Hi Liz, This is Smoke House Blues who I purchased from you about a year ago. Last year I hunted him 20-30 times (Goldens Bridge Hounds). This year we have been cubbing twice per week since August 13th, except for the week after Hurricane Irene. Nobody had power, including the kennels. Smokey has been ridden by a professional three times a week since I bought him, and I ride 2-4 times a week. He is very fit!! He has muscled up. His disposition hasn’t changed. He is very lovable. Loves to be hugged. I am very happy with him!!
— Smoke House Blues / Elizabeth

Hi Liz, .... I cant be happier with spider, his show name is along came a spyder and he’s all of 5 yrs old now , receiving 70% or greater on his dressage and winning consistently at the novice eventing level , I have schooled him training and some prelim and its truly a walk in the park for him , cant wait for him to get a little more age on him so as I can move him up (although I have entered him in at training level at the end of the month) hopefully attached are finally a couple of pictures, they are not great as usually my husband is competing the same time as I , he made a good 17 hh and hasn’t stopped yet ........! stay in touch many thanks
— Spider / Louise

Hi Liz; Just a liitle update on Sorcha. Everyone is in love with her. She was great for the Blacksmith and she has a wonderfull temperment. I dont think she has ever had a blanket on but she was a little worried and turned around looked at me and said OK it must be a good thing. I just had a 12yr old on her and she was perfect. My girlfriend said she is the most willing horse she has ridden in a long time. It has been wonderful I get emails saying they want to be when they grow up. What a compliment for a 70 year old. Talk soon . Happy holidays to you and your family
— Sorcha / Marilyn

Hello Liz! Yesterday I took Quinn on his first public outing. We went to an obstacle clinic put on by our local adult riding club....He was a STAR!!! I had almost every person there come up to me and ask me all about him and where I found him, were there more like him etc. You may owe me a comission soon : ) Seriously though I did give out your website address to about 10 people who were very impressed with him. I told everyone to look at Hairt, cause they seem a lot alike. This one woman followed me around all day and I think she was trying to see how attatched I was to him, I could tell she wanted to make me an offer right then! He is definately not for sale!

We have bonded so much , he is absolutely perfect (even when he’s not:) .).... Hope you are well...I keep looking at your new horses for sale and wishing I had money for more! Thanks for this perfect boy!
— Quinn / Andrea

Liz, Kathi and I hunted with Loudoun West on Sunday and had a great time. The horses were outstanding. Many compliments from the members! We will keep you posted but so far so good.
— John and Kathi

Liz, after riding Pierce tonight..I just had to shoot you a quick email to tell you how much i love this horse. He’s been so much fun to work with, and handles everything you ask of him with ease. I rode him today, after having saturday and sunday off due to the storm. It was windy, his friends were out in the field right by the ring, he had every reason to be a brat. Instead, he picked up the trot, went right around like hed done it his whole life. Changed directions over a trot pole a few times, not much of anything, then picked up an awesome canter both directions. He never once offered to pin his ears..let alone act out any other way. It has been so refreshing to be able to have fun with a horse again, especially this young guy. Ive ridden him in the fields and on the little path around the farm, even at the “haunted” end of the ring where some of the most “bomb proof” horses have spooked on me...hes never once spooked or set a foot out of place. I took him to a friends farm to ride out the storm in their barn because it was built with a category 3 storm in mind, he walked right off the trailer like he’d been there his whole life. I believe I could have tacked him up on the spot and taken him all over the farm! Ive yet to lunge him or anything of that nature. Hell wait patiently (with hay, of course) in his stall while all the others go out so I can ride him, and, my favorite..I can tack him up during feeding time and he could care less. Thank you so much for selling him to me!
— Pierce / Adam

Hi Liz,
Just thought I would send you a few pics so you can see how Blitz, now Eclipse, is doing. She is so wonderful. That day we had to wrangle her out of the pasture and spent hours trying to get her back to the main farm was sure a pain and I had to wonder about her! But you were right, she came around after about a month and is now the biggest puppy dog ever. She has been a breeze to break and is doing great. We are going to our first show next weekend to show in some walk trot classes and get her used to going places. I can’t wait till she gets older and I can do a little more with her. Thanks again for helping me select a great Clyde/TB cross. I love her to death!
— Blitz / Jen

Liz..........Hope all is well with you and your horses. Just wanted to send an updated photo of Sinbad. He is a jewel; responding to all training, calm, friendly and growing up fast.
— Sinbad / Marv

Liz, I know you must get tons of emails about the horses you have sold, but I wanted to send you a note to brag about Hairt once again! :) This horse has come along so well and I find myself coming in from riding telling my husband that if I’m dreaming not to wake me up. I took Hairt to a riding camp in July and he was amazing! He started out a little excited because of the other horses and ended like he’d been there for a year when it was three days. We did a dressage test with cows watching from a nearby field and the instructor said her four-year-olds were nervous around the cows. Hairt barely paid them any attention. Also, I have to tell you Hairt’s canter is an absolute dream! It is so balanced and comfortable - I could canter him all day! When I was at the camp, one woman said his canter was mesmerizing to watch and another said she would like to ride a horse like him just once to see what it felt like. I’ve attached a picture of him cantering. Then on Labor Day, he went to a little jumping competition and his trainer rode him. He has only jumped white poles in my backyard and the jumps at the competition were colorful and some were cross country jumps. He went clean both rounds and actually had one of the fastest times for both rounds! Next time, I’ll have to do it!

Thanks again for this amazing horse! My neighbor has said when she decides to get another horse, she is going to get one from the same place I got mine!
— Hairt / Tonya

Hi Liz ! It has been Seven years! Javier is perfect! XO!
— Javier / Candy