Age: 2013

Size: 15H

Breed: Cheval Canadian

A loveable in your pocket, uncomplicated, sturdy fellow.

Troubadour came down from Ontario Canada in July of 2017. He was broke to drive double and we started him under saddle on 7/11/17. He is a personable gelding who loves to be groomed. He loads and backs out of a trailer beautifully, stands in xties, is good for the farrier, clipping etc. He rides w,t,c in the arena and has a business-like walk, nice sitting trot, good steady trot and picks up both leads at the canter. He has great brakes and backs nicely.

He is great out. He rides out alone or with other horses. He has been out to some of the fixtures in the Deep Run Area and so been on busy roads and across paved and unpaved bridges. He has hacked out extensivly at home through pasture land, corn fields, along fence lines with visiting horses, through creeks, mud, past construction machinery, mailboxes, flags etc. Here are home he has been stabled with pigs, sheep and cows and is happy to push these animals around the barnyard. He has been hacked out routinely with 2 -4 dogs in tow, cantering along and galloping with dogs following and no issues. He has been to the kennel and exposed to hounds.

He is going to make a GREAT hunt horse. I suppose if someone could get and keep him fit enough he could be a first flight horse, but he does have the stamina and athletic ability to be a solid 2nd flight and great 3rd flight horse. He would also make a suitable all rounder, trail horse or lower level dressage horse. He is very willing and agreeable in the arena and is already starting to move off of leg.

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