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Customer Comments About Our Clydesdale Crosses

VSH has been importing and training these TB/Paint - Clydesdale crosses for many years now and breeding them here since 2006. We've never sold one to a customer who didn't rave about their intelligence and trainability. They are different than other draft crosses in several ways.

1. They are the product of a breeding program. These horses were first bred in North Western Canada on a ranch on which 4 TB stallions were crossed on appr 24 Clydesdale mares to produce broodmares to which  2 TB and late two Reg APHA (1/2 TB) Paint stallions were bred to produce the resulting crossbred horses. This is quite different from the average draft cross and also different from the other draft crosses that we sell. They are bred today on our farm in Montpelier and we are the only breeders of this horse. They are American Warmblood Eligible.

2. Over time this breeding has produced a consistant type. They have a consistantly Warmblood rather than draft appearance, are extremely well coupled, have a temperament of 1-3 on a scale of 1-10 and as a result have extremely good use of their hind end. They move nicely and they are talented jumpers. These horses are the horses that our most loyal and long term customers prefer. They are the horses that we often sell as young stock and they are the horses. along with our Shire Crosses that allow us a pool of agreeable, easily trained horses that are suited to our training program, to go on to be unflappable horses well suited for combined training as well as fox hunting. These horses are well balanced, sensible, uncomplicated and as such are particularly well suited mounts for mature riders.

3. They have a documented suitability to the Sporting Disciplines per the criteria of the American Warmblood Society for "Sport Horse Potential". As well as physical type, these horses are also known for an extremely accepting, agreable temperament that contributes to their exceptional apptitude to rapid absorb and retain training. For this reason they have become the perfect candidates for the Virginia Equine Extravagana's East Coast Trainer's Challenge since 2006. To date we have had 10 of these horses inspected by the American Warmblood Society and ALL have been branded.

CLICK HERE to see what noted trainers and clinicians have to say about them.

These are just some of the signature crosses that we've sold. Click on the link to see their pages, and all of the wonderful things their owners have had to say about them.

(If anyone knows the new owners of the first two horses on this list we'd love to hear from them! We know they've been sold by the original owners.)







Keep the Secret
Steal the Chance


Chaucer (aka, Perry)





A Virginia Lady





Dare to Dream


T June 3, 2011,

Hey Liz,
Just wanted to let you know how wonderful Dream (Dreamweaver) is doing! Doug and I have been going on trail rides and having a blast. Dream is by far one of the sweetest, well behaved horses I've ever been on. At one point we rode through some seriously thick woods at our property in Albany and he and I got tangled in vines...he never even blinked! He stood calmly while Doug and I untangled him. What a great young horse! I can't wait to hunt him next season. Everyone is so impressed with him!
I tell them to check out your web site if they are interested in buying a really good horse.
There is a couple,  who hunt with us and are in the market looking...just letting you know in case they contact you.
Thanks again,

February 23,  2011,

Charisma is doing so well! We've been doing some light jumping, which has been fabulous. Of course you were right, she's totally no nonsense about it - and just floats right over. Her jump, like all of her gaits, is fluid and so so so enjoyable. She's taking all the new things in stride and acclimating nicely. EVERYONE at the barn comments on her temperament (lots of thoroughbred owners) and beauty. People cannot get over how calm she is. She comes up to the fence now when she sees my car and walks to the gate once I step into the field. I don't think I will ever stop being thrilled with the fact that she is mine. I love her so much! I can't wait for the spring and summer when we can really get some good riding in!

Caroline, proud owner of VSH Signature Cross superstar...Charisma..

Hey Liz,

Just wanted to thank you again for such an enjoyable trail ride.  Despite the weather, which seemed to be against us, we really did have a great time.  Frank kept talking about how much fun it was for him to get back in the saddle.  He was so impressed by Glyniss and kept saying things like  "she was just so good," and "what a great horse" and talking about how beautiful and substantial she is.  Such a classically and solidly elegant mare.  He has always liked horses, but rarely does he get a chance to ride one that is really big enough for him!  Glyniss took such great care of him as a beginner while at the same time giving him the confidence to learn and take charge.  I knew she would, of course, and I know your horses and so have come to expect such behavior, but still I was once again impressed by her nature.  And my big husband just looked so handsome on her! :)  I can't wait to see the pictures you took!  Charisma just continues to delight me.  I know I've said it before, but I don't know why anyone would want to buy a horse anywhere else.  If my dream of having a horse for every member of the family ever comes true, it will be because I met you and your horses.  Anyway, I just thought you'd like to know how thrilled Frank was with the experience.  Thanks for tolerating the rain and cold so he could have it. :)

