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We respectfully ask that you not beleive anything that may be written about us by people who have no direct knowledge of us and choose to post anonymously over the internet.  Over the years we have chosen the high road rather and welcome polite inquiries.  We are HAPPY to provide numerous references from customers in virtually all of the 48 continental states, many of whom are veterinarians, FEI competitors, and repeat customers who have purchased many horses and who have been to our farm and can give a reliable reference. Show More


Since our beginnings years ago we have MAINTAINED an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Below are our policies. We ask that anyone who does not understand them, contact us directly at 804.514.0595 and we will be happy to discuss them with you such that you do understand them.  Feel free to sample the unsolicited comments which pour in on a daily basis from our satisfied customers on our facebook group:  Virginia Sport Horses



Virginia Sport Horses (VSH) sells many horses each year. These policies were developed over time to ensure the smooth delivery of services, to promote proper communication, and to result in a horse purchase transaction that meets or exceeds your expectations...We chose to post our policies because we believe it is an honest approach. We put our Policies in writing so you KNOW what to expect.  We are in the business of BREEDING, RAISING, TRAINING and SELLING HORSES...we do not sell used horses. This is QUITE DIFFERENT from most other sellers of horses and so of course our policies would have to reflect our business and be different than those of horse sellers, brokers, or breeders. Our policies have been designed, tested, and honed over a period of years and with the assistance and input of experienced professionals for the PROTECTION of our horses, our customers as well as VSH.  We understand that there is quite a bit of content below and respectfully ask that those who dont understand it refrain from posting their interpretations on the internet. Show More

These Policies are intended for those who are interested in purchasing horses from Virginia Sport Horses. They cannot be reprinted except in their entirety AND with the written permission of Virginia Sport Horses. These Policies were developed with the input of the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, with which we maintain an A+ rating.  In some cases these policies are result of situations which we have learned from, and are there for the seller, buyer and horses protection. Please refer, forward and direct anyquestions about these Policies to Liz Booth at Use of this website constitutes your acceptance and agreement to the policies stated below. 

While individual policies may not make sense to a person who does not purchase horses on a routine basis...we are happy and invite the opportunity to discuss and explain them to any person who identifies themselves and contacts us in a respectful way. Our policies stand as a whole and relate to our business. They are not designed to be the model for anyone else's business, nor the subject of public debate.  Professionals, long term customers and those who understand our business, understand and APPRECIATE these policies. All reputatable businesses have policies. Policies are not always accessible to the general public.  Businesses communicate and explain their policies so that customer expectations are met and situations that may require special handling are dealt with prior to the sale. Its far better to be thorough then to leave customers with unmanaged expectations. 

In some cases, policies are developed to deal with situations that are the exception rather than the norm, but when you sell as many horses as we do, all bases must be covered.


VSH accepts cash, certified checks, and wire transfers. 

All horse sales are CASH SALES...this means that regardless of the payment method that you choose...VSH must be in receipt of FULL CASH PAYMENT before the horse can leave. This means that if you choose to pay with a wire transfer or Certified Check, those funds must have cleared to VSH's account before the horse can leave. Please be aware that banking policies have changed in the last year... In the past, a Certified Check or Cashiers Check may have been a check that would convert instantly to cash such as a money order..depending on the issuing and receiving bank...this is no longer the case. VSH will continue to accept cashiers checks, but customers wishing to pay by this method should tender payment such that it CAN BE DEPOSITED TEN DAYS IN ADVANCE of the delivery date of the horse. Show More


When it is agreed verbally or with a purchase contract unless otherwise specified CASH PAYMENT is expected within 24 hours, particularly if the price has been negotiated based on prompt, cash payment. This means that once the sales process has completed, whether it concludes with a vet exam or the purchase agreement, we expect to be paid AT THAT TIME. It is neither fair nor legal to place a horse under deposit, agree to purchase and/or board the horse and then disappear. In such cases, legally the deposit could be forfeited and the seller free to sell the horse. Such a situation could result in a messy legal grey area in terms of ownership of the horse should injury occur... We never wish to be embroiled in such a situation and it is not advisable for anyone to be so. Many of our customers are busy persons as are we and we understand this. Special payment arrangements can easily be made in advance. If a horse is sold at a discount based on prompt payment and the prompt payment is not completed per the agreement, then the customer is liable to pay full price for the horse. If a customer desires to purchase a horse and pay in full 30 days later, we are happy to sell the horse at full price plus %24 interest, but charges must be agreed to in advance. Our customers rely on VSH and purchase from VSH because they expect to be treated honestly and fairly, we ask only the same.


Selection and Pricing


VSH has access to a large selection of horses. all of our horses are located on one our (2) farms in Virginia. The location of our horses and the fact that we BREED, RAISE and TRAIN them...make our business different than that of sale barns, horse brokers or individual persons selling horses. Our policies are specifically designed to accommodate the smooth operation of our type of operation. Show More


Many of our best customers are mature riders.. who can not afford to be hurt. We seek to serve a market that appreciates and has made a conscious decision to purchase a 100% sound horse, having a temperament of 1-3, with no issues, professionally raised and trained with no previous owners.  Unlike many other businesses, our horses are tested at many junctures of their lives and stages of training. We seek to select only horses that have the temperament that was "born" for field use prior to "making" a hunter or Sport Horse. While this concept may be foreign to some...that's communicating our policies people can decide if they need or desire a horse from Virginia Sport Horses.  

