Standing Ovation

Standing Ovation


Breed: VSH Signature Cross
Gender: Mare
Color: Chestnut
Current Height: 16.2
Age: 2007
Primary Discipline: Jumper
Secondary Discipline: Dressage
3rd Discipline: Eventing
4th Discipline: Fox Hunting
5th Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
Training Level: 90 Days Training Under Saddle

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Standing Ovation is a tall striking, substantial mare with excellent conformation and who moves beautifully. She is a reasonable and enjoyable mare to own and handle. She had 30 days of professional training followed by a month of inconsistant riding. We were in between riders when she returned from the trainer and chose to concentrate our efforts on the super quiet. less athletic horses that we specialize in. Standing Ovation is a quality mare and excellent example of our signature cross and so valuable to us as a broodmare. She is standing 16.2H

3/8/16 update: Standing Ovation was ridden for about 90 days this summer/fall. She is a talented and sensitive mare that would make a very successful upper level event or dressage horse for a good rider. She has NEVER injured or hurt anyone, but requires a serious and attentive rider who can ride her consistantly in a program at least 3 days per week for at least 3 months initially. This is just not possible here on the farm where we must work on horses for sales appts and host sales appointments. In addition, she is just not a suitable horse for the majority of our customer base who need the steady eddy kick along type which she is definitely not. Her 1/2 brother Sir Walter Raleigh, our Rolex is competing sucessfully in California in eventing at Prelim and Standing Ovation in the right hands holds even more promise. We've once again become too busy with brisk horse sales to keep her in work, so she has been bred to Clarks Lake for a 2017 foal.  She was covered on 2/28/16 which would give an early february 2017 foaling date. She sells in foal at the price listed, through the month of August at which time her price will be increased to reflect her status.

4/23/14 update: Last years filly born May 22, 2013. I'm not sure if she was bred on foal heat or not.

4/17/14 update: price discounted reflects after foaling or with return of foal. Call Liz for pricing to include 2014 foal.

9/27/13 update: Dont know whether this mare might have been bred when we tried to start her or not, but she clearly does not want someone on her back... Would make a super driving mare...she makes fabulous foals.

11/21/12 update: Standing Ovation was bred to Charlie Chimes for a spring 2013 foal. 

3/8/12 update: Standing Ovation has returned from training and is in our active riding rotation here on the farm. She comes home with rave reviews from 2 trainers and from 2 apprentice riders from the training farm. The trainer remarked that she had one of the nicest canters he had ever ridden. She moves beautifully and is a nice athletic mare with a good head on her shoulders, quick and eager to learn and please. Just a nice mare....this is why wne breed the signature crosses...this is just the type of horse that we want to ride and sell to our customers.

1/31/12 update: Ovation was started here on the farm, by a professional trainer, under saddle in just one session, she was going w,t,c in the round pen quietly with no buck after just 5 days. She lefti yesterday for an additional 30 days of professional training. This mare is regal...she has a quiet intelligence and she is one of the best moving and most athletic horses under saddle on our farm. She will be inspected this spring with the AWS and will one day make one heck of a sport horse.

The picture below shows her undersaddle on her 3rd ride, the trainer is 6'3", 220lbs.

5/1/11 update: Ovation is just coming into herself. These pics dont do her justice, but I hope to have some in 30 days when she returns from being started under saddle. What a tall elegant mare with a great mind...she just takes it right in and boom..she has it. These are not the greatest photos, but they show her coming out of her 4th year winter and the pic on the right gives an indication of her size, I am 5'3".

11/12/10 update: This filly is definitely standing over 16H, likely 16.1H. As a 3 yr old, I would estimate her mature height to be 16.3H. She is beautiful and moves very nicely would make a super dressage, event or hunt horse. She is ready to start training. Here is a picture with a 6' tall man for size reference.

6/19/10 update: This is a gorgeous warmblood mare. We intended to have her started 2 months ago and brought her back to Va from the SC farm, but have just been so busy selling horses, foaling and bringing our 4 yr old geldings along that we have not got to her. She is a BEAUTY and a sensible even tempered mare...

10/27/08.. I haven't measured her recently, but I would bet that this filly is standing 16H at appr. 18 months!! The tallest filly in a field of TALL fillies... The conformation on this filly is TO DIE FOR... Just an outstanding mare, AWS eligible... when we host our inspection this spring... I would expect this filly to receive a supreme brand even as a gangly two year old. A good mare...her price will only climb.. I have to brag for a minute....when I have visitors to the farm and I take them out to my yearling farm, they absolutely can not beleive the quality of my young stock.. With no disrespect to my saddle horses...the yearlings that I have that sell prior to being started under saddle are a superior quality animal...thats just the way it is. This filly is a standout even in this pasture. I recently brought a new rider out there for the first time, she was instantly drawn to this filly. Her comments...and she has seen every one of my horses now... if I had the money to buy a horse right now, this is the one that I would have..

This is the FARM FAVORITE of the entire 2007 crop...colts and fillies...because of her TEMPERAMENT. She is also the tallest 2007 colt or filly here at VSH. Ovation is VERY TALL, HAS EXCELLENT CONFORMATION and MOVES BEAUTIFULLY. Is extremely sweet, smart, docile and friendly. This filly will finish 16.3H conservatively, and will be an impressive, quality Sport Horse mare. Whether its dressage, eventing or standium jumping, she will have the conformation, athletic ability and mind to excel. She would make an excellent candidate for American Warmblood broodmare.

Ovation's siblings have performed at venues such as the Virginia Equine Extravaganza where they have won the praises of nationally acclaimed horse trainers, veterinarians, 3 day event trainers, and dressage trainers at prestigious west coast training facilities.