VSH Spiked With Diamonds

VSH Spiked With Diamonds


Breed: Irish Sport Horse

Secondary Breed: TB/Percheronx

Date of Birth: 6/26/16

Expected Mature Height: 16.-16.1H

Super chunky, friendly, self assured, "SUPER=COB" type. Big fellow who will finish in the 16.-16.2H range. Sired by VSH Diamond Knight (16.3H)(Irish Sport Horse sired by 17.2H Irish Draught Stallion Kilpeck Diamond Knight) out of 16.H TB /Percheron mare Steel Magnolia.

1/18/19 update: Spike and LPR Warrior are currently competing for the title of most unflappable riding horse on the farm, and this is saying something because we breed raise and train a fair number of draft and wbx horses ALL 1-3 in temperament. Earlier this week a young girl came out with her trainer and cantered Spike around the arena happily. He is already tolerant of unskilled riders as well as riders that are heavier. He hacks out alone, crosses and traverses water and mud nicely and is fine with dogs, cows, pigs, sheep and cars on the road. Stands for mounting and can be mounted from anything. Good for the farrier and has beautiful, symetrically shaped, nice hard feet. Super clean legged with sturdy short cannons, he is well built, a GOOD EGG!!!

8/7/18 update: What a cool customer! Love the personality and brain. Low key sweet fellow. Now longing under tack. To be started under saddle on 8/13/18.

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3/20/2018: If Spike were named for his personality...wait a minute.... he kind of is... it would be Goober.  He is in your pocket and low key, the kind of gelding who just walks into you and stops when his head is buried in your chest.