Our horses are priced to sell. Our most popular "lines" of horses sell quickly, so if you are seriously interested in a horse you have the option of placing a deposit. (Please read and understand the deposit policy).



VSH has a two tier pricing policy: Internet Sales and Farm Sales. In addition, we periodically offer Sale Pricing and special Package Deals.

Internet Sales. A significant % of our young horses are sold through Internet Sales. Horses offered for internet sale are generally young, imported prospects or foals born on our farm in Virginia.  Horses under saddle are typically sold by Farm Sale. If you'd like an Internet price quote for a specific horse, please send us an e-mail and request one.  If you select to purchase through an Internet Sale, a Sales appt to our farm to "select" a horse is not included in the transaction.  An Internet Sale is exactly what the name of a horse over the internet, relying on pictures and an exchange of information. WE ENCOURAGE CUSTOMERS TO SELECT AND TRY HORSES IN PERSON and with the assistance of our professional sales team. Show More


Horses that are sold over the internet are sold as unconditional purchases and are priced accordingly. Horses are living breathing creatures, not Christmas sweaters. We do not sell horses with the intent to ship them needlessly back and forth across the country. When a horse is purchased, the buyer is accepting a level of risk traditionally born by the seller in exchange for discounted pricing....When you purchase a horse that is still in Canada, we will provide you with the same information that has been provided to us.  We are not in a position to "represent or misrepresent" a horse unless we go to Canada and inspect the horse personally for you. Which we can do. Of course this level of service is reflected in the price of a horse...

Once you purchase a horse, you own that horse from the moment of purchase forward. We do not view horses as "merchandise" and so all horse sales are cash sales, payable by wire transfer or cashiers check. Unfortunately we have twice been the victim of credit card fraud and so sadly are no longer able to offer this option to our good customers.

Farm Sales. Our primary pricing mechanism is for Farm Sales. A Farm Sale involves one or more sales appointments where customers are able to view and try a group of carefully pre-selected horses, ridden in a consistent manner by our professional riders. We show the horses to the best of their ability and work closely with customer's trainers such that the customer may make a wise selection. Ours is a litigious society...sadly, there is no code of ethics that horse professionals can rely on for their own protection. As such is the case...Farm Sales may require that we transport horses to the sales appointment location which may be an indoor arena during winter months or a hunt fixture or cross country course, depending on the needs of the customer. The horses are transported back to pasture after the appointment.

Prior to scheduling a Sales Appointment, we will spend a considerable amount of time outlining each customer's specific requirements, and selecting and discussing suitable horses, both by e-mail and over the telephone. In the vast majority of cases, we will advise you NOT to schedule a Sales Visit visit unless we have a minimum of 3-4 STRONG candidates. Hosting a sales appt is extremely costly to VSH both in terms of expense and resources, For that reason we ask that our customers be candid and truthful about their riding ability and also whether they are going to want to ride in or out of the arena.

All farm visits are scheduled and confirmed sales appointments.  The main farm is also our home and is located on private property accessed by a private road. While some horse farms are open for drop-ins and drive-bys, we have stallions and untrained horses and our insurance does not permit this type of business activity. We ask that all visitors respect our privacy as we would certainly respect yours. A NONREFUNDABLE $200 DEPOSIT MAY BE  REQUIRED to confirm a sales appointment, however sales appointments are only scheduled for those customers with a serious interest in horses that we have determined are suited to the requirements that have been defined and discussed.  The deposit is not charged for repeat customers, those that we consider serious customers,  rather,  those who we expect to spend an entire day and expend considerable resources with. $200 is an amount comparable to the price of a vacation trail ride and our outlay for an appt is far greater.

Our horses are exhibited 4 - 6 times per year at public venues such as the Equine Extravaganza's Equine Affaire and Horse World Expos, in addition to appearances at shows and club and community events. These events as well as our quarterly Open House Events are specifically designed to accommodate for those who are not interested to purchase a horse but would still like to come "just to look". We run a large operation with virtually no staff other than Liz Booth and contract riders, so we are not able nor do we offer appts for people to come "eyeball a horse" or "just look". We are able to accommodate only 2 appts per week and we choose to reserve these for serious customers interested in selecting one of our horses. Any person who is not interested in selecting a horse but would like to try our horses is invited to have a riding excursion appt. These appts are priced at $75/hr with a $200 minimum. We are happy to provide babysitting services such that customers can devote their attention to horse selection, when you call to schedule the appt, these arrangements can be made.

