Breed: Reg CSHA: 7/8 Hanoverian 1/16 Percheron 1/16 Paint

Gender: Gelding

Age: May 15, 2016

Expected Mature Height: 16.3 1/2H

Touchdown is a Reg CSHA (Canadian Sport Horse Association) Gelding, he is also microchipped. He is eligible for registration with the American Warmblood Registry, a bonafide Warmblood Registry which falls under the World Breed Federation umbrella and serves as a registry for purebred warmblood horses eligible for international competition. He may be brought forward at our fall inspection for grading and branding.

6/25/18 started under saddle appr. 2 weeks ago. Doing incredibly well. Going w,t,c in the arena well enough to shoot a video Hacking out alone. Measures 15.2H and String tests to over 16.2H. A quietly intelligent gelding with an agreeable nature a classic head and a kind and expressive eye. Lovely gelding.

PLEASE Note that the video shot on 6/25/18 shows his FIRST RIDE in an English saddle and his 8th ride overall. This speaks volumes to the aptitude and trainabilty of this delightful young gelding.

ALSO: Touchdown is a BLACK horse, the undersaddle images were shot as he was in the midst of teething and also he lives outside 24x7 and is sunbleached. There are plenty of other images which show his true color.

11/28/2016: Touchdown and Gameboy spent the day at the Virginia Science Museum, on display and interacting with the crowd and children in particular. They were so so incredibly, unbeleivably well behaved. Ringing endorsement for things to come!

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