Breed: Thoroughbred
Secondary Breed: NASDHA - Reg Premium Spotted Draft
Gender: Mare
Color: Black and White Tobiano
Expected Mature Height: 15.2
Age: 2014

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12/24/16 update: Ambi has now been undersaddle two weeks and she has spent the entire week going out on short enjoyable riders that are chockfull of experience. She has been through mud, creek crossings, cornfields, on country roads,  alongside 4 lanes of traffic, trailered out and all around a bustling, Christmas week shopping center.. etc etc. She is FABULOUS!! Ambi is brave and uncomplicated, a born broke trail rider, in the arena, she is no dead head. She has a work ethic and likes to go.  She is the epitomy of the "SUPERCOB".  Proud to offer this filly who was bred here on the farm!  This filly exemplifies why a Virginia Sport Horse is just flat out ....  end of story, NOT THE SAME as the other draft crosses that are advertised for sale and certainly not like those all of those really "smart people" claim to have found at a sale..  If you want the real deal and a legit horse...come here and try Ambi and 5 or six just like her.

Uploaded by virginiasporthorses on 2014-07-13.

Ambi was born on 5/31/14 to our 15.1H TB mare Anna and sired by Reg Premium Spotted Draft Stallion, Bacchus. She is just as sweet and feminine as they come. Beautiful Black and White filly, light on her feet. Gorgeous!

3/23/16 update: still as sweet as ever and now developing into a pleasing cob type build.

12/15/15 update: Still just as gentle as a lamb and now starting to show the more substantial draft breeding, however still going to mature somewhere in the 15's. She is so so docile, that it will be a breeze and a pleasure to start her under saddle.

10/21/14 Halter broke, ties, leads is just as sweet and gentle as a lamb.