Unannounced and uninvited guests are expressly prohibited from attending sales appts. We are happy to host a customer, spouse and/or trainer for a serious and legitimate sales appt. Sales appts which include 4 or more guests are considered hosted "events" and are subject to a daily rate and must be discussed and agreed to in advance. A sales appt is a significant expense as well as investment of resources on our part and we may well choose to decline to host "sales appts" which involve an unmanageable number of participants. This is for the good of the customer, Virginia Sport Horses as well as the other serious customers whose horses we are concurrently preparing for bonafide sales appts that will likely result in the matching and selection of a horse. Please be prepared to place a deposit on a horse selected at a sales appt. Having paid airfare for a contingent of friends and relatives is not a valid excuse for no longer having the funds to place a deposit. We have been in business and conducting professional sales visits for over 10 years. We like to think that we are valued and respected members of the horse community. We will do our best to treat all customers and their guests with the professionalism and respect that they deserve. We would very much appreciate if customers scheduling appts ensure that trainers, guests and relatives who accompany them to sales appts treat everyone present with the same respect. Guests who fail to do so or are disruptive to the sales process may be asked to leave.

Sales Pricing. From time-to-time, we will institute special "sale" pricing for certain horses. We reserve the right to do so, and this in no way has an impact on the price that a buyer has paid or may pay for another horse. Credits for deposits, returns, etc can only be applied to horses at full list price.

Occasionally, we have made a mistake in posting the price of a horse to the site. Although we make every effort to post accurate and up-to-date information, PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

We WARRANTEE FULL PRICED (FARM PRICE) HORSES...against FULL PRICED substitutes...if returned within 10 days.  If you purchase a horse and pay full price, if it does not work out, we will work to find a suitable horse for you. You may choose any horse up to the same price level of the one that was purchased. We do not refund shipping. We may request fair reimbursement of expense or bill consulting fees to compensate individuals involved for their time or travel to the customer location IF REQUESTED BY THE CUSTOMER..

If a horse is exchanged for a horse of lesser value, a customer may choose that horse and owe nothing. If a horse is chosen with a higher FARM PRICE, it can be substituted and the customer will owe only the difference between what was PAID for the 1st horse and the FARM PRICING of the substitute.

Our horses are fairly and competitively priced, 100% sound, sane and sensible. Some customers enjoy negotiating on the price of the horse, a practice that is typically associated with the purchase of a "used", less than perfect horse or a motivated seller. It is our policy that all warrantees are waived for horses sold at less than full price. We ask that our customers consider this decision. We will go above and beyond to ensure a good match..but can ONLY do so when full price is paid..

Horses purchased at annual production sales, public exhibitions, our open house, at internet sale or if you have negotiated a discount or purchased the horse at other sales events are sold unconditionally without warrantee unless specifically stated otherwise in a purchase contract signed by both parties. Policies related to returns do not apply to such purchases. VSH may choose to take a horse purchased at such an event back on consignment subject to the consignment sale policy stated below and a signed consignment sales and boarding agreement, but is under no obligation to do so.

Package Deals. We offer very attractive pricing to those interested in purchasing multiple horses. All discounting will be done AFTER THE FINAL SELECTION of the horses in the package. If vetting is involved, this will be AFTER the horse has vetted successfully. Discounting will be based on the FINAL purchase price and number of horses involved. Package Deals are Fully Warranteed at the price offered. Package deals that are further negotiated are AS IS and not warranteed.


Purchase Policies

We have many horses here and we want our customers to chose the right horse for them. WE DON'T DO A HARD SELL. We are uncomfortable telling customers that we have others interested in a horse. If a customer finds a horse they wish to purchase, we encourange them to PLEASE place a deposit, or don't be disappointed when that horse is sold. In addition, if you a deposit is not placed, the horse may no longer be available for a previously quoted price.

We update/adjust prices seasonally as well as individually. When we perform additional work on a horse, such as a photo shoot, evaluation, or produce a new video the price will be adjusted at that time. Show More


Deposit Policy

Placing a deposit on a horse is a buyers good faith gesture that indicates intent to purchase and asks the seller to remove the horse from consideration of other prospective buyers. For horses currently in Virginia, a $800 or 10% minimum deposit (the greater of the two)  will hold a horse and guarantee the price of that horse for 10 days. Deposits are nonrefundable, but can be applied toward the purchase of any other REGULARLY PRICED horse on the farm or towards the selection, purchase and importation of any horse from one of the ranches we work with. Deposits must be re-applied within 6 months. Deposits are not to be confused with a partial payment for a horse. If you schedule a sales appointment, please be sure that you come prepared with $800 cash in hand so that you can place the horse that we work so diligently to find or match with you, under deposit. If you do not intend to come to the appointment prepared to place a horse under deposit should you find one, then please be fair with us and discuss that with us in advance so that we can make the decision whether or not to schedule an appt and risk our time and money.


