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Lathrop SOLD
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Breed: Shire/TB
Gender: Stallion
Color: Black and White Sabino
Current Height: 16
Age: 2011
Primary Discipline: Fox Hunting
Secondary Discipline: Dressage
3rd Discipline: Trail Riding
Training Level: Started Training Under Saddle


This gelding is Black with a perfect blaze and four high white stockings. He looks exactly like what he is... A Shire with just a tad of Thoroughbred in the background to take off the rough edges and add refinement. Sired by Reg Shire, Jenson's Englander's Major, and out of a 16.3H Grey Shire/TB mare, Evesham, he is a full sibling to Steelin Colors and Evesham's 2010 grey filly. He is eligible for reg with the ASHA as a Shire Sport Horse, he is also eligible for reg and inspection with the AWS.

He has an EXCEPTIONAL MIND.... Let me say that again....he has an EXCEPTIONAL MIND.

He came in from the ranch in Canada not handled... The shipper reported that the rancher pulled up to the loading site with his dam Evesham in the trailer and the colt still nursing...they separated him and put him on the trailer headed to Va. When he arrived here he had never SEEN a halter. He was stalled with Quintox and when I tied Quintox in the corner of the stall, this colt put himself between between Quintox and the wall and allowed me to walk beside him and put the halter on AND TIE HIM!!!  The next day when I entered the stall, BOTH of them lined up in the corner for me. Last week we had the farrier here and we pulled this colt out and he STOOD FOR THE FARRIER... I have had many a quiet, gentle, accepting colt born and raised here on the farm...but I can not recall this ever happening or going so smoothly before. This colt is going to be a solid citizen of a horse one day.

12/20/12 update: For the last 3 months,  Lathrop has been walking onto the trailer uninvited while we were out at the other farm pciking up riding horses and by hook or crook has found his way into the daily riding "lineup" each morning. It has been a running joke that he is going to get ridden by accident and so to avoid any confusion, my rider just went ahead and put his first ride on him...he was expected...he will continue to get ridden as he presents himself... Super sweet, docile horse. Will make an excellent guest or husband or family horse.

8/28/12 update: Lathrop, isrowing up and looking exactly like his brothers Bentley and Waterboy. My rider calls him "Waterboy 3". Going to be typical of my Heavy Hunter or Irish type horse. Here is an article that describes the breeding and shows pictures of adult horses of this type that we have bred and trained here. (Scroll down to Irish type or Heavy Hunter).




6/19/12 update: What a tall handsome gelding he is becoming. If the weather holds, our plan is to get updated photos today. Lathrop is such a gentle soul.. I know that I could just tack him and pull myself into the saddle and saunter around, he is going to be a nice, big handsome type of horse.


This horse was added to our catalog on Tuesday 29 November, 2011.
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