Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts


Breed: Spotted Draft

DOB: 2015

Expected Mature Size: 16.2H

Registration: SDHR #M30297-1

6/2019 - Videos of Queenie borrowing the Richmond mounted unit’s training course:

Walking over mattress and loud debris

Through hanging pool noodles

Past some spooky Halloween decor

6/13/19 - Click HERE and HERE for updated videos of Queenie at the trot and canter under saddle

5/26/18 starts a month of training on Monday with trainer Jessie Clise.

1/18/19 Queenie continues to improve since her gentle start nearly a year ago. She is a quintessential draftx, very comfy and uncomplicated. A full sister to LPR Warrior.

This filly is the BOMB. So sweet, so easy. The rock star of our colt-starting week.

Video of Queenie’s canter

Video of Queenie trotting

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