Giaco's Abbey Road

Giaco's Abbey Road


Breed: Hanoverian
Secondary Breed: Percheron
Gender: Mare
Color: Grey
Mature Height: 16.2
Age: 2013
Primary Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
Secondary Discipline: Fox Hunting
3rd Discipline: Eventing
Training Level: Over 90 days - Well Trained

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Gorgeous conformation and size on this tall grey 3/4 Hanoverian 1/4 Percheron cross. We hope to raise and hunt this lovely girl! This filly is a half sister - out of the same dam as Gone Fishin, now 17HH+ and hunting with Cheshire Hunt in Pa. Gone Fishin is not for sale, but if he were, I can not imagine that it would be for less than $45K. At 4yrs of age, when he left our farm, he was already standing 17H. This is going to be a very tall, very classy, grey warmblood mare, suitable for a master, huntsman or staff.

9/16/16 update:

Abbey is prepped for Fox Hunting and would be a safe and suitable mount for an unsteady, aging, decrepit, overweight, person with a wide array of artificial, failing and fused joints to enjoy fox hunting 3rd flight in various states of sobriety.( Maybe I need to keep this one) One could handle her riding sidesaddle clutching a flask and cigarette, while tooling along on a loose rein. She is cut from the cloth used to makeup the quintessential "cocktail and cigarette horse". Her half brother hunts with Cheshire Hunt in Unionville PA. She is also suitable for a second flight hunter (due to age) or as an all rounder, local hunter etc. She is dapple grey, standing 16H+ to finish 16.2H+. Large kind eye - well set.

1/22/16 update: What a spectacular mare! Abbey Road epitomizes the type of sound young horse of exemplary temperament, behavior and flawless fundamental training that we seek to produce. This is a terrible video and I probably shouldnt post it, but sometimes we have customers who have been patiently waiting and we just have to shoot a video regardless if it is only 20 degrees outside and midwinter and its a coming 3 yr old horse who lives out 24 x 7 and has the full winter coat that only grows on an unblanketed horse. I would ask that anyone viewing this video please NOT show it to anyone else out of context or who is a person who cant appreciate the context. What I hope that folks DO see in this video is an incredible, kind, willing, docile and quiet natured filly who tolerated the nonsense of being pulled from pasture on a 20 degree day, the kind so cold that her breath was crystalizing as she was being face clipped with what started out as bone cold clippers, that they see her riding alone and with others, loading and self loading in a trailer, standing stock still for mounting from the ground and a block, standing quietly amidst baying hounds at the kennel, wearing a flag on her head, and traveling 100% sound ON FROZEN GROUND, traveling nice and straight as she tools around quitely w,t,c on a loose rein... GREAT HORSE for a beginner, a timid rider, a mature rider and the fact that she will mature to a DROP DEAD GORGEOUS dapple grey 17H reg CSHA Hanoverian cross is icing on the cake.  Hopefully warm weather is not long away and we can replace this video with one where she is traveling across normal footing and has shed the winter blanket of a coat.

9/22/15 update: WHAT an incredibly kind, obedient, docile filly! SUPER SMOOTH trot. Just a keeper!

9/14/15 update: Now started under saddle. Trainer says that she is one of the most quiet and docile fillys that we have started under saddle in quite some time. Cant wait to have her home!

 6/30/15 update: They say 3 days, 3 months, 3 years are the only times that you should look at your young horse to judge conformation or what they will be at maturity. Her 3 day pictures are what sold me. At just over 2 yrs, I am just starting to get a glimpse of what is to come and am so excited to see her maturing. You tend to lose a little faith during the 9 months to 2 1/2 yr period, but you have to be patient...its coming. This is her out to pasture yesterday: She is the grey on the right.

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