Breed: Hanoverian
Secondary Breed: CSHA - Canadian Sport Horse Assn
Gender: Gelding
Color: Bay
Mature Height: 17
Age: 2014
Primary Discipline: Jumper
Secondary Discipline: Fox Hunting
3rd Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
Training Level: Started Gently on 4/6/16, w,t,c, hunt and police prepped. 100% approved for mounted shooting with 22 caliber live rounds.  This gelding is the TOTAL PACKAGE. Cant wait to see who wins the horse purchaser IQ test and buys this guy. He was born broke and has an entirely agreeable unflappable, beautiful mind, set inside a body that is going to grow into a horse of epic size and classic "steeplechaser" looks. He is nimble and floats over the ground. As an adult he will be able to do it ALL. Whether its a hunter A show, a dressage test, a jumper show or absolutely cleaning up as an eventer - oh and yes - he'd be the best staff horse out there and something an aging master could maximize the number of fun and safe rides ahead of him and be proud of at the same time.

For those who need this horse and have and don't want to spend the money, I have a few others that can be had for half the price and one may roll the dice and see if they or the expert folks they know can pour twice or three times his price into them gambling that those horses may one day approach the horse that this one was born to be.

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The tallest of his foal crop. This guy will make an awesome foxhunter. He is a Reg Canadian Sport Horse, sired by Gringo (Hanoverian). He can also be registered with the AWS, or AWR. He should finish well into the 17's. Started under saddle at the Virginia Horse Festival Trainers Challenge and recently prepped for police work. GQ is a quiet sensible gelding.

5/11/16 Recently prepped for Mounted Police Work with several other geldings GQ was a standout in the group in terms of being non-reactive to gunfire.

8/20/16 Second round of Mounted Police Training. See video - will not MOVE a muscle while 22 caliber pistol is fired directly over his head within 10 INCHES of his EARS. This is a top quality Hanoverian cross Sport Horse with the mind of a full draft. Priceless.

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