Breed: Clydesdale
Gender: Gelding
Color: Black Roan
Mature Height: 17.1
Age: 2013
Primary Discipline: Mounted Patrol
Secondary Discipline: Trail Riding
3rd Discipline: Fox Hunting
Training Level: Over 90 days well trained, police prepped, one month of training with the National Park Police

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Uploaded by virginiasporthorses on 2016-05-19.

Gentle, giant, big bear of a fellow just unflappable, agreeable and happy to go with the program. Shows up for work every morning without being asked. Cameron was police horse prepped and then specifically prepped/bullet-proofed to be a suitable mount for the least experienced staff member on a mounted patrol. He is fully vaccinated, passed the National Park Police Vet Check and received one month of training with the National Park Police in the MD/Washington DC area.  He is traffic safe, calm and well behaved in varied environments and locations including and not limited to:  Busy parking lots, busy intersections, fast moving traffic, noises, equipment, vehicles, 22 caliber gunfire, noise simulations of every type of gun and artillery, siren, horn etc, a loud, running chainsaw, an indoor riding arena with 4 horses schooling around him. Also prepped and desensitized to inappropriate spurring into a canter. He will walk through a heavy tarp curtain, push a crowd control ball, will pony or be ponied, can be cantered with a flag or with police tape tied to his head and draped over his body. Tolerant to a lasso being swung over head, roping and dragging poles in front or behind, walks over or wears tarps. Doesnt care about bicycles or shopping carts. If you can think of anything else this horse should do...let us know...if its reasonably possible we will demonstrate it. Will pass a vet exam with flying colors.

The right kind of horse for fox hunting, police work, stunt work, driving and taking great care of a husband, mature or guest rider.

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5/11/16 prepped for police work