Thanks again,


December 8, 2010,

Here is our 3x customer, Ashley S. hunting Magritte, now Daisy with Hardaway Whitworth Hounds. Daisy is a 2004 Signature Cross. When Ashley was looking for a new horse, she loved the signature cross gelding (Aramis) which her husband owned and thought that a mare would not do... I spoke to her as I do to so many customers about the stellar, never "mareish" temperament of our Signature Crosses, now Ashley and Daisy are inseparable, whether it be bringing home the blues at local hunter shows, on weekend trail rides or hunting. This little mare and Ashley are a match made in heaven!!

December 8, 2010,

This is Artemis...our Desiree. Cathleen bought this filly sight unseen as an unhandled wooly Canadian yearling destined for slaughter. She has raised her and trained her with input from her trainer. Artemis at age 2 1/2 Hunts every Sunday with Lynnhaven Hounds Hunt and is far quieter and better behaved than 1/8th of the horses hunting...on ANY given day. Great job Cathleen!

From Liz T. owner of our Norsk...Norsk hunts with Whiskey Roads Fox Hounds and appeared in a photo in the November issue of  Sidelines.

December 8, 2010,

Hi Liz, since our last correspondence I have improved my saddle fit, improved Norsk's top line, worked doing dressage in the arena and on the trails to improve our communication and all is going very well.  He is a very sweet guy.  Thought you might like some pics.  First one in from August, the second from November.  Happy Holidays, Liz T



September 26, 2010,


An update on Dare to Dream, a Signature Cross sold as a yearling, his sibs still for sale by VSH are Dream Girl, Hopes and Dreams, Dreamweaver, Voltaire, Flying Colors, Eternal Flame, Cover Girl, Martina, Else, A Touch of Frost, Warlock, Rolex,  and Rembrandt. Please come out and see the Signature Crosses perform on Friday October 29, Saturday October 30, and Sunday October 31 in the American Warmblood Breed Demo at the Virginia Equine Extravaganza. Eternal Flame will compete in the Womens Trainers Challenge so be sure to come out and watch!

I went to visit Dakota (aka Dare to Dream) today at the trainer's.  Here are some pictures.  Keep in mind this was his 5th ride ever!  The trainer loves him!  He constantly says he is super.  He also said his temperment is great and he doesn't spook at anything.  Dakota is by far the NICEST horse I have ever owned!  Given that he is only three, he will have two month's at the trainer's and then get a few months off.  The trainer is very careful not to work him too hard too fast so he has time to grow. 
I'll send more pictures as I get them.  Let me know what you think!
VSH Signature Cross, Dare to Dream aka Dakota under saddle at 3 1/2yrs 

August 1, 2010 Here's a testament to what our Canadian Diamonds in the Rough turn out like:

(September 25th update...this filly was inspected by the American Warmblood Society and acheived Red Preferred Status and was branded. She was the only 2 yr old at the inspection). Her owner has fox hunted her twice with Lynhaven Hounds Hunt and she was extremely well behaved and received many compliments).

Owner, Cathleen trained this filly by herself with the assistance of her trainer!  When she purchased Artemis barnmates told her that she was "paying too much" to rescue the filly from Canada. What are they saying now??? 

  In March 2009, some of Cathleen's friends told her that she was paying too much to rescue this filly from slaughter in NW Canada...  17months later...they are eating their words!!

The youngest horse to be inspected that day...she acheived RPS and was branded as a 2yr old!!  Artemis cubbing for the first time with Lynnhaven Hounds a 2 yr old!


Hi Liz!
Here is a recent picture of Artemis!  She's really growing up!


Jan 23, 2010 - About Bradley aka Sixth Sense

Hi Liz,

I just wanted to say hi and tell you that Bradley (Sixth Sense) is doing great.  He is living with 2 full Clyde geldings that are the same age.  My husband's horses!  I can't wait to start working with him.  He is very sweet and loves attention.  He's very jealous if he's not the center of attention!  Have you heard from anyone that took one of the other yearlings?  Just curious as to what they think of them.

