Breed: Clydesdale/TB
Gender: Gelding
Color: Chestnut
Mature Height: 15.2
Age: 2010
Primary Discipline: Fox Hunting
Secondary Discipline: Eventing
3rd Discipline: Dressage
4th Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
Training Level: Over 90 days - Well Trained 

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Cairnan is a 2010 AWS Eligible Clydesdale/TBx imported in January 2013 from Ontario Canada. Currently standing appr 15.3 hands, string tested to mature appr 16H. Cairnan is extremely well put together, he has a compact, naturally muscled frame which lends itself to sport. He would make an excellent choice for dressage or eventing and has all of the necessary chrome to do the hunters. Personable and gentle gelding. Extremely easy going fellow, accepting, people pleasing type, very characteristic of clydesdale cross....exactly the reason why thoroughbreds are crossed with Clydesdales.

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Check out the random facebook posts that chronical his development.

4/6/15 update: Awesome day with rider Kayla at a Lainey Ashker Eventing Clinic.  A lot of challenging gridwork!

3/2915 update: ROCKED the Deep Run Hunter pace. Beauty and talent.

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3/18/15 update: This guy is great! Nice gaits, frames easily, perfect cross country and over courses, prepped for foxhunting. Hacks out quietly alone or in company, super all rounder.

10/7/14 update: Cairnan frames up at all gaits, extends, collects, leg yields, shoulder-in, haunches-in, trots 10m circles, canters 20 meter circles, and jumps courses. Cairnan jumps in a frame or on a loose rein. Cairnan has trail ridden all over Deep Run Hunt territories, crosses creeks and bridges and is traffic safe. He has attended a large hunt trail ride where he was ridden first field by a junior rider. He was shown at Autumn Olive farm in the 2' Baby Green and Maiden Horse divisions. He was quiet at both outings, riding just the same as he does at home. He is now offered for sale again by Virginia Sport Horses. Very easy horse, best suited as a fox hunter, jumper, dressage horse, or eventer.

7/30/14 update: sold to our trainer, about 10 minutes into first ride. Next stop... CVSJA (Jumpers).

7/8/14 update: This fellow is ready to go! Whether it is the hunters, eventing, fox hunting or dressage, he can do it all and for any level of rider. Uncomplicated and agreeable. Handsome and all that chrome. Here are various links to photos and clips on our facebook page of this guy over the last year.

10/15/13 update: This fellow has really come along. He is an excellent all rounder and a prospect for almost any of the disciplines. Would do very well with eventing and in dressage, would make an EXCELLENT fox hunter and has all of the necessary chrome for the hunters and seems to attract the eye of all of the hunter people who have seen him. Going to be a very handsome, correct, agreeable, sensible 16-16.1H gelding with a great foundation.

7/19/13 update:  This winter,  I hand selected and imported Cairnan along with several others. The selection and importation process was grueling...even for me and I am a veteran of many...  It seems that each year it gets progressively more expensive and restrictive to import Canadian horses.  Nonetheless, in my mind it is well worth it when you consider the quality/price comparison to imported european warmbloods and the dirth of questionable horses that seems to plague the US market.  I'm sure that this may be an unpopular view, but in North America over the last 15yrs,  I have seen a tragic decline...virtual demise of actual sport horse breeding programs.  It almost seems as if the vocal minority would like to villainize the breeding of horses simply because there exists a dirth of lame animals and never ending supply of horses bred initially to race. Off my soapbox now...

Cairnan was one of the nicest horses that I selected. I hesitated a moment as an important goal when importing geldings for me is size, but I just couldnt not buy the best horse... I have never regretted my decision. He is a well built fellow, even keeled in temperament, beloved by all who ride him. He tracks up wonderfully and has the power and musculature to pull together from poll to dock such that he will be easy to frame up when fully trained for all levels of rider.  He has smooth and cadenced gaits with free movement through the shoulder yet he does not have the huge movement in the trot that the warmbloods have and amateur riders find difficult to impossible to sit.  Cairnan really is a very versatile type of horse, With the looks and chrome for the hunters, temperament suited to hunting or eventing, conformation and mind for dressage. He could do any of these well and at the same time make a great  "all rounder". These days it seems that I sell so many horses to folks who are looking for this. Although I always prefer a client to have a trainer and support system, I see more and more folks in their 50's coming here sometimes on the QT, because their trainers are so focused on a discipline that they fail to recognize or choose not to accept their clients need for an all rounder that does not fit the main stream of their program. I think that this horse would bridge the gap... I see him having the potential to be so good any way that he goes.

His training so far has consisted of the following.

  1. 30 days training under saddle with a professional trainer in Ohio who specializes in starting horses under saddle.
  2. Six weeks of training 4 days/wk with our trainer here in Virginia.  During this period he lived in the barn, wore shoes up front, became accustomed to farrier, crossties, bathing, trailering. His daily routine was free longing in a round pen over 2 foot coops prior to being saddled and ridden in the arena. He rides w,t,c in the arena is learning to go in a frame, bends and moves off of leg,  He can ride circles and figure 8's at the trot and canter as well as being started over cross rails and gymnastics. 
  3. He is currently receiving preparation for fox hunting and riding out in general. He is warmed up in the arena, schools cross country and hacks out both alone and in company. He is fine with dogs, traffic, machinery, other horses and the lack thereof. He is jumping nicely cross country and will even jump tandem.