VSH Diamond Sonata

VSH Diamond Sonata


Breed: Irish Sport Horse

Expected mature size 16.1H

Sire: VSH Diamond Knight >  

Dam: Midsummer's Serenade > 

Age: 2016 

6/25/18: Sonata is now undersaddle, w,t,c in the arena and hacking out alone. What a willing and even tempered, 100% uncomplicated and sound filly. She has uber smooth gaits and natural jumping ability.

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Super friendly, smart filly. Big and Substantial. Great temperament, very athletic. Dam, sire and grand dam are on premises - all have spectacular temperaments. For those who have followed our breeding for the last 15 years... some will remember the VSH Signature Cross. These were the horses that we were known for - a crossbred horse of TB/Paint/Clydesdale heritage. Sonata's dam, Serenade is one of our last remaining "Signature Crosses".  Sonata is eligible for registration with the IDSHNA (Irish Draught Horse Society of North America) for a limited time she is also eligible for registration with the American Warmblood Registry. She may be brought forward this fall at our inspection for grading and branding.

7/24/17 update: She has grown and true to the above description, remains a TALL filly of exceptional temperament. Very friendly and eager to learn and please. So true to her breeding... these were traits that many loved and valued in the original signature crosses. She will be in line to be started in our next few groups, currently slated for August 2017.

Someone should snatch her up and take her to the 8/17/17 inspection!!