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Fiona hunting with owner Jessice Kennedy, Myopia Hunt 


This is our informal hunt page. Fox Hunting can be many things and not all hunts are as traditional or stuffy as they are sometimes perceived to be. This is a page for actual photos from hunt related activities that occur year round, from summer trail rides, walking the hounds, fox siteings, visits to the fox pens, cub hunting, to tailgates and hunt balls. Send in your pics so that I dont have to fill the page myself. I hope that this page with encourange newcomers to give Fox Hunting a try.

3/13/11 Another season has flown by... Many horses have left this year to hunt with hunts such as Myopia, Goldens Bridge, Princess Anne Hunt, Fairfax Hunt, Piedmont, Snickersville, and Commonwealth Fox Hounds. Here are just a few pics from this years season.

Liz hunting Zoolander with Lynnhaven Hounds Hunt Jackson, "Worth the Wait" hunting with owner Donna Jeffress, Princess Anne Hunt Andrea Brownstein with Quinn, Snickersville Hounds

3/22/10 Spring is here...finally..and we are hunting again...just as the season draws to a close. We had a good day yesterday with little the temps were too the 70's, but just great to  be out.

White Men Can Jump Whips In on his maiden hunt. Javier cooped and retrieved hounds AND horses in preparation for hunting

3/08/10 We took some horses and joined Lynnhaven Hounds Hunt at Captain Jack's Fox Pens...great experience for the horses and hounds.. Have to toot my own horn for a sec....nobody brings their hunt horses along like we do...

Lynnhaven Hounds Hunt MFH Greg Hebler and Hounds  fox feeder...mauled by bear l-r Barbara Parks/Norsk, Lauren Umlandt/Precious, Liz Booth/Smoke House Blues

1/20/10 Winter has come this year to Virginia with a vengance.. After 2 blank weeks, we have started to hunt again. The following pics show winter hunting in our country at it worst!!

"Unforgettable" prepares for maiden hunt with CFHH 3 DAYS LATER!!! - Whipping for Lynnhaven Hounds Hunt  2nd field crossing the icy floodplain. Thats Rembrandt and VSH Alum Spotted Angel in the rear! 

11/24/09 We had a great informal hunt today with Lynnhaven Hounds at Orange Springs Farm in Unionville Va. Friends and family from DC and Annapolis joined us for their first hunt. The weather was beautiful, sunny with just a hint of crispness. Although the leaves have dropped, the grass here in Virginia is still quite green.

Barbara Parks, Jt MFH, Joanne Kline DVM, Taylor, Ricky Sherin USMC CPL, Lauren and Lydia Umlandt, photo by Liz Booth  View heading out: Historic Orange Springs Farm

Lynnhaven's Whips follow MFH Greg Hebel  The master prepares to cast the hounds in the "Quarterfield".  Exhuberant hounds jump the coop at "The hornet's nest" 

Whip Lauren Umlandt and Kings Ransom take the coop at the top of "The Gas Line" Taylor, a guest follows Ransom over the coop riding Norsk Sarah Poole whips on My Rocking Horse 


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