VSH Vilomena

VSH Vilomena

4,500.00 5,500.00

DOB 3/14/18

Breed: Shire/Holsteiner

Elig for reg AHHA, American Warmblood Registry, Elig for reg ASHA Shire Sport Horse

We will assist with the registration, fees are the responsibilty of the purchaser.

Estimated Mature Size: 17.2H

Sired by 18H ASHA Reg Shire, Dapplewood Doubletake and out of Reg Premium 16.2H Holsteiner mare, Wilhelmina HRF

As of her birth date the largest foal born on the farm. a TON of bone in her sturdy CORRECT legs, a rich sandy bay color. So so friendly from birth. Just a doll of a filly! Dear, dear filly!

4/8/18 update - amazing movement on a filly of this size!


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