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June 8, 2012

Often when a horse leaves here we get comments from folks other than the owner who have hunted or hunter paced the horse:

WHAT ABOUT JAKE??? Did you sell him????
OMG....incredible! I LOVED HIM!!!


We are looking forward to seeing Jake hunting with Millbrook Hunt this fall!! 

June 5, 2012

Hi Liz,
Just wanted to let you know how great Tally (Angelique) and Astor (Seeker) were on the trailer ride up (all 15 hours of it!) to MA and once they got settled in at the pasture. We had a wonderful trail ride on Friday and they were so good. We ran into all sorts of was like Animal Kingdom, and nothing but pricked up ears and we were on our way! The farrier visited this weekend too and Tally was so calm and sweet, hard to believe she is only 3. Hope you have had some time to relax since we left. We appreciate all the time you spent with us And getting ready for us ; )

Brit with Talisker aka Angelique  Suzanne and Astor aka Seeker

June 3, 2012

Hi Liz, originally I was going to wait a bit longer to contact you but I can barely handle my excitement! Quintox is amazing and doing fantastic! I ADORE him and he seems to really feel the same about me and his human family! I wanted to share with you that I have had the great opportunity to work with Cliff Schadt and learn a ton about babies. We have started ground work and Cliff is really a great horseman. Not sure if you know his family but he grew up in NY on his parent hunter/jumper farm but now has his own ranch in MT and travels and teaches the methods of Buck Brannanman and starts around a dozen colts a year and I hope to conitue using him over the next few years.
Things have been great, again thanks for this opportunity! Jenna


June 3, 2012

Hi Liz,

I just wanted to let you know how much I love my horse (Zoolander) . He is so great Liz, I am having the time of my life. We just got done riding and we hacked out all over the farm and there was a deer that jumped out in front of us and he just stood there and was wonderful. Just wanted to say thanks again, we are settled in and he is awesome!


May 31, 2012

Good morning Liz,
Just an update from the road : ) we left your check pinned to the bulletin board in the barn. The horses loaded great and we are almost to Culpepper on 522.

Thanks again for a great visit and horse buying experience!!!!!
Suzanne + Britt


Ma y20,2010,

Hi Liz,
I haven't contact you in a while, but I am in the market for a new horse and Virginia Sport Horses is the first place I look. The 2 horse that I got from you are terrific horse. Thunder is doing great. He turned into a great show pony and the colt I got from Canada is a barn favorite. I am just doing a preliminary inquiring about Frosted. Is she in foal? It looks like she is well trained. I am looking for a horse for my 13y.o niece. She is at the advanced beginner level and is quickly moving up. I am looking for something she can advance with. What would the internet price be.

May 24, 2012

Hi Liz! Just wanted to update you on your baby (Thor). He continues to amaze me. I started in March with an eventing trainer here in Pennsylvania. I sent him to her for thirty days to get him a little more balanced and to get his canter going a little easier. He is excelling. Just an unbelievable horse. So quiet, so willing. Everyone just loves him. And you should see him. He's grown a lot and is a good 16.3 and looks amazing. I will send you some pictures soon. We are cross country schooling on Sunday so I will get some cool shots. He is doing gymnastics with ease, 6 bounces in a row, in and outs like nothing and he just blows cross country away. I cannot believe it. What a wonderful boy. We need some work in dressage but that will come. I can't believe he has only just turned 5. My trainer said I could not have found a better horse for me if I tried. So THANK YOU again for my boy. He is truly a gift. Hope all is well. Amanda

Thor, Liz's 2010-2011 Hunt Horse, now eventing and hunting with owner Amanda P. at Rolling Rock Hunt.

May 24, 2012 (we sold 4 horses to one client and all 4 vet checked)


Yes, they checked out and all is good. The check would've gone in the mail yesterday but my wife fell ill and we've been at the hospital since early Tues. The check will go in the mail no later than tomorrow, but hopefully today.


May 16, 2012

Hi Liz, I forgot if I sent this photo or not. Did you know it has been almost five years since I met you and Javier? He is the most wonderful horse in the world, and we love each other more every day! Thank you for the most brilliant, kind, funny, willing, loving horse! Oh, and he is almost 17 hands, and a very smooth mover. XOXOXOX, Candy

May 14th,2012

Hello Liz! I tried several times to send you text messages with pictures this weekend, im not sure if you got any at all or not. My barn is in the most frustrating dead zone!! And of course, that’s where I spend MOST of my time! ARRRRGGGGHHAAAAA^%$#@$#@@#$


The baby has settled in quite nicely, I washed his butt up as he had diahreah on his way up here, and on & off since he’s been here, im sure the different hay, and all the excitement was enough to do that. I will give him a full bath next weekend when it’s a little warmer. Other than that he didn’t have any health issues, no shipping fever, no gooey boogy nose or eyes….he’s a TROOPER with the most CASUAL attitude! Just LOVE him to pieces:O) I had the farrier out on Friday and he was a SUPERSTAR for him also!


How much do I owe you for the “after hours” pickup? I will send you some money this week (I can send your little halter back also – looks like you’ll be needing it with all your new babies)


Thanks again Liz!!





May14, 2012

Hannah and Pennie

Hey Liz,
I hope you and Jessie are doing well. Hannah and Pennie are getting along wonderfully. Hannah rides her around
Carlton 4 or 5 times a week.
I have been taking lessons with Allison and currently go walk _ trot. I am having so much fun. I am getting closer to our next purchase. What are your thoughts on which horses I should look at. I would like to keep the cost to 75-- or less. I noticed Zellies price has gone up. I like Precious a grey broodmare or Cricket. I like Galletta as well. My dad owns TWH out in Santa Rosa CA and I have ridden them western many, many times. I know they are incredibly smooth but she is huge. Anyway, Let me know which ones I should check out on the website.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope yhat you have had a wonderful spring!

Best regards,

May 12, 2012

Hi Liz,

LOVE the horse (Cooper). He is a doll. Stood in cross ties for 4 hours today. He is doing very well.

May 21, 2012

Hi Liz-
We have renamed Cooper. He is Tobias or "Toby" for short and I just love him! He is such a baby... A little stinker at times now that he has settled in...but in age appropriate and somewhat charming ways. He has quite a personality. I/we are learning longline work with Vienna reins and he works very hard to understand and therefore do what is being asked of him. Under saddle he is a lamb, as you know.

He has been fully body clipped and is a solid silver gray. I have his mane in training braids and he is simply a very handsome horse.

Ash jumped him lightly on trail last week and he cleared a small 2 foot 6 jump with 2 feet to spare...made us all do a double take. He can jump! But we are working with a lot of "in hand" training and taking things slowly so he can just finish growing and not over tax those young joints. He has gained weight quickly....and we are aware you advised that we not allow this to happen too quickly so we will limit the little flakes of alfalfa we sneak to him with his regular hay for now :)

Thanks Again,


April 10,

Barbara (Oatmeal) is wonderful! Will keep you posted on her. Andy (Airman) continues to exceed all expectations! I got another offer to buy him this week.

She is a gorgeous mover, extremely balanced naturally. I know that she will be like Andy with a group of fans who would buy her in a minute. I could have sold Andy 10 times in the last year!

Deb R.


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