Dapplewood Doubletake

Dapplewood Doubletake


****** R E F E R E N C ES T A L L I O NO N L Y *****


We have SOLD this stallion and he is NOT FOR SALE. We expect several 2018 foals and they are available for sale In-utero

SOME of the foals expected are out of:

Hannah - Black and White Tobiano Spotted Draft foal elig SDHR and ASHA

Wilhelmina HFH - Holsteiner - foal elig AWR and ASHA

Chesapeake - Irish Horse - foal elig ASHA

Tess - aka C & L's Daisy Black and White Tobiano NASDHA foal reg NASDHA ASHA

contact Liz for full list.


Breed: Shire

Height: 18H


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