Upon Full Payment

Horse transportation will be arranged following receipt of full payment of all charges. This also applies to horses which customers intend to pick-up directly from Canada.  It is our practice to execute a Purchase contract for all sales involving a deposit and a Bill of Sale for all sales. If you leave a deposit or pay for a horses at a time when you or VSH is not able to print out and sign a purchase contract, you are agreeing to the purchase under the terms of the standard contract posted on this website. Please be certain to read and understand our purchase contract prior to leaving a deposit. Show More


A bill of sale and all other documentation will be provided upon payment in full including all outstanding charges, and at the time of a horse's delivery.  If you do not receive a purchase contract or bill of sale, it is your responsibility to request this sales documentation.

Once all outstanding charges have been satisfied, ownership is transfered. We are not responsible for shipping injuries or injuries that occur to horses that we no longer own. Most reputable shippers will carry insurance and we are happy to assist customers to obtain shipping insurance.  It would be an awkward situation for all parties if a young sound horse were paid in full and then injured in shipping... Statistically, this has happened exactly 2 times in our history of appr 500+ shipped horses, but no one wants to be a statistic.


Vet Check

The purpose of the veterinary prepurchase exam is to provide a purchaser with the ability to hire a veterinarian to examine and give his veterinary opinion of the heath and soundness of the horse as observed that day. The veterinarian performing the exam is working for the PURCHASER. The purchaser has the ability to order and pay for whatever examinations, radiographs, ultrasounds or other diagnostics are neccesary to make a decision whether the horse will suit their purpose. The purchaser is welcome to use whatever veterinarian they chose.  When a prepurchaser waives the right to perform a prepurchase exam, they waive the right to make any future claims against the soundness or health of the horse. Show More


When a purchaser hires a veterinarian to perform a prepurchase exam and based on the findings and results chooses to purchase the horse, they are accepting the horse as examined that day. If a horse is vetted successfully and radiographs are declined. It is neither fair nor germane, for the purchaser to take radiographs several months later and claim a preexisting condition.

Our horses VET....

They are not used horses... They are fresh young horses, professionally raised and trained. 

With all due respect to these valued equine professionals... we do not employ chiropractors or massage therapists... Not because we dont believe in them, because it is a boundary that we dont cross with our horses. If one of our horses develops an injury requiring chiropractic care, it is no longer offered for sale by VSH... We receive many, many compliments from veterinarians who radio-graph our horses. Frequently heard comments include "its so refreshing to see such clean hocks", "look at this...have you ever seen such bone". 

Secondly.. we are very experienced in assisting with vet exams and assisting our customers who are not accustomed to buying several horses on a routine basis to get a fair and understandable vetting from an experienced veterinarian as well as good and useful baseline diagnostic that will be of use over the life of the horse. While there are many books and "experts" doling out advice to the one time horse buyer about vet exams which are intended to help them to expose problems that are common to older and used horses, we can help our customers understand how to wisely spend their veterinary dollars obtaining concrete and lasting diagnostic information performed and executed by experienced, veterinarians respected in their field and if necessary referred by the top vets in the country. Our policies PROTECT our customers from getting incomplete, inadequate, inaccurate or misinterpreted vettings.  We frequently have customers who arrive at VSH with a reduced purchase budget due to the fact that they have already had 3 horses unsuccessfully or inconclusively vetted.  We only wish that we could have saved them that money... Money spent on someone else's old, lame horse that wont vet is money wasted.  Some sellers use customer's prepurchase exams to diagnose the problems that they suspect their horses to have.. We can not guarantee that a horse wont have a heart murmer or some strange condition that is not readiliy apparent.....or that a vet exam would find it either.....but we can tell you that these types of things are far less likely to occur in fresh young horses...

ANY HORSE over the price of $5,000 may be vetted in advance and according to the policies outlined below. The outcome of a Vet check has no bearing on the return of your deposit, however, should a horse fail to pass a vet check or should you decide that you dont want that horse during the vetting process, your deposit can be applied to the purchase of another horse.  A vet exam can be scheduled at the end of your sales appt such that no deposit to hold the horse is required.

 A list of qualified local veterinarians will be provided upon request. VSH will charge a holding/facilities charge of $75hr/person for each vet check. Both the deposit AND the holding charge are due in advance of the vetting. Our purchase agreement stipulates that you release a copy of any x-rays or exam results to Virginia Sport Horses. Because we recommend that our clients use the most experienced veterinarians in each practice, those veterinarians often have busy schedules. To further serve and accommodate our customers, we will transport horses to the veterinary practice. We charge a transport fee which for local vets is generally equal to the SAVINGS on the farm call.

We also transport horses to QUALIFIED veterinarians within a 50 mile radius. For example, some of our professional Sport Horse customers prefer to use a well respected veterinarian recommended by the Veterinarian to the US Olympic Team. If a client desires this level of veterinary service for the prepurchase, we will transport the horse to that facility as well.

Lastly.... Veterinarians, like other equine professionals are honest and hardworking individuals who enable horse enthusiasts and equestrians to enjoy their hobbie and passion. They deserve respect and they deserve to be paid for their services. Persons who call veterinarians and order veterinary work are expected to pay their bills.  We support veterinarians and so respectfully ask those individuals who think that it is okay to gossip, badmouth, not pay, blame, sue or otherwise practice bad consumer behavior to go elsewhere to purchase their horses and not involve Virginia Sport Horses in anything other than the proper and respectful treatment of those who support, enable and make possible our equine activities.