Here's a pic of Bradley waiting for his breakfast. 

Marin Haney

Jan 20. 2010, - About Tannin now "Duke of York" - One of our Signature Crosses:

"Duke of York" aka Tannin - one of our Signature Crosses at home in Va.

Hi Liz,

I can't tell you how much I LOVE Duke.  He is AWESOME.  I felt like he needed more of a royal/regal name so I named him Duke---and being that we live on the York River, his show name is Duke of York.  I thought it was cute.  

Anyhow, he is just spectacular!!  After a couple of days getting him settled in and used to the routine, he has been stellar.  He is so awesome, I can't even believe it.  He has been on a handful of trailrides.  One of those trailrides he was my husbands horse (beginner beginner).  Not a single bad step.  He was fantastic!! 

Today I had my first dressage lesson on him.  My trainer was so impressed with him.  She told him he had the best brain of all the horses out there in the field (there are 5 of them)!!  He was a quick study today.  He got about 6 lessons worth of work done in 1/2 hour---I just kept laughing because I couldn't believe how he was catching on so well.  

Enjoying every single moment with this guy!! We'll be back one day to get my husband a horse, I promise!!  


Enclosed is a picture of Duke with my 13 yr old daughter the day after we brought him home.  


Nov 30, 2009

I Liz,
The horses are doing great.  We are now members of Fairfax and hunting at least once a week.  Having a great time.  Here is a pic from the Thanksgiving hunt.


PS - If you have a phone number for this guy Mark have him call me on my cell.  I will set him straight.  You made hunting fun for me, its that simple!  540-226-4816

 John and Kathie Chamber on 2 of their 4 VSH horses, Holyfield and Harlequin, Thanksgiving Hunt - Fairfax Hunt, Va

Sept 26,2009

liz, what's up gal...just wanted to let you know that aramis and samson are doing wonderful.  also, they are stars...both of them were in the featured article of MISSISSIPPI MAGAZINE...well, they weren't featured, but the foxhunting story was on the cover and they are pictured in the field.  aramis is absolutely stunning, as you can imagine!  he is so so so so gorgeous and a big teddy bear.  we have never had a horse that justs wants to please as much as he does.  take care gal and i will try to get you a copy of that magazine.

June 11, 2009

Artemis is FABULOUS!  We started ground driving in just her halter and she is way better than the two and three year olds!  Tim, the barn owner, called her temperament if we didn't already know!  My current project is introducing her to the wash stall and standing cross tied there.  Also, we had a wicked thunderstorm with hail and rain pounding on the metal barn roof...she could have cared less.  Everyone commented on how calm she was.  Such an awesome girl!
The picture of Desiree posted on our site in February - this is the filly Cathleen purchased site unseen! Ground driving less than 3 months after her arrival!! 

May 31, 2009Hi


Just got back from the barn and tucking her in.
She stepped out of the trailer and walked right into the barn full of squealing Girl Scouts, a lesson going on in the indoor ring, a loudly ringing phone and the miniature alpaca roaming free in the aisle.  I thought, Oh no, here we go!  She was a complete angel.  We got her all set up in her stall and then, by chance, the farrier was there and he was able to trim her two fronts with no problem.  He was in a rush to get to another appointment or her would have done the hind as well.  Everyone loves her.  She is the talk of the barn!
Thank you for all you have done for us.  Without your help and encouragement, this day would not have been possible!
We left her tonight happily munching her hay.  Couldn't have been a better day.
See you in 2 weeks for the Fox Hunting Clinic!
Remember to mark us down for Lotsadots and My Hopes and Dreams.

From Kristine and Richard regarding their 2yr signature cross, Maestro...during the vetting, the vetrinarian remarked that it was so refreshing to see such clean hocks. There was some concern about bringin a new horse into the herd as at least one of the existing geldings had some socialization issues..

Maestro crossing the road on his way home... At home in his new "room"


Thank you so much for delivering Maestro this morning.  We are so happy to have him. Howard met Maestro over the stall door (I had turned him out in the grass field; but, he made it back to the barn before I could let Maestro out).  Howard did some squealing until Maestro started grooming him.  Then, Howard starting grooming back.  It was just a couple of minutes before I had two horses with slobbery withers.When I turned them out together, they greeted each other quietly and went out to graze.  However, Huie decided it was time for everyone to romp when I let him out.  So, they all ran around. Maestro did some gorgeous extended trots across the field and showed a beautiful round canter at one point.

