Breed: Clydesdale
Gender: Gelding
Color: Black and White Sabino
Mature Height: 16.2
Age: 2012
Training Level: Over 90 days - Well Trained 

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A GENTLE GIANT puppy dog of a horse. Big uber friendly fellow with ears that seem to be in a permanently forward position. Doesnt give a rip about anything. Perfect trail horse for a tall or large person, family guest horse or third field or hiltopper, guest or "cocktail and cigarette" horse.

2/22/16 update: Bentley is a calm, uncomplicated horse.  He hacks out alone or incompany. He is fully prepped for foxhunting, good with traffic. (We even have a deeply unhappy neighbor who the local children refer to as "Scary Sharie" who purposely will tailgate the horses on their way out of our road and then put the pedal to the metal in her vintage camaro and pass dangerously and disrespectfully close. She hasn't upset Bentley yet). He is ideal for an advanced beginner rider or even a tall and large rider who wants to trail ride safely and have a horse that is sturdy and apt to stay happy in his job, as well as to be able to tool around in the arena and perhaps take lessons, He'd be great to bring along responsibly for hunter paces, trail rides, hilltopping etc. 

11/28/15 update: in less than 30 days time since his arrival in Virginia, this fellow has gone from halter broke and not leading to w.t.c under saddle, hacking out,  well into his foxhunting preparation, has lived a week in a bustling hunter barn and this weekend is on public display at the Virginia Science Museum where he stands patiently while children and adults rush up to him, pet him on the face, belly as well as neck and shoulders and is just a great ambassador for the kindly gentle nature of the breed. This horse gets my absolute seal of approval!


11/21/15 update: I couldn't be more pleased with this fellow and his rapid progress. Its seems like last week...well it practically was...October 29th when we returned from Canada with these fellows. Bentley was hardly halterbroke yet friendly from the get go and just came along so quickly. He now has had his feet donge 3 times, goes w,t,c and hacks out alone or with other horses. He does not care about cars, waving flags, windmills or the hounds at the kennel. Going to be a good one!