Breed: CSHA

Secondary Breed: 5/8Hanoverian 1/4TB 1/8 Percheron

Gender: Gelding

Expected Mature Size: 16.3H

DOB: May 18, 2016

Sired by Samual's Legacy out of Giaco's Roseanne. Lines are:

Samuels Legacy/Samuel/Simply Spruce Meadows/Silvio/Sandro/Sacremento Song

Giacos Roseanne/Giacomo W/Gervantus/Grannus/Graphit

11/17/2017 Perfect conformation, gaits as smooth as glass, large kind eye, quiet, agreeable nature. Whether he will be a "sit up there and look good horse" or a "ride all day and feel great horse", he will be a gem to train and a great horse for an amateur to ride and show. Should finiish 17H.

3/1/17: This gelding has fabulous movement and is EXTREMELY LEVEL HEADED. Will be easy to train.

11/22/16 update: Halter broke and gelded. Thomas is a really nice, big, fellow who is just a pleasure to work with. Great mind - this is really what I want to see out of these Hanoverianx's. We know that they are going to be athletic and move nicely, I want them all to have the size, bone and most importantly the MIND that Thomas has. I've seen some fb posts where people pose questions like "Why would anyone cross a wb with a draft?". Anyone who doesn't understand this is invited to come and visit our farm for the day. These are nice, sturdy, SOUND MINDED, warmbloods that make suitable sport horses for MOST RIDERS. These are Hanoverian crosses that YOU can ride - not just your trainer. They are not "dumbloods" as some like to classify WB's.  They are sturdy, sane and have hybrid vigor. We have been at this for over 15 years now, breeding "Horses for today's rider" and these guys are "Warmbloods for today's rider"....that's why.

Thomas is also eligible for registration with the American Warmblood Registry. The AWR is affiliated with the World Breed Federation and so is a valuable registration for Sport Horses in competition. He can be bought forward for grading and branding at our fall inspection.

A note regarding Thomas' color. Although both parents are nearly black, Thomas has a very interesting "grulla-like" color. Come and see him and decide for yourself what it is. Regardless of how it is classified, its unique and very attractive.

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