VSH Summer Sonnet

VSH Summer Sonnet


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17HH mature height

Sired by ASHA, AWS, AWR Reg and Approved Shire Sport Horse stallion, Charlie Chime and out of Reg (papers lost) Shire mare Adelaide, Sonnet is a super super friendly out of the womb filly with an interesting blaze that resembles a string of islands. This is a filly who will one day make a tall impressive field hunter as she is by breed makeup 3/4 Shire and 1/4 TB. If reg by purchaser in the next 30 days she is elig for AWR Reg with Lifetime USEF Card at a cost of appr. $280 with the value of the card being $300. We are happy to start the reg process for a buyer purchasing on payments as we have 5 months until weaning. ($1,000 down, $1,000/mo).

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