VSH Philomena

VSH Philomena


Breed: Reg American Warmblood, Reg IDHSNA - Holsteiner/Irish Sport Horse

Expected Mature Size: 16.2-3H

Sire: VSH Diamond Knight > 

Dam: Wilhelmina > 

Age: 2016

8/7/18 update: now longing under tack. Will sell with 30 days initial training,

9/30/2017 update: Reg, Inspected and Approved AWR, Reg with the IDSHNA (Certificate of Pedigree). Measured on concrete with leveled stick 15.2 at the wither 15.3 at the rump will mature over 16.2H. (She is our tallest 2016 filly)

7/24/17 update: Now AWR and USEF (Lifetime) Reg, scheduled for 8/19/17 inspection. A VERY tall, very sweet tempered filly who moves beautifully.

8/19/17 RESERVE CHAMPION!!! of 8/19/17 American Warmblood Inspection! Registered AWR and eligible for branding!!!


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Philomena is Sired by VSH Diamond Knight - 16.3H Irish Sport Horse and out of Wilhelmina 16.2H Holsteiner. Wilhelmina HFH is a Reg Premium Holsteiner mare who has been approved for breeding. Wilhelmina was bred by respected longtime Holsteiner Breeder, Masu Hamacher. Her dam, Dulcimer was also a Premium mare. VSH Diamond Knight is a 16.3H reg Irish Sport Horse and also a Reg American Warmblood. His Sire Kilpeck Diamond Knight was approved for breeding in the UK and US.  Diamond Knight is by blood appr 3/4 Irish Draught and as such is seeking upgraded registration as a Reg Irish Draught, pending inspection and approval this fall. Philomena sells with her American Warmblood Registration and IDHSNA Certificate of Pedigree and will be branded on OCt 7, 2017, she also is eligible to receive an American Holsteiner Association Certificate of Pedigree.

9/20/17 update: passed inspection with flying colors, branding next week.

8/11/17 update: Philomena is back at the farm, getting prepared for her 8/19/17 AWR Inspection

10/23/17 update: Philomena was Reserve Champion at her AWR Inspection and she was branded.



As can be expected she is a fabulous mover, athletic and just as light an nimble as a ballerina. 

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