VSH Diamond Moira

VSH Diamond Moira


Breed: Irish Sport Horse

Estimated Mature height: 16.2H 

Sire: VSH Diamond Knight > 

Dam: VSH Maire > 

Age: 2016

MASSIVE FILLY - my estimate of 16.2 is VERY conservative!

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MASSIVE IRISH FILLY. Moira is naturally sweet. Fabulous temperament - were she old enough I am CERTAIN she would stand for saddling and walk off on a trail ride. So...so docile and just the way you want a horse to be. Cant say enough. She is also eligible for registration with the IDSHNA (Irish Draught Sport Horse Registry)  for a Certificate of Pedigree. She is additionally for a limited time eligible for registration with the American Warmblood Registry and can be bought forward for grading and branding at our fall inspection. Her dam, Maire was a Shire/Paintx and her sire, VSH Diamond Knight is a Reg Irish Sport Horse.  He is technically 3/4 Irish Draught and as such eligible for the gauntlet of veterinary and breed inspections that could result in his being approved as a purebred Irish Draught stallion. We are not sure whether we have or could devote the resources to this. Regardless - and for whatever it is worth, she has more Irish Blood flowing through her veins than your average Irish Sport Horse.  Even if she couldnt re registered at all, she is a great filly in her own right!