He displayed the best social skills while getting to know the boys.  Huie is very attached already and Howard is getting his loner time.   Just as I thought.  I think they will all be very happy together.



From Kim - about her 2nd and 3rd VSH horses - 3/4TB Clyde crosses Serena and #8 filly, imported from Western Canada:


Hi Liz,
Just wanted to let you know that the girls have settled in just fine, and...
once again you've made another wonderful match.  Serena reminds me so much of Gabrielle.  The kids are in love with them both already.  My husband let out a big sigh when we came home and said "Finally, we will have big horses!"  Which really means that he's excited that he'll have a horse to ride soon as well! 
So as I was kicking myself with one leg (for having a pasture full of estrogen- again :)  I am hopping up and down on the other - for the unexpected treat of 2 sweet fillies to love and train and knowing that Dave and I will be able to ride together in the future on a very nicely matched pair of pretty Canadian fillies.
Thanks again for a lovely time yesterday.  All of your horses are wonderful.  I just don't know how you are so good at placing the right animals with the right people.  You certainly have a gift for it.  You are not only saving horses, you are mending broken hearts! 
Best wishes,
Kim, Dave, Stephany and Thomas Porter 

March 20, 2009:

Here's what a customer had to say about her Clydesdale cross that we brought down from Canada last week:

Hi Liz,
   Started ground work today with Gwyn , she did great. She has such a brain and is so smart. I walked out in the field to catch her and I called her name and she came to me.. She got scared and walked away but I started picking up things and dropping them and picking grass. She got so curious she came back and let me catch her. She is such a love. Shedding like crazy.
                                                                                          thanks  Jayne

 Here is a link to Cathleen's gallery...where you can see a slideshow of her first visit to see "Desiree" after her arrival.. 


 December 10, 2008

 Pandora - 2005 sib to Martina/Lightning

 December 18, 2008 regarding Navarro after a month at home in PA.

he is working out very well.  hunted about 5 times.  off for 2 weeks due to deer rifle season.  start again on Thurs.  used 2 weeks for ring work.  learning canter command, correct canter lead, and simple lead change, to start flying changes in future.  very well behaved in stable and pasture.  do need to sedate him some for farrier but he will get use to it.

December 17, 2008 - This from Kathleen F. one week following the arrival of her 7th..Virginia Sport Horse:


This mare is quite possibly the sweetest horse on the planet.  Kind, smart, loyal, sensitive, brave, loving..... not enough adjectives to describe her.  Her and Griffin are so unbelievably perfect together.  Griffin and Lady share everything and seem to care about each other. I really think Maestro is her full brother because she has a very small amount of white fur speckling the bay just like Maestro does. The mare, Liz, is just to die for.  She's the absolute dream horse.  Thank you so so much for selling her to me.

The vet is coming next week to do her coggins and shots so she can go up to Brock's, who by the way is also wonderful (and his wife).  They want me to be actively involved in her training and come up at least once a week after the first two weeks which is just great.  They seem to really care.

A Virginia Lady, day 1 in training with Brock Griffiths 2008 East Coast Trainers Challenge Champion Brock with Lady undersaddle

March 19, 2009 - following 60 days training:


Got my mare back from Brock's on Sunday and without going on and on, let me just say she is a little preview of heaven here on earth.  (AND SHE'S NOT DRAFTY AT ALL - LOVE IT!!!!)

What are the rest like?  The  2, 3, & 4 year olds, got any more tall thin one's like her? 


November 9, 2008

Liz, just wanted to shoot you a quick picture of Aramis...Just beautiful...We took him on his first hunt today and he did did Samson (aka Flint).








See the attached photo of your Maximo who now goes by Dunraven (Raven)
This is the opening hunt for Potomac 2008.
He is the perfect hunter riding in the front and jumping all of the fences all day long.
Bold Traveler is also going very well. These two horses are the envy of the hunt!!
Liz Reese
October 31, 2008
Sue S. handed me these pics at the Va Equine Extravaganza. Although she had many nice things to say about "Juste", showname "Just My Size" aka Trooper, I won't put words in her mouth..but here are the dressage scores recorded on the back of the pics:
Latton Plantation Lighten Up Dressage Show:
Judy Arnold Judging
Intro A 68%
Intro B 74%
(This is appr one year after she purchased Trooper having just returned from 30 days training...)

