Sonnys Hero

Sonnys Hero


Breed: CSHA - Canadian Sport Horse Assn
Secondary Breed: Hanoverian
Gender: gelding
Color: Black
Mature Height: 16.1
Age: 2014

Training Level: undersaddle since May 2016 , w,t,c in arena, hacks alone, and in company. Travels in a frame, 8 meter circles at the trot 20 meter canter circles, moves off off leg, excellent brakes and steering.

Hero is 5/8 Hanoverian, 1/4TB, 1/8 Percheron. He was imported to Virginia from Manitoba as a weanling. He is above all a very fun horse to ride. Eventing Trainer, Sarah Davis calls him a "Wanna horse", he has a positive, confident, attitude and seems to say "I want to do that".

Equally important to many, he is a talented dressage prospect who has a beautiful and rideable floaty trot with suspension. He also displays scope and form over jumps. Hero is the total package, a young sensible friendly and talented gelding who is enthusiastic in his approach to new things. Whether it is dressage, eventing, foxhunting, trail riding, hunter paces or endurance this horse is a serious candidate. He is CLEAN legged and sound. Professionally raised and trained, he trailers beautifully, is good for the farrier, stands in cross ties and has the same demeanor when riding in a new location as he has on the farm. Properly castrated and socialized. Has never taken a lame step nor has he abcessed. Has 4 identical feet  with good angles and keeps a naturally balanced hoove. We keep our horses shod up front but if someone wanted a horse that was a candidate for barefoot "trims" he would be a good one.  In case its difficult to see  in the pictures taken as he was growing - he has EXCELLENT conformation for sport (dressage, eventing, jumping). His legs are clean and straight, nice short cannons, appropriate length and angle of pasterns, fits in a box in 3 equal peices, well coupled, laid back, deep shoulder, matching hip and shoulder angles, neck comes right out of his with, beautiful arch length, clean throat latch, large tranquil eye, refined head, delicate muzzle, 4 identical hooves.

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12/24/16 update: A brave and even tempered fellow with lovely and very accessible gaits. A classy warm-blood gelding suitable for an amateur rider to bring along and enjoy - rather than one that an amateur purchases and pays a trainer to ride and compete.  Sensible dressage prospect for today's rider!


8/26/16 update: Hero is a very even keeled, yet athletic fellow. This story should illustrate his temperament. He is very similar in looks, demeanor and size to his two siblings Bonanza and Quest. He was slated to be started on 4/6/16 at the Virginia Horse Festival Colt Starting Challenge. In a case of mistaken identity, Quest was pulled instead and so was sent in his place. In June of 2016 in yet another case of mistaken identity, Hero was pulled into the barn this time being mistaken for the now 60 days under saddle, Bonanza and was ridden by our rider/trainer. The rider's remarks were "That gelding in the second stall was not broke, but he was so reasonable, I figured that we might as well go on and get started with him". On his second ride, he rode in the arena and out around the farm alone. He has been easy to ride ever since and we have continued with the gentle training which is appropriate for a 2 1/2 yr old. He is a good egg.