An Elegant Affaire

An Elegant Affaire


Breed: VSH Signature Cross
Gender: Mare
Color: Black and White Overo
Current Height: 15.3
Age: 2005
Primary Discipline: Dressage
Secondary Discipline: Fox Hunting
3rd Discipline: Eventing
4th Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
5th Discipline: Trail Riding
Training Level: 45 Days Training Under Saddle

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Ellie is a 15.3H Black and White Overo Signature Cross mare. She is a beautiful mare who I acquired as an untouched 4 yr old. I took a gamble and sent her out for 30 days training in 2011 and to be fair, several of my horses returned untrained and we moved on to a new trainer... In any event she is so valuable to me as a broodmare, I decided not to continue to invest in her training. I know that many folks on the site browse the broodmare under saddle category because they are looking for gentle riding horses priced less then foals, so I want to be clear here. This is a broodmare that I have chosen not to invest in. Would a backyard owner be sucessfull making her into a riding horse...not without professional help.  She is 100% sound and sells IN FOAL to AWS Eligible ASHA Shire Sport Horse Stallion Charlie Chime. She is priced LESS than the value of the foal.

8/27/15 update: Confirmed by palpation today to be 5 months 1 week in foal, due Feb 24, 2016. Priced at $1,800 through October 2015. Foal will be elig for registration with the ACPS.

3/6/15 update: Foaled gorgeous colt, Mosaic in 2014. Pulled from pasture in August and rode well. COVERED by Tullymors Ned Devine Mid Feb 2015. PRICED AT $1,500 March 1. Heads out for training and price will increase each month with training and as pregnancy develops. 

4/23/14 update: HEAVY in foal, likely in the next week - 3 weeks. Plans are to put this mare back under saddle when the foal is weaned.

11/15/13 update: Foaled a great colt on 5/14/ 2013, VSH Cold Spring, a solid black colt with star...super tall, should be bred back for 2014....why mess with a good thing!!

4/26/12 update: Foaled a beautiful colt, General Lee,  bred to Charlie Chime for 2013.

6/3/2011 update: Bred to Aldershire Sampson for a May 2012 foal:

5/20/11 update: She is home from the trainers and rode quietly at all 3 gaits. We have decided to make her a broodmare as we do not want to invest in additional riding. She sells as a broodmare but is suitable for an intermediate rider to take on as a project,

5/11/11 update: She didnt end up going to the trainer until about 2 weeks ago. She just needed a quick refresher and the trainer says she is ready to come home on Wednesday. Riding quietly at all 3 gaits, picking up both leads. Cant wait to get her home!!

4/16/11 update: We were just too busy with hunting and sales appts this winter and spring to get to her so we sent her back to the trainer for a refresher. She should be home in about 3 weeks.

11/15/10 update: Ellie is back from being started under saddle and ready to begin training or trail riding. Very sweet mare.

6/19/10 update: Ellie is returning from 30 days training under saddle in the next few weeks.

This is another one of our signature crosses with a temperament that is just OFF THE CHARTS. This mare is also built, built, built. She is light on her feet and moves beautifully. She would make an elegant dressage horse orfox hunter. She is a minimal white overo with a silky, shining black coat and crisp lines. Her front legs are very uniquely marked with upside down icecicles. Stunningly gorgeous...

She loves to have her face, poll and ears rubbed. She is halter broke only, but an intelligent mare who will learn very quickly.

These are not great pictures, as she just came in last night..but hopefully they will show her topline and I have included a picture of her hind quarters which is exceptional as well as a photo with the groom to show her size. 

Please read the Customer Comments about our Clyde crosses page to see what our customers have to say about her many siblings. We are known for this bloodline and these horses are known for their conformation, movement, athletic ability and extreme trainability.