VSH Simply Devine

VSH Simply Devine


Breed: Connemara
Secondary Breed: Clydesdale
Gender: Gelding
Color: Buckskin
Expected Mature Height: 16
Age: 2014
Training Level: Started under saddle, wt,c in the arena, hacks alone or in company

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VSH Simply Devine/barn name: Oisin

Sired by 14.2H Reg ACPS (Connemara), AWS Blue Preferred Status, Gold Medal Stallion, Tullymor's Ned Devine and out of  our 17.1H purebred Clydesdale mare, Mystique, this colt will be  tall (estimated mature height 15.3-16.1) and is registered with the American Connemara Pony Society.

12/24/16 update: Started under saddle, going w,t,c in the arena and hacking out. Will get new pics soon.

5/21/16 update: Pulled this fellow in from our 150 acre pasture. Here are the things that I found remarkable, laying eyes on him as a 2 yr old. 1) he walked right up to me in a catch pen crowded with several horses of all ages and allowed me to halter him, lead him out and walked right onto the trailer on which he stood quietly until we arrived at the farm and he stepped off without incident and walked right into the barn where he quietly stood.

2) he is drop dead gorgeous - wish I had a helper - I'd take a picture.

3) I squared him up (easily) on concrete and measured him with an offical stick with a level and he stands 15H and string tests to 16H, validating my predictions for him sing birth.

4) he has F A B U L O U S..... did you get that? Fabulous naturally balanced feet. I almost dont want to admit this but they have not been trimmed in 6 months - and THEY DONT NEED IT...

Can not wait to see this fellow develop. VERY proud!!

Special consideration will be given to purchasers interested to show Oisin at the Region III Annual Connemara show this summer. Our group will include longstanding Connemara breeders and show veterans Margaret E. Long (Glenmeadow Connemaras and Dori Zaidel (breeder of New Heart Whispering Winds and New Heart Morning Joy) as well as our riders. Those purchasing our colts/fillies are welcome to accompany us and we will assist you in showing them.

His barn name is pronounced "Oh Sheen" or perhaps by some dialects  as ""Wuh Sheen" ands a was regarded in legend as the greatest poet of Ireland, and is a warrior of the fianna in the Ossianic or Fenian Cycle of Irish mythology. Here is a link to wikipedia for those interested.

Oisin's dam Mystique was a purebred but unregistered Clydesdale, I have her pedigree info. Oisin is registerable with the Connemara Pony Society as 1/2 Connemara and with the AWS, and DCBOA.  If registered with the ACPS, he can be shown at the ACPS shows.