Sonnys Bonanza

Sonnys Bonanza


Breed: CSHA - Canadian Sport Horse Assn
Secondary Breed: Hanoverian
Gender: Gelding
Color: Bay
Mature Height: 16.1
Age: 2014

Training Level: W,T,C hacks alone or in company, started on 4/6/16 at the Virginia Horse Festival Colt Starting Challenge.  Now going well at all three gaits, and can be left out to pasture for months at a time and pulled in and rides quietly. Going to be a super event or dressage prospect and certainly quiet enough to fox hunt. . Bonanza is a very friendly, even keeled, yet athletic and quality gelding. He is sired by CSHA Hanoverian/TB Stallion, Son of a Gun, pictured free jumping and out of a reg CSHA mare. He is 3/8Hanoverian 1/8TB 1/4 APHA 1/4 Percheron, imported to Virginia from Manitoba as a weanling.

11/14/18 update: Bonanza is now a rock solid gelding. He is the go to horse on the farm for any kind of mission, whether it be rounding up and bringing in weanlings from a remote pasture or ponying in other horses or youngsters from our back pastures through pastured groups of horses or crossing creeks too flooded for vehicles etc. He trailers like a dream and has been to other locations several times, even spending a few weeks in a busy hunter barn environment. Bonanza is good for the farrier, stands tied for hours, stands quietly in cross ties. He is a scopey jumper and a very suitable candidate for dressage. His muscular compact build lends to the sturdy balanced individual that he is and also makes him an easy horse to put together. His smooth trot, lovel, easy, lopey canter and tolerant nature make him the ideal choice for a less than perfect amateur who wants to compete at the lower levels of dressage and event. He is HONEST HONEST HONEST to the jump.He can be flopped around on, ridden with the reins THROWN away, just a good kind of horse for many of today’s busy, busy riders. There are many horses that look good on the internet or even in a fancy barn, but this gelding is the real deal, what you want to come home to in your barn whether its every night after work or on a cold winter morning after spending a grueling 3 weeks of work or travel or even after a months long something that life throws at you. He is a good sturdy, sound individual with a kind eye and the soundest of minds.

Here is a clip shot yesterday - (11/14/18) a rainy, cold, sloppy muddy day when he was literally pulled from pasture after not being ridden for 3 MONTHS, show trotting the muddy x country course.

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Sonny's Bonanza is a Reg CSHA colt, estimated to finish 16.1H at maturity. He is 3/8 Hanoverian, 1/8 TB, 1/4 APHA, 1/4 Percheron. A quiet and friendly colt, he is also extremely talented and uses himself well, naturally.

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