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My Most Precious Treasure SOLD
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Breed: Clydesdale/TB/Paint
Color: Bay
Current Height: 16
Age: 2007
Primary Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
Secondary Discipline: Dressage
3rd Discipline: Eventing
4th Discipline: Fox Hunting
5th Discipline: Trail Riding
Training Level: Over 90 days - Well Trained


MAKE AN OFFER - She leaves here on October 10th.


My Most Precious Treasure

Sweet, sweet, quiet and kind. This mare is 100% obedient, unflappable, agreeable, a joy to have around and athletic with a smooth as glass canter to boot.

5/12/2014 update: Treasure rocked her first hunter show this Saturday. 


5/5/2014 update: We welcome Treasure back from 3 months of training at Bellamine, Newtown Square PA, with Eventer Liz Stewart, Elizabeth Stewart Eventing. Due to the recent 4 day monsoon, which follows on the heels of the Polar Vortex Winter from h..., only the small arena was available for the video. We will certainly shoot more cc footage some time soon...perhaps a trip to Penmerle, or Kellys Ford. Treasure is now the total package 16H+, sweet tempered mare, hunt experience, seasoned on the trail and hunter paces, well trained in the arena, jumps courses. 

11/08/12 update: Treasure and I went out for the last sunday of cubbing season with CFHH to hunt the beautiful Runion's Farm on the Rappahannock River in New Kent Va. The first field master had borrowed The Waterboy as her horse was competing that day and so The Waterboy led first field followed by My Most Precious Treasure and Finn. All three horses were absolutely perfect in terms of behavior. We were right in there with the hounds and they were constantly coming up the river banks and underfoot. Precious never paid them any mind. Fabulously obedient and SAFE mare.

Last day of cubbing season - Treasure rode 2nd position 1st field.

10/12/12 update: Treasure was ridden in the arena and on the cross country course by top event rider, Alyson Springer. Here is some footage:


Being ridden by top eventer, Alyson Springer



10/10/12: Precious is jumping courses in the arena and every thing that you point her at on our cross country course which includes 3' coops. log and tire jumps. She has a lead change and a super smooth canter. 

 2/19/12: Precious took a junior rider who had never Fox Hunted before out on HER maiden hunt, a joint meet of Colonial Fox Hounds hosted by Princess Anne Hunt at Sherwood Forest Plantation. There were approximately 25 riders out and Precious rode 2nd flight. She was BEYOND FANTASTIC. There were some very trappy water crossings that many horses had trouble with and she JUST WENT. Her rider could not beleive how well behaved she was. Here is a slideshow of pics.

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2/12/12: I rode Precious at Anderson Lacy Park and she was fabulous...Super nice trot and canter. Very special mare....

 10/4/10 Update: big surprize...Precious finished at the head of her class of 13, garnering the trainers seal of approval in just 30 days. She, Ace and Blue Chip were releasd to go home while the other 10 remained for an additional 2-4 weeks. A great mare with a little price tag. Shes 16H and just a very pretty mare with classic warmblood looks.

Note: Precious is on the RIGHT... NOW STANDING CLOSE TO 16H..  AND GORGEOUS!!

Her name says it all. This is the sweetest, most affectionate filly we've ever had on the farm. Shecwants to be with curious about everything you do....a disposition like this is born, you can't "train" it. Treasure is a dark bay and, should easily reach 16.3-17HH.

Anyone who has spent much time with me probably has heard the "Most Precious Treasure" lecture... I typically pass down this bit of wisdom once emparted to me from a veterinarian upon the purchase of my last - and finally the RIGHT pony - for my daughter. As many parents do, I had fallen into the trap of beleiving that the level of horsemanship that I had acheived made me capable of finding and buying a safe and reasonably priced pony without professional assistance or without buying from someone with a solid reputation at stake.

After traumatising my daughter with several ponies who turned out to be "WRONG"...I finally located an honest seller and she agreed to find me a "confidence builder" to undue the damage I had unwittingly caused.. She told me that the pony was aged and would never canter. My trainer protested vehemently....just because your daughter does not want to canter today, doesn't mean she won't ever... I had the pony vetted and the veterinarian told me this: the pony is old, she has arthritis, but "Liz, your daughter is your most precious treasure, why would you gamble with her safety. This pony looks to be the "right kind", if this pony is able to safely restore her confidence, then she is worth her weight in gold, even if she should drop dead in one year. Two weeks later, my daughter was cantering through the woods jumping logs with that pony. With use the ponies arthritis improved without supplements or injections, and she did the hunters, 4H, parades and trail rides and competitions. My point is not that you should buy an unsound horse, but that when you find the RIGHT wise enough to recognize it and don't trust the safety someone you love to the WRONG horse..whatever the reason. I have always remembered those profetic words and this filly although still young, exemplifies that type of horse to me. She is so kind, willing and gentle. Her nature is unflappable and I would be willing to bet that she grows up to be a horse with a huge heart, like my beloved Sundance, who has gone on to make yet another traumatised child wake up each morning to the thought of seeing her best friend.

Treasure's siblings have performed at venues such as the Virginia Equine Extravaganza where they have won the praises of nationally acclaimed horse trainers, veterinarians, 3 day event trainers, and dressage trainers at prestigious west coast training facilities. CLICK HERE to see just a sampling of the recent comments that owners of her siblings have sent in.



This horse was added to our catalog on Friday 07 March, 2008.
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