Breed: Perch/Morgan

DOB: 2015

Standing 15.2H on 4/18/18 string tests to 16.2H

Video clips from June 2019:

Trot to canter

Left Lead Canter

First time EVER jumping! (Loud construction going on everywhere around her!)

Schooling amid construction

Mounting from a picnic table

Doing some window shopping in town!

Gentle, docile, sweet, submissive mare. She came from an Amish family in Michigan and was driven through an Indiana horse sale by (2) 7yr old girls.

Emma is the definition of a bombproof horse! Click HERE for proof!

8/17/18 update: What a quiet, docile, respectful and sensible mare this is. She now goes w,t,c in the arena, picks up and holds both leads easily, hacks out alone or in company, Has been desensitized (or probably more truthfully just didn’t care in the first place about tarps, umbrellas, bicycles, lawnmowers, tractors, cars, trucks with horse trailers, dump trailers - you nmae it - she doesnt care. Has been to the hounds, is good with flags, amimals under foot and on her back, cows, pigs, sheep, foals, yearlings, charging stallions, riding past a field full of cavorting horses, mailboxes, birthday balloons. This is a “ground zero’ horse that I would have no qualms whatsoever selling to someone over the internet who couldnt come and try her. If a person could not ride this horse or was intimidated by her then the next best option is a carousel at the county fair.

6/17/18 Going w,t,c in the arena and hacking out alone. Sweet and docile mare, 1 in temperament.

4/19 - Quick video of Emma ponying one of our younger geldings

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Emma is a SAINT! - Long video - arena work is halfway through