October 2008

Hi, the horse you sold me  (Argos) is GREAT!!!  Very forward with a huge stride and very very brave.  Rides alone or with others with no problems at all.

October 2008 From the looks of it, my 6 year old istaking Samson (Flint) away from me...He loves that horse and is more confident on him than even a pony.  Both horses are really amazing Liz, I just can't thank you enough.  Rembrant is absolutely breath taking...He's my kind of horse, I love color...My husband loves bays and solids, like

October 2008: 
Both horses are doing amazing.  Once again, as with Samson(Flint), Aramis settled right in.  Not much of a transition period.  He is absolutely beautiful and has put on a good bit of weight since arriving in Mississippi.  He and Samson are big buddies, literally...Samson is huge and Aramis is going through a growth spurt as we speak.  I've been trail riding both of them and they've had lots of wet blankets...Aramis is absolutely spectacular to watch...It's almost a shame that he is just going to be a field hunter for now.  Maybe down the road, we will do more.  He is graceful and it's as if he floats right along the top of the ground...barely touching down, and beautiful pointed "toes".  We are so proud of him.  I plan on hunting him a few times this season. 
As for Samson, what can I say.  Absolutely perfect.  He is probably the "textbook" horse for your program.  Nothing, and I mean nothing bothers him.  An all around AWESOME horse.  As you will see in the pics, my 6 year old has claimed him.  Well, take care, and I'll send more pics when the two of them are "dressed" up for Opening Hunt. 
Lots of love from Mississippi,
October 2008:
Dear Liz,
We measured Kolby this week - he has filled out and grown an inch since I purchased him a year ago from VSH...he is now 16.1 hands high at 4.5 years of age.  You were right, of course, the Clyde-X horses do continue to grow for a while.  He continues to be kind, brave, and handsome (ok, so I'm biased).  We are working on this dressage"stuff" at our new barn and it is amazing how quickly he learns to rebalance and use himself.  My new instructor was particularly impressed at how calm he was when she schooled him with a bulldozer zipping back and forth outside the arena.  As you can see from the attachments, he is very photogenic.
Best Wishes,

May 2008

Hi Liz,

Here are some pictures from today. The coat is getting shiny, the hooves are growing and the winter coat is finally gone.We are in the midst of finding a new saddle with a wide tree. I found out that the tree in the saddle that I had been using was (has been, evidently) broken.Tammy and Pandora both say hello. They were showing off in the pasture leading and being led without a lead line.I hope all is well with you. The three of us are all really enjoying this time together.



May 2008


I thought I would update you on "Dakota's" (Dare to Dream) first day at his new home. He and Hairt were instant buddies! Within two hours of being turned out together, they were scratching each other's necks. The funny thing is right before I took them home, the woman at Hairt's barn told me she was very concerned that they wouldn't get along since the colt wasn't gelded yet. I figured that two horses on four acres of grass would find something better to do than fight!

I also had a vet come out for a check-up for Dakota today. I had to work, so my husband was here to meet the vet and they had no problems catching him and giving him an exam. He checked his temperature which was normal and attributed his runny eyes to allergens found in new places he wasn't used to. Since I hadn't had him vetted, it was just good to get someone in to take a look at him. The vet thinks he needs to gain a little weight, and I'm sure he will on the grass. If I remember correctly, it seems he grew about two inches in height in the last two months and that seems like a lot! I also know he's better off being a little thin rather than too heavy, so I'm not concerned.

I'm going to start grooming him tomorrow and trim his mane. I'll give him a bath in a few weeks to see how he handles that. Did you give him a bath yet? If so, how was he? If not, are there any tricks to doing that for the first time?

Sorry for the long email - I just wanted to let you know how things were going. His personality is just so wonderful. All my concerns of getting such a young horse have been put to rest, although I will still handle him very carefully until I get to know him better.

To end, here are some pictures from yesterday. I'll send some later when he is groomed and has put on a little weight from the grass, but these are cute pictures because you can see Hairt, too.

Thanks for finding both these wonderful horses!


May 2008

Hi Liz,

Pandora is doing very, very well.

