Causeway Hunter

Causeway Hunter


Breed: TB/Clydesdale

Estimated Mature Size: 16.2 

Sire: Thirsty Giant > 

Dam: BreeLee Incredible Iris (outside mare) 

Age: 2016

Hunter is just as quiet and docile as they come. PERIOD. He was saddled and bitted and did not seem to notice anything had changed. He accepted the riders weight across his back without issue. He stands in cross ties and clips without sedation. He is self loading and backs out of a step up trailer. He will soon be gently started under-saddle and turned back out for long periods of time over the fall and winter.

I cant think of a better family or guest horse prospect.  


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 Giant Causeway Grandson. Big and friendly fellow. Very, very cute guy. Easygoing, gentle, agreeable nature, make its easier to do anything with his "classmates". He could likely be registered with the PHR (Performance Horse Registry) at the purchasers expense as well as the DCBOA (Draft Cross Breeders and Owners Association)

11/22/16 update: Hunter is now halter broke and gelded. 9 colts were gelded yesterday and the vet's comment about him was "this is definitely the cutest one of the bunch".

3/20/2018: Definitely a lover, mid to lower in the pecking order, just couldn't be bothered. Walking and standing are his favorite gaits. Going to be a great family or trail horse. Great around kids already.