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Fire Fox - 16.3H+ 2000 TB/Belgian Gelding - Seasoned and Deluxe SOLD
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Breed: Warmblood
Gender: Gelding
Color: Bay
Current Height: 16.3
Age: 2000
Primary Discipline: Fox Hunting
Secondary Discipline: Trail Riding
Training Level: Over 90 days - Well Trained


Fire Fox is a 16.3H+, 2000 freeze branded TB/Belgian gelding. He has had one owner, a woman in her 60s and she has trail ridden and taken him to many hunter paces. He is a seasoned trail and field horse, and has been shown and scored consistantly in the 60s in dressage. He is a quiet and personable gelding. He is stout and strong. A big handsome boy who has been meticulously cared for.

Perfect advanced beginner trail horse. He is currently being trail ridden and hunted by Liz Booth, owner of Virginia Sport Horses. Here is his first trail ride "report card"..

Fire Fox has already had a busy 2008! In January alone he was ridden out at Kelly's Ford Equestrian Center and Locust Hill Preserve. He's an easy and fun horse to ride and hunt!!


Liz rode him on 6/1/07 with Reika, a 2 yr old that we just sold, and her "adult returning to riding" owner, Alison. This was the pair's first trail ride together, Alison's first trail ride in some time, and my first "real" trail ride on Fire Fox. He was exceptionally well behaved. We headed out through the equipment graveyard at the back of the farm and through the gate with not a second glance - A+, rode on gravel roads, not really ouchy as some older barefoot horses get - A, traversed a cement culvert with a large creek running through A+, an overgrown path with head level branches - A+. He had to go through a narrow pass in a circa 1769 stone millway wall with eye level branches and he could not see through and so he did hesitate, wasn't bad, just didn't see a way through, we sent Reika on (shes a bit shorter) and he followed right through - B. Found ourselves in an ankle depth swamp with chest high grass, he went on through - A+. Trails in the woods at a trot, moves off leg WONDERFULLY - A++. Past stinky billy goats - A+. Past other horses A+. Past Arabians - A++.. (LOL- just kidding). Past a pit bull - A++, past a riding lawn mower with headlights on - A+,  truck passed us from behind - A+,  cantered along in the lead...have to ask..but not resistant - B. Leading or following - equally comfortable - A++. Goes out by himself - A+. Went home a different way, and I lost the trail in the woods...he had to plow though about 15 feet of eye level briars and holly problem..NEVER SPOOKED - A+++. Lots and lots of big biting Cargo Jet style horse flys - behaved well, shook head a bit towards the end - B++. Tolerated fly spray like a champ - A++. Picks up feet perfectly - A+. Comfortable trot and canter - A. Happy to just walk - A+. Didn't try to eat grass - A+. Stands nicely for hosing. - A+. Did pick up his head while bitting, but when I applied poll pressure, he lowered his head on cue... it appears that he is used to being bridled down low. Takes a wide saddle and warmblood or OS size bridle. Pleasant to tack - not fidgety, accustomed to mounting block. Stood still for mounting and dismounting.... I am nursing cracked ribs so this was important to me as I must do some contortions both mounting and dismounting...he was a gentleman.

Overall grade - A.  Nice safe trail horse that will be fun to take lessons on and do some dressage, hunter paces, and work up to field trails and fox hunting. 

Update 8/1/07: Firefox completed one month of Fox Hunting preparation with trainier Thomas Nillson of Orange Virginia. He was schooled over coups and introduced to the hounds. Thomas gave Firefox his approval as an excellent hunt prospect.

8/31/07: Firefox resumes training at VSH.

1/9/08 Fire Fox and Blossom are now fox hunting together with Colonial Fox Hounds Hunt. "Foxey" was fantastic the first time out today, paid absolutely no attention to the hounds, crossed creeks and bridges with no fuss. Took great care of me, at one point we were galloping along and I failed to notice that we were approaching a ditch and he sailed over it handily without breaking stride. Totally well behaved, moves off your leg nicely, so is easy to get backed off the path for staff crossings etc. Very sure footed and great in trappy country. He is probably going to get hunted a lot since he is the color of mud and an easy choice to pluck right out of the pasture at first light and not have to worry about a huge cleanup job.

Click here for a video of Firefox.


Prior to coming to VHS, Rhonda had a very bad experience with a problem horse... At the start of our sales appointment, Rhonda told me "if I don't find a horse today, then I am resigned to just giving up horses for the rest of my life"... being a part of finding the right horse for someone in a situation like this is what makes me keep going...

May 2008

Hello Hello,, Just a quick note to tell you that fire fox, renamed Justin, is doing great! He is helping me gain my confidence back. Ha Ha.. A joy to ride out on the trail and very patient with me working on my equitation. My instructor calls him a Treasure! He just does everything.

He is doing well and i am very happy with him!

October 2008

NO Inquiry just want to talk to you about Justin.. aka foxy. can't imagine why you sold me this horse! How you could let him go!! He is just super, His new name "I love this Horse" ha ha. we have been to hunter paces and i have been to several fox hunts. He has taken care of me.. He knows the precious cargo rule!! I am thrilled with him . At the hunts everyone tells me what a good horse i have and how handsome he is... I would love to come to your hunter pace, but i will be in Penna that weekend.. Please know that justin has a good home for life.. I will take the best care of my partner that I can! Thanks

Thank you

This horse was added to our catalog on Friday 29 February, 2008.
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