleep in the crossties.

I would still love to have pictures and the name of his stallion..not sure if it was my email or yours but I never got them. I am going to try to register him as a spotted draft if I can figure out how without knowing his mother , but having dad's name would definatly help!

Hope all is well at your place!

Thanks again for everything!



January 2007

Hi Liz,
Just thought I would send you a few pics so you can see how Blitz, now Eclipse, is doing. She is so wonderful. That day we had to wrangle her out of the pasture and spent hours trying to get her back to the main farm was sure a pain and I had to wonder about her! But you were right, she came around after about a month and is now the biggest puppy dog ever. She has been a breeze to break and is doing great. We are going to our first show next weekend to show in some walk trot classes and get her used to going places. I can't wait till she gets older and I can do a little more with her. Thanks again for helping me select a great Clyde/TB cross. I love her to death!


This is Arturo, he was born here on the farm and one night a shipper arrived about 2:00am to pick up a horse. The shipper commented to me that I really needed to take a look at "this really nice Clyde cross" that she was transporting to Fla. He really was gorgeous! Turns out he was one of "my babies" headed to meet his owner in Florida.

December 2006

Hi Liz!

Heidi here with Arturo (Arthur). I heard that you saw him last week! The horse that got off your trailer and you said to Candy, "he looks like one of my horses. . ." - THAT WAS ARTURO! He is now in Florida with me! I moved here in Sept. and he just got here on Friday. Candy told me the story after she asked me where I got him. Such a small world! Doesn't he look FABULOUS! I love him so much Liz - and he will always have a home with me. That poor horse - he has moved around alot in his young life!

I hope all is well with you and will send you some more pics.


December 2006

Benjamin is our very "Big Dog", so our Rottweiler thinks, they are best friends and at times they play and it is funny to see them chase each other. Benjamin is a very nice laid back horse and we love him. Thank you Liz Booth!!!





Hi Liz!  Can you believe it has been two years since I  was in Virginia looking for a horse?  Javier is the most perfect horse for me, I
love him more every day.  He  is indescribably gorgeous!  He has a great personality, and loves people.  He is so very intelligent, I
could go on and on.  He has changed my life, we were meant to be together.
We ride every day, he is also working with a trainer, and that is going really well.  We just got a new camera and will send photos soon, I promise!  
I hope everything is going great in Virginia!   Love, Candy
Candy flew in from Palm Springs to meet her


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