Breed: Clydesdale/TB/Paint
Gender: Mare
Color: Bay
Current Height: 15.3
Age: 2004
Primary Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
Secondary Discipline: Dressage
3rd Discipline: Eventing
4th Discipline: Fox Hunting
5th Discipline: Trail Riding
Training Level: Over 90 days - Well Trained

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2004 Clydesdale TB/Paint cross mare, one of our "Signature Crosses". Bay with two hind socks, front left sock, and a narrow blaze. Cricket is not as tall as most of her siblings. She is currently standing 15.2H and she should finish just under 16HH. Perfect for those who want a horse that will not be too tall. She would make an excellent child's hunter.

For those of you who knew and loved this mare, you will be pleased to know that she is now owned and hunted at Windy Hollow Hunt, in New York, she splits her time between hunting and eventing in Connecticut with another family member,

9/14/15 update: Cricket is now back in our broodmare band and in foal for 2016

8/17/14 update: Cricket preg checked OPEN and has gone back to work this week. I took her out on a trail ride earlier this week and she was awesome. Here is a video shot just yesterday.

4/17/14 update: Cricket goes to a good home only with a no resale clause. We have had one close call with her already and she can live here happily for the rest of her days as far as I am concerned. I'd love to see her in a GOOD home where she receives individual attention, but we are not interested to let anything bad happen to this wonderful mare. She has been exposed starting 4/6/14 to Goliath, our young Hanoverianx Stallion.

6/2/13 update: One in a million mare. When I write about this mare, I feel like the voice in the wilderness. I have seen her not sell to people who couldnt have been more wrong about her,  She is one of the FEW horses that I have ever sent out on trial.  I have seen her just about ruined .... and then come back in just a handfull of training rides. This spring she foaled a lovely HUGE filly by Aldershire Sampson, Valkyrie, who sold prior to weaning and THEN stepped up to the plate and took on an orphan foal. We had yet another tirekicker take an interest in her WHILE SHE HAD TWO FILLIES NURSING and she would allow us to catch her each morning and work her undersaddle with or without the fillies tagging along... She is an amazing horse and I am just about done... she is a one in a million mare who is like the women we know who are beautiful competant people who just keep attracting people who are wrong for them.  At this point, her babies are worth more than worrying about selling her. She's likely bred back to Charlie Chimes for 2014 and the next person who is interested is going to have to impress me before I'm even going to walk out and take a picture.

[Cricket, her filly Valkyrie and her adopted filly Tullymors Standing Ovation]

12/15/12 update: Cricket was preg checked on 11/15/12 heavy in foal for Feb 2013 to Aldershire Sampson!!

7/14/2011 update: Cricket is back on the farm and I rode her this am. She was nicely forward without being obnoxious or alarming in any way. She is an even tempered mare and well behaved. I used Cricket as a lead horse for 2 greenies who were learning to cross water, walk in water, jump logs and deal with dogs. She was great...what a super leader this little mare is. 

[ponying Coschise...every good hunt horse needs to be able to do this.]

6/3/2011 update: Cricket is spending the summer on a lease with Julia Luce, a young rider from Clifton Va at Tamarack Stables. Julia has started showing Cricket locally and she is doing well, we hope to see them out fox hunting together this fall!!

12/10/2009 update: Cricket went to Kellys Ford Equestrian Center for a sales visit yesterday and was unflappable. When we first free jumped her as a filly, her natural jumping talent was evident. Now that she is under saddle and jumping it is proving to be exceptional.. This mare continues to please...never lets you down!!

11/30/09 update: Cricket is now going quietly w,t,c in the arena as well as the trail. She has started jumping and has lovely form! A truely delightful mare!!

9/12/09 update: Took Cricket to Lake Anna State Park for her 2nd ride. She was PHENOMENALLY FABULOUS. She went walk, trot and canter, crossed creeks and bridges,jumped a log and went into the lake without a hitch. This mare is truly incredible. Her rider Lauren wants to show her under the name Teacher's Pet, because that is her personality. We had 7 total horses with us and when Cricket wasnt being ridden she stood patiently by the trailer. When I would groom or tack an adjoining horse, she would softly nuzzle me as if to say "I can do that..take me". She is a dream of a horse. When there are mares like this out there I simply can not imagine why anyone in their right mind would choose a gelding. She is the most affectionate, evenkeeled, smart yet uncomplicated, willing, bold little mare there is. Forgot to mention..she is well muscled and buff and smooth as silk to ride.This is the type of horse that you can easily and comfotable ride bareback. She is going to make an incredible fox hunter.

9/10/09 update: Cricket went on her first trail ride today. She followed Harley riding out from the farm through a 65 acre open field, through a creek and on a wooded trail. She trotted and cantered along nicely and would halt and stand still while Harley walked away. She is going with us to Lake Anna tomorrow. What a great little mare!

 9/10/09 update: Well things being busy as they always are here and Cricket having a colt at her side, we never did get back to her training until recently. She has now been started, her first day was as predicted, a non-event as she happily accepted saddle and rider, walked and trotted under saddle. If the weather holds today, after her morning session she will go out with a lead horse on the trails here and tomorrow she goes with our group to Lake Anna. Our rider reports that Cricket has a super smooth trot and is just a pleasure to work with. I have owned Cricket since she was 15 months old. When she came to me she had ZERO training or human interaction. I have never had to do anything with her, she just takes to the program. She is always the first to greet you in the pasture, easy to catch, the kind of horse that makes what you are doing easier. If she were a human, she would be the child in the class who always turns in their assignments early so that the teacher can use them as an example. She is pleasant and radiates warm and postive energy.  Cricket will excell at whatever jobs she may be given and here we have many. She is available for sale, but always will have a place and a job here on the farm.

9/25/08 update: It was a rainy day today so I spent a good part of it in the barn with Cricket and her awesome colt Regal Demeanor. They had just come in from pasture, and the colt had not been handled. This is just another example of how this mare makes everything that you do easy... I ignored the colt, tied and started currying Cricket and pulling her mane. The colt was so curious he just could not stand himself. Everything I did to Cricket and she just accepted happily, the colt wanted me to do to I did. I halter broke him... Had him picking up all 4 feet on the "foot" command, taught him manners, and to back, who and walk.

Meanwhile, I bitted and tacked Cricket and she acted as ifit happened every day... When I took the bridle off she stood stock still and spit the bit out better than 99% of the well trained horses that I know.. I am certain that I could have legged up and ridden her out had it not been pouring... Her training starts this week.


Cricket is a lovely mare.. Everyone who works and rides at the farm can not imagine why she is still here... Her lesser siblings sold for $7500 as yearlings. She has a delightful personality. When you have a mare with a temperament superior to most geldings...then you really have something...

She is just waiting for some lucky person to notice her...There are a handfull of really nice horses here who don't sell when others do, simply because they are standing next to GIANT horses like Seamus and Riona and are younger and dwarfed in comparison. Many, many visitors to the farm overbuy in regards to size, becuase they just can't get their mind around the concept that these young (Clyde and Shire crosses) have years of slow steady growth ahead of them. One comment that I get consistantly and hear first hand on the occasions where I deliver a horse to its new home....He/she looks so much bigger here....