Package Deals. If you would like us to round up a group of young horses for a vet/selection process, we will do so free of charge for group purchases exceeding $10,000. For purchases that exceed $5,000 we will do so, but you will be billed in advance for salaries and expenses up to $500, (a sum considerably smaller than the vet bill).

Flexion tests may not be possible on some young horses. It is generally obvious in advance whether this will be possible or not.  Radiographs may be administered with the aid of sedation in all cases. The practice of sedating horses for radiographs is widely used, accepted, and preferred by many veterinarians for safety reasons. If a flexion test is not possible, and the purchaser declines Radiographs, then the veterinarian will consider the exam incomplete.  It is not in the interest of the CUSTOMER, OWNER or HORSE to execute an incomplete veterinary exam unless it is a case where there is something specifically wrong with the horse. Another reason why we offer transportation to the clinic is so that depending on the results of the veterinary exam, the customer has access to the FULL RANGE OF DIAGNOSTICS....

Deposits are placed to reserve a horse and take it off the market and as such are non-refundable regardless of the outcome of a prepurchase veterinary exam. They are fully applicable to the purchase of another horse for up to one year. Most customers who arrive at the point of purchasing one of our horses have gone through an involved sales process where the horse has been selected from a group of more than one horse that fully suits their needs. It is also possible to transport the top 2 or 3 candidates to the vet exam. We do not charge transportation on additional horses. 

Veterinary holding charge.  We have had veterinary examiniations take up to 6 hours. The length of the exam is determined in part, by the number and type of diagnostics ordered as well as by the expertise and quality of the equipment owned by the practice and experience of the assistants. Physical presence of the purchaser at the vet exam does not constitute a waiver of the veterinary holding charge. It is our experience that many purchasers are not capable of performing the tasks necessary to assist a veterinarian to complete such an exam on ALL HORSES. Please be aware when ordering vet exams with several diagnostics that you are agreeing to compensating not only the veterinarian, but also those who are assisting on your behalf for their time. In most cases the holding charge is a fraction and insignificant % of the veterinary charges and should be considered part of the cost of the exam.

Included in the veterinary holding charge is the service of having your horse ridden for the veterinarian by a professional rider. Veterinarians appreciate this and customers BENEFIT from this. Professional riders are able to execute instructions of veterinarians on horses that purchaser's are not able to. A veterinary exam in which the horse is ridden is of more value to a customer than one in which it is not.

For insurance and liability reasons we need to be present during all hours that visitors are on our farm. The veterinary holding charge will apply from the beginning of the scheduled time for the visit, until the purchaser and the veterinarian leave the property.

We offer full service when it comes to the veterinary inspection. We understand that the average horse buyer may not be familiar with or understand any of the above info. If you dont understand it,  just ask us, we are there to help you get value for the veterinary investment that you are making.

EXTENSIVE VETTINGS: In order to accommodate those few customers who desire vetting which are over and above general health and soundness checks (ie flexion tests) , we offer the following: any horse purchased above the listed price of $7,500 may be vetted locally for general health and soundness. This means that the horse may have a basic prepurchase exam with flexion tests. Any horse above the listed price of $7,500 may be returned for ANY REASON within 10-15 days as long as we are kept in communication, the horse is trailered professionally and returned in the same condition that it left the farm. Such horses may be vetted at the clients location, by the vet of their choosing and any ex-rays or diagnostics performed by the purchaser's veterinarian. For example, if a client wishes to purchase a pleasure or trail horse and wants to have extensive ex-rays which may highlight future speculative and possible conditions then the client must purchase the horse and have the ex-rays done by their vet. If for any reason they are not thrilled with the horse, the horse may be returned at the purchaser's expense and any money paid for the horse can be applied to another horse of their choice. 


Mares in Foal

You are invited to pregnancy check any mare prior to purchase. In most cases, if we suspect a mare is in foal we will pregnancy check them ourselves because we would prefer to keep a mare if she is bred. Pregnancy checking for mares 0-30 days is generally done by ultrasound and is very accurate. Beyond 30 days palpation is the generally accepted practice and it is accurate for confirmation of pregnancy, but not due date. If you choose to purchase a mare that has been pregnancy checked by palpation you are accepting a mare that is confirmed in foal with an estimated foaling date. From the moment that you purchase the mare, you own the mare. VSH does not guarantee the foaling date of any mare purchased.


Foal Purchase Policies

Foals imported from Canada must be paid in full by one of VSH's payment methods prior to shipment.

Foals BORN IN VIRGINIA are sold with 1/2 of the sales price down and the final payment due by weaning or at age 4 months, whichever is first. If you change your mind, than we expect you to honor your agreement and pay for the foal.

