VSH Plush Princess

VSH Plush Princess

2,500.00 6,000.00

the top pics are of Plush Princess - the bottom pics are of her 1/2 siblings (same dam - by a TB, Connemara, and Shire/TB)


Shire/TB/Percheron - 1/2 Shire, 3/8 TB, 1/8 Percheron

Dapplewood Doubletake (18H Reg ASHA Shire) x VSH Precious 15H 3/4TB 1/4 Percheron

Estimated Mature Size: 16.2

Precious has offspring competing in eventing and foxhunting, pics to the left. All of her offspring have been Grey.

This filly thinks she is all that. A Diva to be sure. T O N S of presence.

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