We are trying to balance the expectations of a Hunter Trainer with what Tammy and I consider to be reasonable expectations for a "green" young mare. What to feed, how to train, etc...

We are also learning (a lot) everyday. Here are a couple of pictures of some recent activity. Please don't roll your eyes and just ignore the boots. They are a requirement at this barn. Pandy does not seem to care.

I don't have time to fill you in on the details today, but will send more when I get a chance....

I will keep in touch.
Tom (and Tammy)....



January 2008


I just wanted to give you an update on Griffin. Griffin is absolutely incredible. He's a spunky forward moving horse, just the kind I like. But in addition to that he is calm cool and collected about everything.

He is sweet and lovable and I just adore him. We're doing just cross country work for the next 3 months. He's had 3 months of training in the ring and that's enough for a young horse. He needs to go out and see the world now and he just loves it.

He's quite a mover and as I said very forward but comes right back to you when asked. He just flies over the ground.

I've had him out 3 times so far. The first two times we went with another horse. He could care less, leads or follows, whatever, but he's more into the person ridding him. Four dogs barking and running all around him and in and out of the woods, didn't care. Actually liked the dogs being there.

Third time we went out we got to the spill way where we have to cross an old wooden bridge. They had just opened the flood gates and water was gushing out almost over the bridge. My friend on her 7 year old mare whimped out wouldn't cross, wouldn't even get off and walk her horse over. Se went back to the barn and Griff and I continued on alone with the dogs for another hour and that horse was stellar.

He could very easily be the best horse I've ever owned and I've had my share.

He's just 15'2" now but I'm sure he'll grow more over the next few years. And he is going to be something really special.


January 2008

Dear Liz,

A very Happy New Year and best wishes for a brisk sales season in 2008!

I will get new photos of Kolby in the near future so that you may add him to your "brag" page listing for the wonderful VSH Clyde crosses. Now that he has filled out, he is quite spectacular...and he is obviously not yet done growing. His canter departures are smooth and equally balanced on either lead. As he is not quite 4yrs old, we don't jump him much...but he clears everything 2'3"-2'6" in great form, whether approached at the walk, trot, or canter, picking great takeoff spots for himself. My trainer (who shows "A" circuit hunters and jumpers) told an experienced rider seeking a prospect for first-flight fox hunting that she should consider going to VSH to find something like Kolby. Like Tuxedo, my first VSH purchase, he is a kind, sound, easy keeper, with the emphasis on being a "keeper".

Best wishes,

January 2008

Hi Liz,

I wanted to send you an updated on Finn. He is doing GREAT!!! Will, my fiancee, started him under saddle just a few days after I sent my last update and he did beautifully!!! He never even offered to buck even with pressure from a rope!

We had him under saddle twice here at the house and then for his third ride, we hauled him (and a few of our other horses) over to the Boulder County Fairgrounds for an open ride night at their indoor (i am SOOO tired of winter!!). He stood tied to the side of the arena like a perfect gentleman and Will got on him and rode him around for a bit at the end of the night!!! HIS THIRD RIDE!!! I'm still in shock!!

I just cannot thank you enough!!! After the very first time that we talked and you told me about 'Little Joe', I just had this feeling in my gut about him. I really think that my gray mare was watching over me and hand picked him for me through you!!!

He is so good with the herd - his manners are impecable. I think you said that he lived out in a pasture for a lot of the year if I remember correctly. He is GREAT with the 2 year olds - they pester him like crazy and he's so kind about his corrections with them.

I cannot wait to get on him. We have a total of 4 rides on him now. I "torture" him every day. I have a hula hoop in the paddock and a swimming noodle in there now - he usually just marches right up to the new things after checking them out from a distance. He was adorable when we put a tarp in with him his first week home. He looked at it, ran around it a couple of times, then marched right up to it and tried to "kill" it. He walks over them like it's no big deal at all.

He is such a special special guy. My equine dentist is coming on Thursday to pull his wolf teeth and put a bit set in his molars and anything else that he needs. And the farrier comes out I think next week - we've already trimmed his feet here at the house. Yes, you can pick up all of his feet!!

