Why customers choose this

  • We handle everything! From the breeding of the mare, foaling the mare out, caring for the foal, handling and training of the foal, and weaning.

  • Great option for those who do not have the ability to foal out a mare

  • Low Cost, prices start at $2,000.

  • This option is chosen over others, due to the fact that we allow a flexible payment plan!

  • Live Foal Guarantee - In the case the mare looses her foal, you will have the option to transfer payments to another foal, or have us breed the mare again.

What can you choose from?

  • You can choose from our wide variety of broodmares! Warmblood, TB, Draft, Draft X.
    Check out the broodmare page for more information about the mares.

  • You can choose from any stallion who is based on farm, or choose an outside stallion and we will facilitate with the stallion owner for the breeding of the mare. (stallion fee for outside stallion is responsibility of the buyer)

Whats included?

What the foal will worked with on:

  • Assisting the buyer with selecting the correct mare and stallion

  • Breeding the mare (On farm stallion, or coordinating with outside stallion owner *subject to price)

  • Feeding the mare during pregnancy and proper worming routine (the proper feed and supplements to support a healthy foal)

  • Board for the mare during pregnancy period, and board for foal until weaning.

  • All ultrasounds, vet appointments to include vaccines, and other needed things.

  • Access to live camera feed during foaling (*ask for info)

  • We spend the countless hours on “foal watch”

  • Assist the mare during foaling, and work with vet if there are any problems. (extra things that buyer wants, vet to do after birth are subject to charges)

  • Constant watch and monitoring of the foal for the first 3 days.

  • Weekly photos and monthly professional quality photos can be provided. (if wanted)

  • Proper nutrition program for the foal (supplements can be provided by owner if wanted)

  • Handle the foal daily for the first week, than the foal goes out with other mares and babies onto a large field to grow up. There the foal will be handled weekly and checked daily. Right before weaning or after weaning, the foal will be brought back into 4-5x a week handling to prepare them for departure.

  • If applicable: Prep the foal for inspection, includes braiding, mare/foal prep, handler at inspection, professional photos)

  • The buyer may visit the foal at any time before weaning if an appointment is scheduled.

  • Lead

  • Cross Tie and Tie

  • Standing for farrier

  • Bathe

  • Clip

  • Load