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Clear Sailing SOLD
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Breed: Shire/Hackney
Gender: Gelding
Color: Black and White Sabino
Current Height: 16.1
Age: 2007
Primary Discipline: Jumper
Secondary Discipline: Dressage
3rd Discipline: Eventing
4th Discipline: Fox Hunting
5th Discipline: Driving
Training Level: Over 90 days - Well Trained



Clear Sailing is a very special horse. A rare cross (Shire/Hackney) of two rare breeds. One of the most interesting of the draft crosses and if you ever meet someone who has owned a hackney/shire or hackney/clyde cross, you can be certain that they will tell you all about that horse and why that cross is such a little known treasure.  To cut to the chase, these horses have an uphill build, extreme freedom in the shoulder, they can be nible and they CAN JUMP. They move across the arena like a motorboat with its bow lifted cuts through the waves.

Clear Sailing is no exception. He is light on his feet and nimble. A forward moving horse, it would be his natural choice to jump anything standing in his way and he does it effortlessly.  He is a dancer and an athlete of a horse with the docile nature of the draft. American Warmblood eligible, this gelding would score well!!

The following video shows him being ridden by 2 different students, one a 15yr old at her very first (and his first) Hunter Pace and a hunter rider riding him for her first time on a cc course in a clinic.  I could have shot a video of him being ridden by a professional and perhaps I should...but the intent here is to show that he can be ridden by any rider, in any position, in any setting and he maintains his cool demeanor and is tolerant and kind while doing so.


6/1/12 update: I finally got around to riding Clear Sailing last week and loved him. He is a big, quiet, sensible guy. We hacked out using him as a lead horse with several young horses on the trails behind  Deep Run Hunt Club. He crossed SLIPPERY SLICK bridges (a step at a time!!) , creeks, dealt with mud, dogs, traffic and cows. He is a great horse for someone who wants a big quiet, hunt horse capable of jumping anything and has big ground covering strides. Not a horse for someone who cares about sitting the trot or still working with balance at the canter. He is a BIG mover. I need new picture as he is now coming into himself and is a tall handsome horse who is statuesque, impressive and eyecatching. 

4/15/12 update: Clear Sailing really shined at the Caroline Hunt Hunter Pace for 15yr old rider Delaney. It was her first hunter pace and she had a blast with this horse. He led over all of the fences and was VERY, VERY brave!


12/06/10 update: Sailor is currently in training on our Montpelier farm and ready to enter our regular riding rotation. This means that he is on the list of horses for (51 yr old) me to start riding, hilltopping and hunting. Cant wait to get to this guy!! He is ready to go out and hunt, so if anyone is interested in this horse, we can bump him up the list and get new video as well. 


This horse was added to our catalog on Sunday 26 September, 2010.
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