Guarantee of color. Foals, not unlike babies, frequently change hair color. In some cases (particularly black and grey) foal color is not an indication of color at maturity. Most foals achieve their true color by the time they are two. We make no guarantees of horse color.


Additional Services Provided at a Cost

The following services are offered at an additional charge: gelding, trimming, temporary boarding, training, home delivery, delivery coordination, health inspection and certificate. Show More




Our horses load and travel like Birthday Party Ponies... They are well trained and sensible horses that have been comfortable with trailers since birth.

On a few occasions over the years we have been surprized by an owner who has arrived with a borrowed or unsafe/unsuitable trailer... We are happy to arrange REASONABLY PRICED transport in a suitable trailer operated by a DOT licensed equine transporter. The following policy has proven to be the best way to prevent this from happening.... Show More


Trailer Loading Charge: All of our horses will load easily and willingly in an OPEN STOCK TRAILER. . We charge $75/hr after 1/2 hr for loading horses in unsuitable/undersized trailers.

Delivery: We are happy to provide local home delivery ($300 for up to 50 miles) as a service to our customers. Above 50 miles our charge is current deisel price per gallon/mi.

We are also happy to provide VERY REASONABLE quotes from a list of regional shippers that we use regularly. In the past we have been able to secure transport fill rates as low as .75/mi and in some individual cases have found backhauls up to 1,700 miles for as little as $600.

VSH is not responsible for accident, injury or death on any of our shipments or shipments that we broker or arrange.

Shipping Policy: While we are happy to assist our customers in the procurement of shipping services, we assume no responsibility for transport companies. We do our best to screen shippers and to advise our customers when we have had complaints or have found a shipper unprofessional or lacking.

When you ship as many horses as we do, occasionally a situation will arise where the shipper and/or the customer have differing expectations. We do all that we can to avoid these situations, but if this does occur, the dissatisfaction regarding shipping has nothing to do with the sale of the horse.

Awaiting Shipment and Vet Exam: Our horses live outside on pasture 24 x 7, 12 months out of the year. This is quite common in Virginia. Summer pictures will show horses fat on our rich pastures with sleek, shiny coats, often freshly bathed. Winter conditions are quite different. Horses living out develop thick winter coats and generally are not bathed, unless they are in training and living in the barn. Particularly, while under deposit and/or awaiting shipment, our horses are kept in a paddock with a run in shelter and so may have muddy legs. If kept off pasture for an extended period of time due to shipping delays they may not look their best at shipment time. It is our desire to have horses delivered to their new home in a state that VSH and the new owner can be proud of.

For that reason we have developed the following policy:

 When payment or deposit is tendered for a horse currently living out on pasture, we will retrieve that horse from pasture and place it in a stall. There it will stay until the shipper arrives. We have professional shippers picking up horses at least once per week, so there is no reason why a horse would NEED to be stalled more than a few days prior to shipment. Horses are stalled prior to shipment for a very good reason. This is so that your horse will not have the possibility of sustaining a pasture injury due to turnout with unfamiliar horses prior to shipment. Stall board for horses awaiting shipment is $25/day. If you would like your horse's feet trimmed during that time the charge is $100. If you would like the horse groomed on a daily basis, or prior to shipment, the charge is $75/session. Newly arrived horses are pastured and quarantined in the groups that they were pastured and/or shipped with until the arrival of your shipper.

We don't force our customers to have their horses' groomed or feet trimmed, we prefer that they do and hope that they realize that the "condition" that the horse arrives in at the barn is reflective not only of VSH, but of the owner as well . While many sellers of horses include these services at no charge, these services are not reflected in the sale price of ALL of our horses. Our horses are priced such that customers may choose whether or not they want to "pay" for services.

Shipping documentation - is the responsibility of the owner. A valid coggins in the name of the owner and health certificate are required by law for interstate transportation of horses. Thats the law...its inexpensive. easily accomplished and its the law...


Boarding Policies

When a horse that has been purchased or trained arrives at Virginia Sport Horses it will be considered a "boarded horse" from the moment of arrival and thus subject to the rules and policies outlined in our Boarding Contract. VSH is not responsible for accident, injury, illness or death of any boarded horse. It is the boarder's to request and read the boarding agreement. Arrival at our premises constitutes the purchaser's default agreement to the boarding contract. Please note that boarding at VSH is a service that we offer to our customers with respect to the purchase of a horse. Our boarding policies are not intended to be similar in any way to those of a boarding facility, lesson or show barn. 

If a horse is purchased and left it here it is considered to be boarded and subject to the terms of our boarding contract, board will accrue at a rate of $25 per day. If the purchaser fails to contact us, and returns 6 months later, they will have to pay accumulated board and the horse may have been sold. Any injury that occurs to a boarded horse (from the point of purchase going forward) is the responsibility of the owner. 


