VSH Maire

VSH Maire


Breed: Shire
Secondary Breed: Spotted Draft
Gender: Mare
Color: Black and White Tobiano
Current Height: 15
Age: 2008
Primary Discipline: Fox Hunting
Secondary Discipline: Eventing
3rd Discipline: Dressage
4th Discipline: Trail Riding
Training Level: 60 Days Training Under Saddle

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Maire is a Shire Spotted Draft cross. We purchased her from a breeder our west as a yearling, raised and trained her. She is a very even keeled and sweet mare, typical shire cross temperament.

9/14/15 update: confirmed in foal for 2016.

5/22/15 update: Pulled Maire in to prep her for foaling. I really just have to say what a lovely temperament she has. She is just plain, quiet, sweet and agreeable.  I could just see her cast in a film set in Ireland 100 years ago as the lone family horse standing in a handstacked stone walled pasture in Donegal and following a bucket of oats in to be hitched to a cart to carry the family to church. Although the most part of her life has been spent as a broodmare, she can be caught easily (without grain) and today just stood still for clipping (roached her mane with LOUD body clippers) scrubbing and rinsing. Just a delightful mare. Will be sorry to see her leave but happy for her when she finds the right home. Here she is fully pregnant: and click this link to see an ablum of pics shot today: 

9/8/14 update: on August 27th we pulled all of the mares with foals in and those that had previously been started (like Maire) were ridden and assessed to determine whether they would remain broodmares or go back into our training program/sales catalog. Maire with her colt beside her rode perfectly walk, trot, canter in the arena. She is a bit lazy at the canter, at the moment, but will make a nice trail horse or all rounder for some one who wants to hilltop or go to the occasional hunter pace etc. Maire's price will increase with training.

7/18/14 update: Maire has been a pleasure to work with as a broodmare. She would come up to me in the evening for grooming  voluntarily and when she foaled (unassisted) she was just fine with me working with the foal (enemas, dipping etc) and led quietly with Mosaic into the barn for vet checks. Later she raised a friendly and wise colt who was respectful and obediant to her, she provided an excellent example to him of calm handling and approaching new situations without fear.

 4/17/14 update: HEAVY in foal. Maire was started in 2012 but the trainer did not do a great job with ground manners and while she rode just fine, she was a bit shy about being approached. We gave her some time to settle in as a broodmare and she now is friendly and trusting, ready to go back into the program post weaning.

1//13/14 update: VERY OBVIOUSLY in foal for early spring. We exposed Maire to our Irish Sport Horse Stallion, VSH Diamond Knight along with a group of 4 other mares. Because this group would be Diamond Knights first group of foals, we then exposed the mares to Tullymor's Ned Devine...as a "clean up" stallion, to ensure that the mares would catch. So far all look caught and our assumption is that Diamond Knight had a sucessful first season, only time will tell. Any foal born before 5/19/14 would be the get of VSH Diamond Knight, after that date, it would be Ned's offspring.

6/26/12 update: Now back in Va and in our riding rotation. W/T/C in the arena and hacking out. Sweet mare.

6./6/12 update: Maire is finished her initial 30 days training and received high marks from the trainer. She is going w,t,c and hacking out, starting to learn to ride in a frame in the arena. This group of horses will be at the trainer for 5 weeks as we are just super busy. Due to come home on the 22nd.

11/10/11 update: How do you spell GORGEOUS???? Thats Maire (pronounced Mare ee). Ready to begin training...already standing 16H at age 3 with plenty of growth still in her. Buy her now before we start her and her price takes a leap! She will be beautiful.

6/30/11 update: This filly will go to the trainers in about 1 month. She is a very large 16H. A very rubinesque mare.

10/15/10 update: Just visited this pretty girl on our SC farm. She is growing and is a very substantial mare. Built a lot like Fiona, she is a similar type. When she came in from the breeder, she was shy and untouched. Out on the farm, hanging with her bff Sioban (who is very outgoing) this filly is coming out of her shell and developing into a quiet and docile mare.

This is a diamond in the rough, she will be a big voluptious baroque style mare one day.

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