Farm Vs. Online Pricing

99% of the horses listed on our website are here in Virginia.  Occasionally a horse listed will be away in training and occasionally we will list horses still on the farm where they were bred if they are in our purchase pipeline.

Prices on the website are FARM PRICES. These are FULL LIST PRICE. These are the prices that are intended for customers who have sales appointments, bring trainers and/or have the horses fully vetted.

We can also be flexible and offer custom pricing based on how the customer intends to purchase, how many horses they intend to purchase and the level of value added service that VSH will provide. ONLINE pricing is ALWAYS less than FARM PRICING except in the rare occasion where a horse is already priced at our lowest pricing level. ONLINE PRICING DOES NOT INCLUDE A SALES APPOINTMENT. Online pricing with full vetting can be quoted as well as Online pricing without vetting. Online price quotes are good for 7 days. When additional photographs, video or additional sales consulting services, such as lengthy and numerous email exchanges are required, then farm pricing may be applicable.

Online Sales are common for foals, and young horses not yet started under saddle. Most experienced horse buyers understand the value of a selection process whereby with the assistance of professionals they can see a variety of carefully preselected candidates riding by a professional, try them themselves and have them vetted if necessary. Most of our sales have been conducted this way. This type of sales process has a much greater success rate.

We also discount prices for CASH AND TRAILER sales. A cash and trailer sale is one where a decisive customer and/or trainer come with cash in hand and take the horse that they purchase home with them that day.