He truly has the most spectacular personality I could have ever imagined. He is still very green and a bit leery in lots of ways, but is every day turning into a more exceptional horse. If the weather holds, I'll trailer him to the Arapahoe Hunt next weekend with my girlfriend so he can start to get used to the sights and sounds and hounds! And to see what he'll think of a straight load trailer - we've been hauling him the last 2 weeks (and will again this Wednesday) in our 4 horse slant - no one would every ever guess he's a green horse - he loads like an expert.

I know I'm going on and on about him - I just had to send you the update. He's doing so super duper!!

Thank you thank you!!

Comments from Pam Graham about Coco Chanel, her Clydesdale cross mare. Coco started showing at the Intro level in dressage this year.

December 2007

Things have a way of working out. I was so afraid that I could not afford another horse. Barbara came to my farm in the spring for a small clinic. Lisa, the trainer, rode Coco. Barbara [Weifelstede (well known Dressage Trainer)] said she had “Talent" ! Those type of comments are few and far between from her.

One of the Judges’ comments on the test score sheet was: "What an awesome horse!" There were all kinds of great comments from the Judges.

I am also going to start learning how to do freestyle with her. I can’t wait!!!

Happy Holidays to You!

[Coco] blew everybody away. All FIRST PLACE EACH TEST WITH VERY HIGH SCORES; HIGH 60’S AND EVEN GOT A 71!!!! She did the Intro level. She won the Year End Championship at Barbara Weiflestead’s show series. The bad news is I wasn’t riding her, my trainer was; but I will be showing her this coming season. We will be moving up to Training Level.

I will get Grace to send you some pictures. She is in to the Equine photography pretty big time now. She was at all of the shows that we went to. I also forgot to tell you that Grace fell off of her horse Memorial Day and broke her back.

She is very very very lucky that she is not paralyzed. She has a lot of hardware now in her spine but she is still very lucky. Anyway, she will never ride again so therefore the equine photography!

I hope all is well with you and yours. I’ll get the pics to you ASAP!

Talk to you soon!
Pam and Cocco

 Hi Liz,

I just wanted to send you these pictures of Coco Chanel. Thought you would like them. She is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!! Let me know what you think. She will be doing her first dressage show in February. I’ll send more pictures from that!

Talk to you soon,

November 2007

Chaucer, aka Perry:

I've been getting on him a little bit every other week or so - he now walks trots and halts in an arena, even with other riders jumping - I trotted him over a ground pole, and he went fairly straight. We get where we are going, but take the loong way around. Steering is....complicated.

I rode him around our barn on Saturday - he quietly strolled past a woman shaving a naughty pony, a skilll saw, and a car door that slammed right next to us [I jumped, he didn't even twitch]. We have to do more long lining work on steering - I don't know when I will try to hack him out into the creek, he gets pretty excited when I hand-walk him into the hills.

He is a doll.

So far, every time I have had him under saddle he has been an angel. He simply does what I ask quietly. I think he enjoys me up on top - I believe that forward can be taught from the beginning. I walk him quickly, we don't dawdle. When I ask for a trot, I get a nice working trot, not a cowboy shuffle. I think his nutritian adds to that, but he does show some fire when I hand walk him down in the creek-bed. There are horses in the pasture next to our path, and he is very interested! Ears and tail up!

I do feed him fairly richly, he gets a mix that was developed by a dietician - We feed three times a day - and he has a hay bag.

While I was with him tonight at the barn, a friend brought down her mastiff- 215lbs [Wow!] and Perry did everything but drop to his knees to play. Her labrador retreiver stood for it, and kept licking his nose, which he loved! We are having another dry year [read disaster!] and it is still quite warm - nothing lower than 60 at night. With our lit and covered arenas I can work with Perry every day - and I do! He is pretty fit.

I hope to get video this weekend, Thanks for the continued help!


Picasso/Keep the Secret:  

Hey Liz.
Picasso and Secret are doing beautifully. I don't know if I have any videos of Secret working, but I do of Picasso and I will try to send you some along with updated photos. Our trainer here loves, Loves, LOVES these two horses. She has never liked a draft cross, but these two have changed her mind. I haven't check out your site in a while although the last time I did, I saw a sib of theirs, can't remember the name, but it was a gelding that was so beautiful - very thoroughbredish. If I had only seen him before he was sold I would have snapped that boy up in a heartbeat. I will go check out the horses you have listed. Yes Rembrandt! That was it. He is gorgeous. I've had some good offers on Secret and Picasso, but not enough to part with them. Which would be hard at any price. I'll get the pics to you. I was looking for some video on them last night but got side tracked.

