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Breed: VSH Signature Cross
Gender: Mare
Color: Red and White Paint
Current Height: 15.2
Age: 2007
Primary Discipline: Dressage
Secondary Discipline: Eventing
3rd Discipline: Field Hunter
4th Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
5th Discipline: Trail Riding
Training Level: Over 90 days - Well Trained



Classy is a sweet, sensible mare who is very typical of our signature cross. These horses are known for their accepting and agreeable nature, gentle temperament and resulting trainability. While not as tall as most of our horses, she is a sturdy mare. Classy keeps to herself in the pasture, never causes problems and is not in the least bit herdy.

4/12/13 update: Classy is all business in the arena, a steady eddy type suitable for an advanced beginner. She hacks out reasonably well. Compared to most of our horses, her focus has been the arena as she just has seemed to attract the hunter type riders and they like her and tend to latch on. She has a great work ethic. Classy would really flourish with individual attention. She cross ties, clips, loads, bathes, etc...does everything she is supposed to.

4/7/14 update: HEAVY in foal. Sells as a broodmare or restart project - Classy does not like to be ridden when in foal, so has not been ridden in quite some time. We would be happy to restart a fair price.

9/14/11 update: What a MIND this mare has. Sweet and just DOES..and boy can she JUMP.

5/20/11 update: What an improvement this little mare has made in just the 2 rides that she has had so far on the farm!! She was hacked out alone yesterday and was GREAT!  Rode beautifully in the arena, nicely forward at the trot, great brakes and easily picked up both leads at the canter. Like so many others of our signature crosses, this filly just has a people pleasing approach to learning and soaks it up. I see so many people out there pouring resources into horses that are just not worthy...this is a filly that make the most of training resources.

5/19/11 update: Classy came back from the trainer today and rode beautifully. What a sweet little mare!

3/1/10 update: Heard back from the trainer today, Classy is doing very well and is expected to "graduate" in two weeks, cant wait to have her home!!

11/29/10 update: Sadly...still a horrible picture of this pretty little mare... The two shots that I am referring to at least show:

1) her relative size...standing 15.2HH+ at 3 yrs, she will like her sibling A Touch of Frost ultimately reach 16H by at 5 and possible more at age 7.  In the one picture, she is standing inside our barn with a 5'6" handler. When we say the horse is 15.2H thats what we mean and our 15.2 is 15.2 with a stick with a level, on concrete, squared up and measured by someone who didnt borrow the stick or buy it a month ago.... She is a GOOD SIZED young horse that is going to be even larger at maturity. 

2) how well she is built for use as a hunt horse, trail riding and low level dressage horse.... I say this because she is short and well coupled with a neck set well on and slightly upright coming out of the wither... Short coupling (relative length of back) and good coupling (excellent muscular attachment of torso to hind quarters) combined with a neck set on such that there can be a good muscular connection from the top of the poll to the dock of the tail are the elements that together give the horse the ability to easily pull themselves into a frame, use their quarters for impulsion and elevate the spine....all necessary for true collection. What I like about her build for use as a hunt/hunter pace/low level event horse is that she has an uphill "pony or cob like" build with lots of neck in front of the rider. This type of horse lends confidence and balance going over the fences, quite the opposite of a horse with a low set neck, where you feel as if you have nothing under you, and you are precariously perched while jumping.

She is the best bargain on the site right now...and while I realize that I am to blame by not getting better pictures...I still just cant beleive that someone has not snapped her up.

 10/23/10 update: Now back in Virginia awaiting training..this filly has really come into her own. I really MUST get a new picture as this looks nothing like her. She is beautiful...looks a lot like A Virginia Lady, her sibling, only in chestnut instead of bay. She has the quintessential "signature cross" temperament and will be a non-issue to get started under saddle. I can not wait to ride and hunt this lovely filly.

"Classy" is a very sweet and very pretty filly, not a mareish bone in her body. She is essentially a painted version of her sister, A Touch of Frost. Frost as a 4 yr old is now standing just over 16H, so I have estimated this fillies height accordingly..

Classy has coveted paint markings: she is a line-backed overo with a war shield and two reverse stockings... I am not certain that she can be called a medicine hat, but she is marked!!!

She is well coupled and muscled and moves nicely...really just like a Touch of Frost...will make a nice sturdy dressage mount and a sensisble and unflappable trail or hunt horse. Very sweet and docile, will be super easy to train, she's the type of horse that you can forget that you even have as she makes no waves...there is absolutely no drama with this filly.

True to her name..she has class...

This gorgeous sorrel tobiano filly is very refined and pretty. She's a 2007 Clydesdale cross from our "signature" Clydesdale line. Should easily reach 16HH.

Dash's siblings have performed at venues such as the Virginia Equine Extravaganza where they have won the praises of nationally acclaimed horse trainers, veterinarians, 3 day event trainers, and dressage trainers at prestigious west coast training facilities. CLICK HERE to see just a sampling of the recent comments that owners of her siblings have sent in.

This horse was added to our catalog on Saturday 08 March, 2008.
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