VSH Castlerock Knight

VSH Castlerock Knight


Breed: Irish Sport Horse

Expected Mature Size: 16.2H

Sire: VSH Diamond Knight

Dam: VSH Angel - 3/4TB 1/4 Percheron

Age: 2016

1/20/17: Rocky is eligible for registration with the IDHSNA (Irish Draught Horse Registry of North American (Certificate of Pedigree). He is additionally eligible for (possibly a limited time) registration with the American Warmblood Registry. He may be bought forward at our fall inspection for grading and branding.

11/22/16 update: I havent said much about this fellow but having recently spent time halter breaking and gelding 9 colts over a 3 day period, I can now comment on him. First of all he is now halterbroke and gelded. Rocky is a very nice quality fellow who I see as sometimes being overlooked due to his color. His dam was a beautiful, quality, athletic mare and his sire, a big friendly Irish horse. Rocky was weaned a bit early and put back out to pasture with the herd, where he was kindly nursed by the broodmares who still had late colts on them. This upbringing of sorts has produced a respectful horse out of a colt born with an agreeable nature to begin with. He is friendly, inquisitive and wise. It was a non event to put a halter on and tie this fellow for the first time this week. He was one of the easiest colts for the vet to geld. Looking forward to investing in this fellows future and seeing where he goes.

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11/1/17 now at a year and a half he is maturing into being exactly the kind of gelding that we strive to produce for our program. He is a big, handsome, affable gelding, very friendly and VERY uncomplicated, just wants to be with you and to please. He has a huge deep shoulder and jumping will be very easy for him. I see him as a hunter, fox hunter, hunter pace, low level event kind of guy. Needs to go to a home where he is a family member as he is just to precious and loveable not to. He is going to be a barn favorite. This is a young...."Old Soul". He stands in cross ties, doesn't care about the clippers, hops right on a horse trailer, leads easily. A good egg.