He's (Picasso) still a stallion at this point due to late blooming among a series of other events not having to do with him. We get tons of requests for stud services for him, but have not consented at this point. I'm afraid I will be sorry if I do. Anyway, he may be gelded before long. Nevertheless he's still very sweet and not acting too much the fool although he does get a little excited around some mares. However, he will snap right to attention when we ask him not to act like a male. He is still very coltish and thoroughbredish looking. Secret is much heavier, although she doesn't look drafty at all. Much more mature and extremely sweet, especially since she was a wild one when we got her. She is coming along a little slower in her training than Picasso. However, I believe she is the smarter and better performer. Neither horse gave us one bit of a problem in breaking. We basically just saddled them up and rode them. Secret was a little more skittish about it. Picasso was like, hey man, this is fun. Let's go somewhere. Very cute pics of that day.


I keep Rembrandt at an $800.00 per month facility, but it is worth it! I only kept him at Sherwin's for 30 days, I think he was a little young for that situation, so I decided to bring him home and give lots lovin! That, accompanied with my Parelli trainer, have made all the difference.

Remmie is so smart! He even knows my car when I pull into the barn. He comes trotting up to me and loves attention. He gets breakfast, lunch and dinner, all the hay he wants, and is turned out with a 20 year old gelding in a 10 acre field.

He lets me clip him, brush, pick up the feet and we are doing all level 1 Parelli. I just measured him, he is just under 15.3 (at a year and 1/2).

Which 2 sisters did you send to Sherwin? If I could I would love to buy either Martina or Magritte! They are awesome!

Keep in touch, I will let you know if I ever sell Remmie, but I plan to keep him forever, as it is true love for us both!

thanks so much, Joanie


...By the way I walk, trot, cantered her today. She stood like a perfect angel while I crawled up on her from a table with my broken foot in its big old cast. She stood perfect also when I got off. Didn't move an inch while I scooted off her onto the table, hobbled down and got my crutches and came back around to get her. She's the sweetest thing I could have ever asked for.






 Little Joe - 3/4 TB sib to FondaLittle Joe - sib to Fonda - 2008 foals available

Hi Liz,
It's been an eternity since I've written - I think really it's been since January. 
My apologies for such a long break.  It's been a bit of a rough year for me with the horses.  Finnegan  (your Little Joe) is doing GREAT!  However, I was off of riding for many months this year due to a bad accident.  
I am happy to report that I am finally 100% healed up!  But poor Finn did not receive the saddle time I had hoped he would this year and we didn't make it to the hunt.  Finances are tight to say the least with the big medical bills 
I did have my eventing trainer work with him over fences for a month in September (I was still off of riding).  He was a rock star!  Such a wonderful boy.  When I started riding again in late October, I went out for a few hacks with my girlfriend (the eventing trainer) and then finally I started taking him out on my own alone.  He's an absolute hoot - acts like a green boy out on his own, but he doesn't have a mean bone in his body.  I need to get more miles on him and that's the plan for the nice days this winter and certainly as the weather improves into spring. 
I'm attaching some pictures of him from July when we took him swimming up at the lake that's near our house. 
I have a horrible camera, so don't have a single picture of him over fences - boy I wish I did!  He's a cute jumper.  If he thinks the fence is worth the effort, he'll tuck his knees under and pop over it like a pro.  If he thinks though, that it's not, he realizes that he's a big boy and just tromples through.  I really wish I had those pics for you! 
At any rate, I think of you often.  And wanted to drop you a line. 
I also think of that gray draft TB X that you wrote me about while I was on the road to ND to get Finn last year.  If only I had a Blackberry and could have received your e-mail, I know I would have loved her as an addition to the family - especially since Finn is everything you told me you hoped he would be.  And I'm sad to report that I did lose 2 of my horses just last month due to some lengthy struggles with lameness with both of them.  So, I actually would have had room for her now. 
I hope you're well and enjoying life to the fullest!  Drop me a line if you get a chance - I'd love to hear from you!!
With happy horsey thoughts!
Mo and Finnegan

 Hi Liz,

We used the measuring tape today.  3 years and 7 months of age: 17 hands plus (but less than 17.1) at the withers and 1345 lbs (1165 upon arrival) using a tape measure.

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