Memory Lane

Memory Lane


Breed: Thoroughbred
Secondary Breed: Percheron/Thoroughbred
Gender: Gelding
Color: Bay
Mature Height: 16.
Age: 2011
Primary Discipline: Eventing
Secondary Discipline: Dressage
3rd Discipline: Fox Hunting
4th Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
5th Discipline: Trail Riding
Training Level:  Well Trained, ready to compete

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Memory Lane is perhaps the most athletically gifted event prospect here on the farm. He is and has been a favorite of our trainers and riders and was the undisputed choice of a very successful event trainer who rode for us this summer. He is a personable gelding who will do well not only on the cc course - where he shows blinding talent, but also in the dressage arena.  He is sensible and game enough to make a crackerjack first flight hunter as well. Memory Lane is sound and clean legged. He is the last of the Mohican's - foaled out by a breeder in Western Canada from one of the very last breeding

Memory Lane is 3/4 TB and 1/4 Percheron.  He was professionally halter broke.  He has a breeding certificate and is eligible for registration with the American Warmblood Society and Performance Horse Registry. 

He is sired by the TB stallion Sheik's Legacy and out of a TB/Percheron mare sired by Expect Greatness (TB). Both Sheik's Legacy and Expect Greatness were foundation sires standing at Cancade Sport Horses and are sires to many competition event, hunter/jumper, and fox hunting mounts.  Expect Greatness has produced numerous 4 star eventers and his offspring are known for long term soundness. Currently the average price of a mature Expect Greatness offspring or progeny is $40K.

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8/20/2016 update: This fellow wants to event. Super athletic, power pack of a horse. Will take a good rider to Intermediate or advanced. They say if you want to go above Prelim you need a TB.... this is one warmblooded gelding that will get you there and then some.

10/8/15 update: Coming along beautifully. Starting to frame. This is a wonderfully athletic gelding with a great mind, who knows how to use himself. Upper level event prospect.

8/26/14 update: Over the last 4 months this fellow has been hunt prepped and trail ridden here on the farm as well as trailered out to our trainers facility and stayed there in training for a week or so. He is progressing nicely now starting to move in a nice frame, 8 meter trot and 20 meter canter circles. He is a SUPER hunter or event prospect.

4/5/14 update: Apparently he forgot nothing, nor did he regress over the worst winter in record. He rode for a new rider today w, t, c in the arena and was great. The rider commented that he was very smart, seemed to genuinely enjoy being ridden, had a super smooth canter and a very rythmical trot. Just a good egg...on his way to being a "steady eddie"...this is what we shoot for!

11/17/13 update: Started undersaddle and he was great, just rode walk, trot and canter in the round pen. What a good horse he will be!!!

4/7/13 update: Need a new pic of this fellow. What a sweetheart he is and a handsome gelding at that. Should see him heading out for 30 days training in the next 90 days or we might even train him here...he's one of the few that are just that easy. All of the trainers and riders that frequent the farm have their eyes on him.

6/19/12 update: WOW... What a thing of beauty emerged from his winter coat.  Emory is a TALL and substantial gelding with nice lines, an elegant chisled head and a rich sandy bay coloring. Friendly, easygoing and just a quality gelding. I am VERY PLEASED with how he is turning out and just THRILLED that no one bought him this winter.