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There is nothing that caps off a perfect day hunting more than seeing one of my  "children" all grown up and setting a great example on the hunt field. If I see you out there on your VSH Alum or if you care to send us pics of your VSH Alum out Fox Hunting and we will post them here. Place your cursor over the photo for the horses name. All horses can be found in the Sold Horses category or by using the keyword search function.
Our Dundalk, now Dudley Do Right hunting for a 10yr old with Cheshire Hunt, Unionville PA. Our Major, now the huntsmans horse for Windy Hollow Hunt.
Thor, with his proud new owner, Amanda, now hunting with Rolling Rock Hunt. Laurie B. on Peregrines Flyte, our Chaucer (Signature Cross) Sante Fe Hounds/West Hills Hunt Opening Hunt, 2012
 Our own...and my beloved Fiona...with Jessica K, Myopia thanksgiving 2010 are missed...I'll be talking about this mare when I am senile.. 
 Artemis, our Desiree, Hunting with Lynnhaven Hounds at age 2 1/2yrs  Daisy, our Magritte, with owner Ashley S. as a 4 1/2yr old hunting with Hardaway Whitworth HoundsJohn and Kathie Chambers - Thanksgiving Hunt Fairfax - Holyfield, Harley (Harlequin)
Sarah Poole whipping for Lynnhaven Hounds on My Rocking Horse Guest Whip, Taylor ?? rides Norsk for Lynnhaven Hounds Hunt Barbara Parks Hebel Lynnhaven Hounds Hunt, Orange Springs Farm Lydia Umlandt on Brogan, Lauren Umlandt whipping on King's Ransome
Our little (16H) Rocky...whipping for Lynnhaven Hounds Hunt   Rocky and Smoke House Blues 11/15/09 - Lynnhaven Hounds Hunt Smoke House Blues Smoke House Blues
Holyfield - Opening Hunt Fairfax Hunt  Harley, now Harlequin Opening Hunt Fairfax Hunt - Oct 2009 Maxwell Whipping at Opening Hunt 2009 with Lynnhaven Hounds
 Kings Ransome, whipping at Lynnhaven Hounds Hunt - 10/18/09 FirefoxAramis Skylar - FOR SALE - cubbing at Lower Dundee with Colonial Fox Hounds Hunt

Janice F. on Firefly, (sibling of Skylar) Dr. Scullin's 30th yr MFH annivervsary. Alyson Stone (center) on Blossom..Best Young Field Hunter 2008... as a 2 1/2yr old!! Fiona and Liz - joint meet CFHH and CFH at Millstone 12/08

Opal - FOR SALE - See Mares under saddle - cubbing at Lower Dundee with CFHHDunraven  - VSH name: Maximo - 1/2 brother to Arrive Alive - Dr. Liz Reese and John Keane Potomoc Hunt Declan, formerly Cerus - hunting first season w/Princess Anne Hunt. He was trained and is being ridden by owner Mayleigh.
Frosted - FOR SALE - cubbing at Lower Dundee with Colonial Fox Hounds Hunt Glyniss 1/14/09 hunting Lower Dundee w/CFHH Lynhaven Hounds MFH Greg Hebbel giving Rowan his intro to the sport
Skylar at Orange Springs 1/18/09 Rowan with Lynhaven Hounds MFH Greg Hebbel Viva Vegas Hunting (Whip) with Lynhaven Hounds 1/18/09
Glyniss taking a guest out for a weekday hunt with CFHH 1/21/09 Serenity returns from "maternity leave" to hunt with Lynhaven 1/26/09 - GREAT PROSPECT!! Gunter takes a coop for rider Abbi Walker on his maiden hunt with LHH

Stacie, a VSH guest from Saskatchewan Canada tries Fox Hunting with Frosted.  Jackson, aka Worth the Wait, Princess Anne, Closing Hunt 3/2009 Alyson and Blossom - closing hunt 2009 CFHH at Romancoke 

Maxwell CFHH closing hunt at Romancoke Glyniss and Liz closing hunt CFHH 2009 - Glyniss was probably the most hunted VSH horse this year 



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