Additional Information

If we make an agreement, we will honor that agreement, we expect the same from our customers. Show More


Taking Possession of a New Horse

When a horse and all outstanding charges are paid in full, ownership is transferred.  When the purchaser takes possession of the horse, they are accepting the horse.  All horse sales are cash sales in nature.  We accept certified check, cash and wire transfer as payment methods. We have twice been the victim of credit card fraud and so sadly can no longer offer that convenience to our good customers. Show More


If the purchaser asks that we transport the horse and drop it in their absence, the transaction is still final. Purchasers who are not comfortable with this should not arrange such a delivery. We spend a considerable amount of time with each client, developing requirements to ensure that the correct horse is purchased..and we have worked hard to earn a reputation for doing so.

If you find that the horse does not suit your needs during the first few weeks following the purchase please call us immediately and allow us to work through a solution together, either by applying your purchase price to another horse or recommending a suitable trainer.  We are a huge resource when it comes to finding the right horse, obtaining horse training and we are VESTED in our customers leaving here with the right horse and having that horse work for them.. While we can not ensure that our customers TAKE the advice that we give or handle the horse in the way that we advise. We have many horses available to choose from.  We carefully avoid sales where the horse is the only one of our horses that would work for an individual in their price range or riding ability or sales where a person desires a horse based on physical characteristics alone...

If it take you a month or more to come to the conclusion that the horse that you purchased does not or no longer suits your purpose, it can be returned to VSH. We will make every effort to resell your horse on a consignment basis or through our secondary sales channels. The purchaser will retain ownership of the horse until it is sold. Return shipping, and all board and other expenses from the time the horse arrives back at VSH until the time of it's resale will be assessed. In certain cases we may agree to take a horse back and issue a credit against the purchase of another horse. This is entirely at our discretion and we are under no obligation to do so. In no case will a horse be returned for a cash refund.

We reserve the right to require a full veterinary examination or refuse the return of any horse transported from or to our farm by a private individual. We are happy to help our customers with delivery or arrange delivery via a commercial carrier..almost always safer and less expensive than private transport.


Taking Horses on a Trial Basis

This is a business practice that is often recommended as a sales technique for a horse with "issues"... Our horses are young horses which do not have "issues", so we don't use this technique... We once had a horse disappear for a week while on trial with a "well respected" AA show family while on trial.. Sadly we can no longer offer this option even on our most expensive horses. Statistically, horses return from trials "damaged" in the eyes of the seller and "improved" in the eyes of the user. We do not wish to subject our horses or reputation to this and have found that our serious customers appreciate that the horse that they are purchasing has NOT been out on a trial... Show More


For those buyers who desire a trial, we offer a superior option: lease/boarding.  Any of our horses can be leased for a minimum period of 1 month at a rate of $150/wk. The horse will reside at our Montpelier Training Facility all riding is supervised and the fee includes one Trail Riding, Lesson, or Informal Hunt Excursion per week.


Preparing Trainers and Boarding Stable Staff for arrival of an imported or untrained horse

Some of our horses are young and are imported and transported from a considerable distance. Under the most careful supervision, it is impossible to avoid occasional respiratory illnesses, low fevers, or anxiety. Customers should not assume that local trainers and boarding stable managers posses the skills or facilities necessary for proper quarantine of new horses or handling of a young horse.. For that reason we always advise our customers to obtain a health inspection and certificate. Please verify with the person at your boarding facility if this is required, or unnecessary, in advance of transportation of the horse to the facility. Show More


All of these things can be handled and handled well if the horse is selected and paid for in sufficient time to execute these services and transport the horse to VA. If you change your mind at the last minute or add a horse to our shipment with less than 10 days of lead time prior to departure, then we can provide these services upon arrival and advise you of the estimated cost.

We provide THE BEST, full and EXPERT quarantine services and are happy to do so. Stall and pasture options are available. We offer boarding, training, health certificates, gelding and trimming services prior to delivery.  We have imported, quarantined and cared for more imported horses over the last 10 years than anyone that we know of in the area. 

If you hear or read anything to the contrary... please contact Liz Booth at 804.514.0595 with the name and contact number for the source of that information so that I may educate the person or correct the information at its source.   While it is prudent to keep new horses to themselves for 2 weeks when entering a new stabling situation, our horses more so than others are unlikely to present issues.


Non-compete and Business Interference

Here at VSH, we sell hundreds of horses a year. This is our business and our full time occupation... While there are many individuals in the world who buy and sell horses for a hobby, our customer's choose us because we are honest and ethical business professionals. There is significant work product involved in implementing and maintaining our website. We encourage anyone with constructive criticism to communicate their comments honorably and privately. We encourage such feedback and constantly make improvements. Show More


We have worked tirelessly over many years to establish a reputation as an honest source of quality, dependable horses.  We take it seriously.

We will not be intimidated by internet slander, libel, defacement or hacking attacks on our website. We have suffered malicious trespassing and violation of the privacy of our home, followed by a hacking of our site several years ago all following an internet libel assault on an online message board. The programming charges to restore our site exceeded $7,000. Everyone that participates in message boards and forums should understand and respect the destructive power and real damages that can be caused. No person, regardless of occupation, particularly the very equine professionals that breed, train, provide veterinary care for the horses that equine enthusiasts enjoy should have to suffer this sort of damage simply because of their occupational choice.

