VSH Valentina

VSH Valentina


Born 2/14/2018 at 11:50 pm

Sire: Dapplewood Doubletake Reg ASHA 18H Shire

Dam: C & L's Daisy Reg 16HH+ NASHDA Spotted Draft and AWR Approved

Eligible for ASHA Shire Sport Horse Reg

Super tall and vigorous, sturdy filly,  born with a friendly and uncomplicated temperament. Very respectful and obedient to her dam.

Both sire and dam are impressive and esthetically beautiful animals, this filly combines the best of both and will be stunning. She should mature 17HH+.

Pictured here are numerous Spotted Shires that we have bred, raised or trained and sold in the past. They are treasured by their owners and not for sale.

Big bold filly afraid of nothing and full of Joie de Vivre. Loves to strut her stuff and super social with horses as well as people, qualities that will serve her well. 

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