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Sugar Ray SOLD
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Breed: Shire/TB
Gender: Gelding
Color: Black and White Sabino
Current Height: 15.2
Age: 2012
Primary Discipline: Fox Hunting
Secondary Discipline: Trail Riding
3rd Discipline: Mounted Patrol
4th Discipline: Eventing
Training Level: 60 Days Training Under Saddle


Sugar Ray

Born 4/21/12, Sugar Ray is sired by 17H Reg ASHA Shire Stallion, Jenson's Englander's Major and out of Shire/TB mare Lady Anne, he has had a quiet and gentle nature since birth.

4/14/15 update: This guy just keeps coming up as our bottom-line go-to horse for guests, beginners, and those who are "adults returning to riding", "started riding as an adult", those who struggle with balance, balance with their hands and have not yet mastered an independent seat - as well as those who just plain need the horse who maintains a calm and unaffected demeanor when all around him goes to peices. This is the horse. Trainers who recognise that their first and foremost responsibility is to keep their over 40 clients safe and out of the hospital while trail riding enjoyably with their families will see past his age and relative size. He is one in a million and I am a person who has seen a million. He is a quiet fellow with an incredible mind even in the company of many quiet fellows with great minds. For those of you who are close to our farm and horses - he is a "Thor", "Max", "Shaman" "Maeve" "Brogan" "Smokehouse"...kind of horse. (In the VSH hall of fame...these are the greats). Not going to blog about what happened yesterday only to say that its certain that the person who was on HIM wouldnt have had it any other way.

3/29/15 update: Ray has been hacking out around the farm since he returned from his initial training. When we were trying to come up with an unflappable horse, who would give a 100% successful ride for a someone who hadnt ridden many of the horses or been hunting in over a year, despite his young age and relative lack of training...he was the choice. To say that he rose to the occasion would be an understatement....nothing spooks this horse. I dont think that the most timid of riders could MAKE him "spook at a mailbox", not cross a creek, get "worried about traffic" or "look at everything". I was photographing him while horse trailers rolled past him from behind, riders in groups galloped by and he never moved a muscle, the challenge was getting an alert expression. This is a horse who will be a "hunt nanny", guest horse or family all rounder one day. He exemplifies our modest goals in terms of what we strive to produce and what I like to think we are known for.

 Deep Run Hunt Club Hunter Pace 3/28/15 

3/12/24 update: Some of our riders were home from college and so we put them on Sugar Ray to see how he did with different people hacking him out in frigid, windy, winter weather. He was awesome...loved by all! Its difficult to see in the pic below, but that pond is flanked by fake herons and the windmill was whirring!

Sugar Ray with his dam Lady Anne, a matching pair of equally calm temperament! Second picture shows their tails which I am told are examples of "gulastra plume", a rare genetic tail expression found in sabino coloring.


3/6/15 update: We were fortunate enough to be able to purchase this fellow back from his owner and sent him out to be started under saddle. He had an amazingly fast start and after a week of going w,t,c at the trainers, he is back on the farm hacking out alone or incompany. STELLAR TEMPERAMENT!!!


8/28/12 update: What a gentle giant and genuinely friendly colt. He is now as tall as a grown man standing eye to eye. Turning out to be a beautiful forever grey color like his dam. Technically a roan, his dam Lady Anne is still a steel grayish/bay color even in her teens. Whenever we take visiors out to the back 40 where he lives with the mares and colts, he is the first to greet the vehicle, will put his head right in the window. LOVES attention. Very dignified and quiet. Nice horse.

6/19/12 update: What an unuaual color he is...almost Grulla or Chocolate, Champaigneish with silver strands running through his mane. He is one of a kind... He takes the recond for on the farm... He has limbs the size of tree trunks.

This horse was added to our catalog on Monday 30 April, 2012.
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