We will take all necessary measures to ensure that individuals who impact our business financially be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We encourage other website and business owners to do the same and are happy to provide information on how to do so.  We do not sanction and are an advocate against the slander or libel of equine professionals. We are happy to assist even our competitors in defending and prosecuting those who proliferate damaging information verbally, or in written form, particularly over the internet. For more information on your first amendment rights feel free to contact me.

Doing business as we do is costly. To create and maintain our website, advertising, promotional events all are costly to our business and so each customer who is attracted to our site as a result of advertisements that we create or that we pay others to create become a valuable business asset...our client list.  We do not sell our client list neither is it the property or available for use by our competitors or any person ever employed by VSH. Every VSH employee has agreed to verbal non-compete policies or signed a non-compete agreement. Our trainers, riders and employees are prohibited from contacting or accepting communications from customers, suppliers and other business associates. We respectfully ask that our customers REFUSE communications with our riders, past and present and notify them if they are contacted in any way, including personal, telephone, Facebook or email. We are not willing to take on business associates nor customers who dont agree to this policy. If you are an existing customer and are a Facebook friend with one of our former riders or trainers, you are not welcome to use this website. 


No Sale

These are our horses and we care about where they go. We reserve the right NOT to sell a horse.


References and Customer Comments

We have numerous references that we are happy to provide upon request. In addition we do post comments from our customers to our website. Our customers enjoy their horses and enjoy seeing them on the site.

We do not give out customer names other than as references or publish the last names of our customers for a very good reason... Respect for privacy. The internet, which has been such a marvelous vehicle for our sales, subjects people to all manner of unscrupulous individuals. It is for that reason that we don't divulge the identities of our customers or suppliers.


Pictures and Video Clips

Unlike many other farms, we START young horses and sell them when our customers want them, at whatever level of training. The pictures and videos that you see on our site are "working versions" intended to show exactly where the horse was in its training on the day that it was shot...usually during an actual training session.  Some of our trainers are TB jockeys and exercise riders that have been riding horses almost from the time that they could walk.... While to the novice eye they may not appear to have the attire, hands, legs or riding style of a hunter or dressage rider, this is not their job.... Their job is to START a young horse. They have excellent seats and are expert at getting a young draft cross to move forward willingly, jump coops bravely, and are able to "ride through" anything that may come their way.... We are proud of our riders... Show More


After our young horses are STARTED...going forward happily at the w,t,c and understanding leg aids, then they are put into our riding rotation and ridden by either a dressage or hunter trainer.

99% of the pictures that you will see on this site are taken by Liz Booth on our main farm in Virginia.  We may occasionally crop pictures (to remove the manure pile), but we DO NOT edit pictures.

We have MANY pictures of each horse that don't make it to our website. We are happy to provide those to our customers in their "raw form".


Origin of our horses

 99% of our horses come directly from the farm where they were bred or were bred here on our farm. The majority of our horses are bred in the United States.Anyone with any questions regarding the origin of our horses is encouraged to contact us directly at 804.514.0595 and we will be happy to answer any questions that you have. 


Abandoned Horse

If for any reason a horse or horse is left on our property with no payment of board for 14 days or more, that horse is considered abandoned and the owner is remanding that horse to VSH to care for and/or sell or place as and when and if we see fit.  Abandonment of a horse does not excuse an owner from his/her responsibility to fullfill monthly obligations specified in a boarding contract. VSH is under no obligation to sell a horse to recoup unpaid board expenses and is not bound by the terms of the Virginia Statute for Stablemans lein in respect to any requirements with respect to the advertisement or sale of an abandoned horse. VSH reserves the right to pursue all legal means to collect any and all debts with respect to abandoned boarded horses regardless of the disposition of the horse. 


Release of Liability

By use of this website, I agree to release Virginia Sport Horses from all liability for accident, injury or death, regardless of location, circumstances and/or negligence. This includes but is not limited to visitors to any of our farms or venues, as well as persons riding our horses for any purposes.

I further agree to indemnify Virginia Sport Horses and to defend them in any suit brought against them by a third party including but not limited to an insurance company or health care provider.

I further agree to waive my right to persue any civil action against Virginia Sport Horses, Elizabeth Booth, James M. Booth or any agent thereof.

Trade In Policy

Virginia Sport Horses reserves the right to make the decision whether or not to accept a horse back in trade. In the majority of cases we will accept a horse back in trade against a horse of greater value. Our purchase policy is to accept any horse back within 10 days with the purchase price paid applied to the purchase price of ONE horse of equal or greater value. When a horse has been owned for a month or more, we may take it back as a trade-in, but in general, the trade-in value assigned will not exceed 30% of the purchase price.

Virginia Sport Horses accepts horses not originally purchased from VSH as trade-in's against the purchase price of our horses. We will generally ask the customer to provide pictures and statistics. We do not vet check trade-in horses and rarely are they offered for resale from our website. We offer WHOLESALE value for trade-ins.