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Fox Hunting Information


As our clients can tell you, there is no shortage of fox hunting prospects at VSH....VSH horses have gone on to compete in all range of disciplines....we even have a movie star!

VSH currently has horses hunting with most Va Hunts and many hunt clubs across the country, from Masters Horses and staff horses to hilltoppers. We have customers in their 60's and 70's hunting our horses as well as young Steeplechase jockeys here in VA. Our customers are proud of their horses and are happy to provide phone and email references. If you'd like to know if you have a VSH horse in your hunt club, feel free to contact Liz directly at 804.514.0595. VSH is happy to arrange weekend Hunt/Sales Appointments in your club's territory if sufficient interest exists. Of course potential hunt horse customers are encouraged to hunt our horses with us as part of the sales process.

We are currently hunting horses 2x/wk and currently have 15 horses that have hunted this season. This list is ever changing as our hunt horses often sell as soon as they are out hunting. Liz takes guests interested in trying VSH horses or just interested in enjoying a leisurely informal intro to the Sport on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday hunts with several local clubs. Horse lease and transportation: $150 Capping Fee: $50/junior riders $15-25. Sales appointments for Hunt horses can be arranged at various hunt fixtures and locations featuring cross country course. A VSH rider and seasoned horse will give a lead. We are happy to hunt as a guest and take a horse to your hunt as well. We do not lend horses out to hunt unsupervised.  

Because our horses are professionally trained and ridden, when you select a Virginia Sport Horse you will have the piece of mind of KNOWING that the horse has not been injured or ruined while out on trial or hunted in an irresponsible manner. The best way to try hunt horses is to hunt them in a supervised situation. When you try hunt horses with VSH, you will hunt with us on an unflappable horse while you watch your candidate horse being used as a whip, behaving and safely jumping every obstacle he/she is put to. If you then feel comfortable, we can arrange for you to switch to that horse for the remainder of the hunt. After the hunt, we will take you back out over the fixture with any remaining candidates you would like to try. You are welcome to hunt our horses in ths supervised manner as many times as you would like. We also offer a season and 1/2 season lease of the hunt with us.  We think its the best way to buy a hunt horse and so do our customers!! Call Liz at 804.514.0595 to arrange a phone interview with one of our customers or professional colleagues..

During the off season our horses are available for hunter paces and trail riding and can be seen at local hunter shows and starter events and are available to try at these events as well. We are happy to provide contact info for satisfied customers who own and hunt our horses over variety of terrain and pursue various quarry throughout the US.

Dr. Elizabeth Reese and Bold Traveler

VSH's Seamus hunting with Bull Run


Excerpts from "Looking for Mr. Right: Addressing the Issues of Supply and Demand", Covertside, September 2005


In the September 2005 issue of Covertside magazine, the American Fox Hunting Association bemoans the lack of suitable fox hunting mounts available in the United States. Two of the many fox hunting mounts VSH sells every year are pictured in the article.


According to Dennis Foster, Executive Director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association,..."Ensuring foxhunting is affordable, accessible, and enjoyable for riders at various skill levels will be a constant challenge.  We need to recognize that times have changed. Most territories are evolving and the dimensions of a hunt are redefining the types of horses needed to provide a rider an enjoyable and safe day foxhunting.  Gone are the days when everyone needed to hunt a Thoroughbred.  In fact, not many foxhunters need or should hunt a Thoroughbred.  The half-bred draft crosses will meet the needs of many other foxhunters.  Horses who are 'insurance policies' for their rider are in great demand, and given the demographics of membership in many hunt clubs, I don't see that changing anytime soon."

According to Foster, twenty to twenty-five thousand dollars is the price one might have to pay for a made foxhunter with field experience and jumping talent on the East Coast.  "And even with that price tag, they are not easy to find.....Today, fifteen thousand might buy a horse that was hunted a few times, is relatively quiet, but he may be fairly green with limited training.  Those green edges can surface unexpectedly in the hunt field, and suddenly, a novice to intermediate rider can have a very unpleasant experience."

Edith Conyers of Lexington, Kentucky has been an ardent foxhunter for nearly sixty years.  Ms. Conyers has been finding, training and often retraining horses for clients for several years.  Many of her clients are people of various skill levels wishing to foxhunt.  Given the riders and the changes in hunt territory, Conyers agrees that Thoroughbreds are not the breed of choice for many foxhunters today......"Many people looking to purchase a horse are simply not educated enough to know what type of horse to purchase, what to look for, and how much to pay....A quieter horse with a bit denser bone and a good brain is mainly what I look for in client's horses.....The half-bred draft crosses usually do exceptionally well for my needs.  They generally have good feet, a great brain, and with training, education, and extensive time under saddle, are worth their weight in gold."


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